Tripoli International fair

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I went to Tripoli International fair Saturday’s night , I had great time there first got this small toothpaste (crest) when I got my entrance ticket , the place was crowded that night and I wonder what all these people came to see or are they coming just because of curiosity like me , any way I started my round with the American pavilion, there wasn’t nothing much there , Chevron , Xerox , IBM , coca cola and the American public affairs , they had this nice American flag with all these drawings and handwritings on it , I took couple of pictures of it till the guy told me you want to take it home , I told him why not ! , but of course he didn’t give it to me .

next was the Turkish pavilion which was full of agriculture related stuff from factory machines till the small bottles of oil , I lived in turkey for 5 years when I was child , all I can remember is the yummy food there and the snow in the winter , then there was this nice big furniture pavilion they told me no pictures inside .

the next thing was the Libyan investments pavilion starting with Coronthia Hotel then Almazraa company and some other companies including Maain which makes the water that we use here at home .

now at the Dutch pavilion there was Shell company with their good looking stand , I like it the most not only because they had this model of Ferrari F1 car but also because they let me go on the stand and take pictures next to the car while not letting anyone else .

Cars had their share this time and I enjoyed the Mercedes Benz S 600 , and again I had the opportunity to take a closer look and take exclusive pictures inside the car , I came to the guy standing next to it and asked him quietly this S 600 has it's gear up next to the wheel ,right! , he was yea ,I told him can I take pictures of it , he said only behind the line we have , I told him I want to take a closer pictures , he said it's impossible , I told him ok now I have to take it , he asked why , I told him because I like breaking the impossible , now he was like ok but quick , I told him I'll be quick but under one condition if you open the door for me , he said Ummm , I told him come on what you gonna loose , he was I know this is not suppose to happen but don’t touch anything in the car and be very quick please , I took those quick pictures and when I turned my head I saw around 50 people behind the line looking at the car .

The rest of the fair was nice and I think it was more or less industrial and not for normal people like me but still something new to see to break the normal routine we have here .


redENCLAVE said...

these fairs used to be dead boring, in the late 80's. did you have the opportunity to go then?

Libyano said...

I remember visiting the TIF once in the early 90s but I see huge different between now and then although I dont remember that much from that time.

A.Adam said...

euh TIF,first of all I had visited it 3 times, its disappointed me, many people crowded there so I decided to come at the morning well the most thing that I like is TECH yes at France pavilion biggest one I think , we met with Fortinet Co the good news they will come again in July TAQNYA 2006 http://www.texpo.ly/all.htm
thanks Hamed and keep all good work