I went to TAQNYA 2007 The International Telecom & Information Technology Exhibition, it wasn't that intersting as it was more for the companies than individuals who are just curios like me,but again it's nice to see new stuff plus I had nice time learning from this guy at a company showing their finger print operated locks quite intersting how it works I even tried it .

any way here is some pctures from the exhibition dedecated to misratia who couldn't coem this year .

This is the entrance to the exhibition

LTT was the first thing I saw just to the right of the entrance , I asked them some questions but again there were no useful answers , but at least they said may be this September they are going to lower the prices for the adsl to 20 dinars instead of 50 a month and also make some changes on the services to make it better than it's now .

LTT had open WiFi Internet connection in the area of the exhibition, and they also had this questionnaire that I answered quite honestly so I hope they don't cut my connection at home .


The General post and telecom company

Almadar Telecom


Nokia was there with a big collection of music players that work as phones as well , it's really amazing how the phone settings became the last thing you look for in a mobile phone .



Libyana hand nothing to show except leaflets on their 3G service which we already know everything about it


not trying to look at the empty half of the cup but things like this entrance to the exhibition makes me so irritated and I wonder why they can't make entrance that doesn't make you feel like going into a prison .

No comment for this one , if you are interested it's just few meters away from the exhibition entrance


Libyan Tech with LTT

LTT (Libya Telecom and Technology) finally made some changes on their website, this is giving me hope that maybe one day they will make some changes or update their services, maybe the ADSL will get cheaper or at least the connection will work properly. However, there is nothing to do other than wait and complain.

anyway check out the LTT magazine it has some interesting information .

if you are interested in more Tech check out TAQNYA 2007 (The International Telecom & Information Technology Exhibition) which is starting today at the Tripoli International Fair, I'll definatly try to find time to go there soon inshallah.



فتحت الباب

جف وجهي

وقف شعري

ابتلت جبيني

التصقت شفاتي

يا شينيك نهار احرف

تي شني هالجو يا جماعة الخير الدنيا بتولع فيها النار خلاص تي والله لما فتحت باب الحوش اليوم تقول فاتح باب كوشة و جهي لين جف من الصهد . الصيف خش بكري بكري السنة هذي ولا شني , مش اول امس كانت الدنيا برودة ويخي حتي صقع في الليل ,الباين انه مش اي صيف , صيف يشوّط

يا فرحة شركة الكرباء وخلاص المكيفات والعة بكري السنة هذي و الباين انها بتقعد والعة اربعةوعشرين ساعة طول الصيف , الواحد خلاص ميقدرش يتحرك من غيرالتكييف و كان اخترعو مكيف ينحط غلي الضهر يعني بورتابل اكيد حنشري واحد لانه والله المشوار للجامع اللي جنب الحوش اليوم تقول فايت وسط حمام بخاري حتي النفس هرب عليا والمية معاش تفلق لانه تقول صابها في كسكاس اللي نشربه يطلع عرق علي طول .

يستر الله وخلاص



I read this interesting article in Time magazine , about the research of two guys on The Ewww Factor , the study made by Andrea Morales and Gavan Fitzsimons is based on the concept of touch transference which is If something repulsive touches something benign, the latter, even if it's physically unchanged, becomes "infected."

In a series of studies, the researchers found not only that some products--trash bags, diapers, kitty litter, tampons--evoke a subconscious feeling of disgust even before they're used for their ultimate messy purposes, but they can also transfer their general ickiness to anything they come in contact with.

The idea that negative qualities can be passed by a touch has become hardwired, says Fitzsimons. (That applies to good qualities too, which is why touching a holy object or person is considered a way of acquiring a little holiness for oneself.) So he and Morales set out to see whether toilet paper and other products could psychologically contaminate food in a shopping basket.

Any food that touched something perceived to be disgusting became immediately less desirable itself, though all of the products were in their original wrapping. The appeal of the food fell even if the two products were merely close together; an inch seemed to be the critical distance, More irrationally still, the subjects were less comfortable with a transparent package than an opaque one, as if it somehow had greater power to leak contamination.

It's also part of a growing trend of applying science to supermarkets (see chart). Analysts who study shopping habits have already made some surprising discoveries about product placement. "Eye level," for example, used to mean, not surprisingly, "at the level of the eyes." But shoppers tend to keep their eyes aimed at cart level much of the time, making sure they aren't about to run over another customer. And because Americans read from left to right, shelf-stockers tend to put name brands like, say, Heinz, on the left side of the ketchup display, and the lesser known, more profitable in-house brand on the right.

the whole article is here

It's very interesting since I find myself in the supermarket when i put things in the bags I try to keep the toilet paper alone in a separate bag I never knew why but I was doing it subconsciously and now thinking about it yes I would always try to not take anything I see someone holding before me like like if I want a can of Pepsi and someone just warped his hand around it and put it back in the fridge I wont take that one but another one , I think of it as matter of not healthy more than Ewww but after all the Pepsi alone unhealthy and at least 10 people touched before it got to me so in the end should we make a bag for the can so when you take it you throw the bag and open the can cos the can only protects whats in it but what protects the can itself .

this reminds me of bazeen, isn't it cool to eat it with someone with green color under his nails :P

in the end as they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger or as we say in Libyan
اللي ما يقتل يسمن



لما كثرت المشاوير لقيت لابد من التقفيص شوية , يعني بلاش من التاكسي الخاصة كل يوم وخلي نركب ايفكو مرة مرة , الايفوكوات كما هو متعارف عليها هي عبارة عن شبكة مواصلات يديرها مجموعة من الشباب السكونيس ( المردف) المؤهلين لعمل أي شيئ منافي للاخلاق , اولا والله الخدمة عمرها ما كانت عيب وانا نفرح لما نشبح أي شاب يخدم احسن من دقيقة دقيقة جاي ماد وجهه في الشارع ويقولك عمي نبي جني وهو اكبر مني بعشرة سنين ,وأهو عل الاقل يطلع مصروف حشيشه ,لكن المشكلة والهم الاحرف انه الايفكو هذي تعتبر مواصلات عامة يعني بيركب فيها اي واحد الكبير والصغير , البنية والعزوز , الشاب والشيباني الولد وبوه , البنت وخوها وللأسف مافيش اي احترام داخلها وذلك لانه غالبية سواقين الايفكوات قمة في الانحطاط وانعدام الاخلاق, وانا الصراحة واحد من اصدقائي كان يخدم علي ايفكو لكن اعتزل السنة اللي فاتت الحمد لله لكن مش لداعي الاصابة لانه ماشاء الله يهني علي روحه , لكن خلاص قالي فديت منها يا تولي حيوان زيهم يا متقدرش تخدم .

الكرسي الاول

وقفت الايفكو وكالعادة انهلب علي اليمين اول مامديت ايدي , توقعت لما نركب نلقي الركاب مقلوبين فوق بعض لكن مشاء الله الباين كلهم قدم في الصنعة مقعمزين ثابتين ,ركبت وبسم الله شفت الكرسي اللي ورا السواق فاضي وكيف بنقعمز, البوليطاي( محصل التذاكر) غمزلي وهزلي راسه هديكة الهزة متاع نوض ,زمطت رياقتي ودرت روحي احول وقعمزت ,انا عارف من الاول الكرسي هذا مخصص لمني وعلاش البوليطاي عيونه قريب يطلعو وهو يفنص فبا لكن هكي صرصرة, الكرسي الاول خلف السواق دائما و خلينا نقولو في معظم الايفكوات مخصص للتلخبيط , يعني خليني نقولها صراحة الكرسي هذا مخصص للبنات بس , كرسي اللقني والهدرزة مع السواق والبوليطاي , لكن البنات المحترمات عمرهم ما يقعمزوغادي الحمد لله , بالليبي انكسرت فيهم لما انا قعمزت واستوليت علي الطربيقة( المصيدة) متاع البنات .

احذر اين تقعمز
وين تقعمزفي الايفكو ديما مشكلة فلو قعمزت بروحك ما تعرفش من ممكن يجي وينبت فييك و لو قعمزت مع اي حد الله اعلم شني بيصير فيك
- فلو بتقعمز جنب حد أول شي شوفله بيطانه كانهم عرق اقعد واقف خيرلك مش ناقصة الحكاية ياسر تشم في الصنة من بعيد,الحق انا مستغرب انه في مازال ناس مصدقة انه الدوش في العيد بس .

- كانه وراك سنونه اول ما شبحت للكرسي معناه بيفتحلك موضوع وينفخلك راسك , مرة قعمزت جنب واحد ساعة وهو بيموت ويعرف شني المسج اللي قاعد نكتب فيه, يحساب روحه هو بس يقدر يشقلب عين فوق وعين لوطا علي التليفون, حتي انا مشقلبله عين فوق نشبح فيه وهو مبلحص عينه, قريب قلتله هاك اكتب انت تو انمل عليك , وبعد ما كملت سألني السؤال الليبي المشهور اللي حيسأله اي واح اول ما يشوف تليفون

شني نوعه التليفون هذا يا شبيب
اما موديل
شني قصدك
قصدي شني اسمه
ما نعرفاش
قاعد جديد كيف نازل
ترا نشوفه معليشي
رد بالك عليه

وهو يقلب فيه من برة سالني قداش كلف يا خوي

اكثر شي نكرهه لما واحد يسألني بقداش , مش عارف تقول قاسميين معاي , تجي بسورية جديدة اول شي يسألوه بقداش ولما تقوله علي السعر يقولك هلبة والله لقيت زيها مش عارف وين ارخص , ديما بيطلعوك انضحك عليك وخلاص

المهم هالحصلة قلتله تره معليش هات التليفون ورخيت شواربي وفنصت عيوني فهم بروحه وانصمت.

- لو ركبت جنب شباني خودلك من نفخ الدماغ شكاير شكاير , يبدي يشكيلك ويدويلك لين تحس روحك قريب تروح معاه تشد اولاده من عنقتهم و تطيح فيهم هبك عاللي مدايرينه في الحويج المسكين.

- كانا بنت مقعمزة بروحها اتدردح وما تخممش تقعمز خيرلك .

- ولو قعمزت في كرسي فاضي مش عارف من يجيك يلصق فيك انت وحظك
مرة كنت مقعمز في امان الله ملصق وجهي عالمرش نخمم ,جت تفحفح من بعيد تقول معطر جو باخة شيشتين صنة ولا اكثر لكن اهو علي الاقل غطت علي الصنانات والروائح الكريهة اللي عالقة في خشمي , جت لابسة نظرات مدرقين وجهها من نص جبهتها لشاربها الفوقي ولابسة شكارة خيشة علي اساس وشاح طبعا موضة الايام هذي تشرك اي حاجة وتلويها علي راسها, وخلاص ضاقت عليها الدنيا جت بتقعمز جنبي
تضايقت لاني كنت مفرشخ رجليا ومطبزع في الكرسي وواخد راحتي , زدت لصقت علي الروشن وتكرمشت وحسيت روحي تقول انا البنت مش هيا لانها هي واخدة راحتها علي الاخر والحمد لله الواحد طلع يخاف ربي, الحق خفت علي روحي يا شينيك حصلة وخلاص
المهم شورني زمطت 5 ليترات رياقة لين وصلت لمشواري يالطيف وخلاص الواحد قداش بيتحمل .

الاغاني المروكية
في ظاهرة غريبة موجودة عند كل الايفكوات الا وهي الاغاني المروكية ( المغربية) اول ما تركب تلقي المروكي يلعلع علي طول رقبته وشوف روحك عاد كان السواق جوه مليح يحطلك شريط مرسكاوي صح , توا باهي المرسكاوي اهو وفاهمينه ( نكره جيه كما يكره العطشان طاسة امية كما يكره الصقعان بطانية ...الخ الخ ) لكن المروكي شني قصته مع الايفكوات كيف يفهمو فيه مش عارف, مرة راكب معانا شوره جايب شريطه معاه مده للسواق وقاله حطه استغربت لما وافق السواق لكن لما طلع شريط مروكي عرفت ان السواق مقدرش يقاوم مسكين , و أصلا علاش المسجل اساسا تركب في الايفكو تقول طالع مزرد ناقص غير التدربيك و التصفيق بس .

شباب جوه مليح
اسؤا شي ممكن يصير انه يركبو مجموعة شباب و يبدو يتكلمو تقول مقعمزين في حوازة سبان وسفاهة طول الوقت , تفنص تعض شواربك تأشرلهم تقوللهم اسكتو شي ما فيش فايدة كلام يوقف الشعر طول الطريق , هذا مش في الايفكو بس بدي الواحد لما يمشي حتي بسيارته يسكر المرش ديما وخلاص لانه الشباب ماشاء الله معاش يتحشم ولا يستحي الدوة الفارغة والسبان عنده زي حروف الجر ما يقدرش يدوي من غيرهم, تي مش مفروض هذا اخلال بالادب العام والله مفروض اللي يسب في الشارع يشدوه , خلاص الواحد فد معاش تقدر تطلع حتي انت وبوك ولا عيلتك تخاف ترد علي واحد بالسيارة وانت ساهي يحطلك كلمة لين وجهك يجف , لأمس بس في وسط البلاد زوز يبصرو علي بعض و الدوة الخامرة كلها يقولو فيها عادي في الشارع قدام الناس والله حتي برة في اوروبا ما فيش هالسبان هذا كله في الشارع تي هذا شني , معاش فيه من يربي خلي العصا تربيهم توا .

من ثلاث او اربع سنوات فاتو كانت الايفكوات اللي ترفع للجامعة محترمة شوية علي بقية الايفكوات , لانه فيه ناس متعلمة ومحترمة هلبة لكن شني اللي صار معرفتش , ركبت الايفكو مروح من الجامعة لقيت الايفكو مستف زوز زوز, ولد وبنت , ولد وبنت , بالك اني غالط مشيت بنكلم السواق حتي هو يهدرز علي بنت , تي اني وين يا ناس , انت في الايفكو يا باشا انت في ملتقي الاحباب , تي والله حاجة تبكي هالتفاهة اللي حني قاعدين فيها

عدة احتمالات
لما تركب الايفكو هناك اربعة احتمالات

- يا اما المرور يوقف الايفكو ويشحطكم ومرات حتي ينزلكم , المرور راسهم وراس الايفكوات ومش عارف شني ذنب الراكب يتشحط يا افندي خوذ الاوراق وخلينا نتسقدو وتو يوليلك , لا شي انزلو كلهم هني , تي باهي احني بنتعطلو توا , ما دخليش من قالك تركب معاه , والله لولا البدلة ما كنت نحترمه هالمخلوق المتخلف شني هالمرور اللي عندنا لا احترام لا اسلوب .

- يا اما الايفكو يدير حادث يتراوح ما بين الطفيف والمميت , هذا كله من التزبيز والجري , تقول رافع ثلج خايف عيه يذوب , المهم زيادة في الاحتياط خلي وصية قبل ما تركب الايفكو .

- يا اما صاحب الايفكو يتعارك مع ايفكو ثانية وتلقي روحك تتفرج علي احسن فيلم هبك في حياتك , تو كل بلاد عنده اسلوب دفاع عن النفس كارتيه بالايدين وتيكواندو بالرجلين ومش عارف شني تاني لكن في ليبيا اسلوب الدفاع عن النفس اللي عندنا اسمه الفشخ ويكون عن طريق استعمال الهراوة او المرتكة او الدبوس سميها كيف ما تبي المهم طرف لوحة باهية وانزل بيها عليه لين يبخ دم , زي الحيوانات مفيش بصارة في العراك يا ميت يا في العناية .

- يا اما توصل للمكان اللي تبيه سليم وبالتالي فانت محظوظ هلبة ولازم تشكر سواق الايفكو وتبوسله علي راسه انه وصلك بسلام .

هي أنستو بعض


Liverpool or Milan-- It's Milan this time

The image “http://www.sport4ever.com/news-album/uploads/22b4a69bdf.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


The night wasn't as hot as I thought it would be , the match was quite dull it seemed like Liverpool already gave up before even starting the match , they got really great chances and much more than Milan but they lost all of them , I don't understand whats wrong with Gerard tonight he is the keystone of the team but he was sleeping in the field and only wasting every chance he got.
AC Milan players weren't that good as well , I expected to see more from Kaka but I guess he was watched really well by Liverpool defenders , Nesta was the best in Milan , Inzagi was the man of the night scoring the two goals for milan the first with his hand very obvious and clear but the referee was taking their side that he didn't even count the extra time till the end and ended the match at least one minute before the end which is why Liverpool's coach kept pointing to his wrist to every one he saw even to Platini when he received his medal , but you deserved to loose mister Benitez because your players didn't do anything instead of wasting every chance they got .

a weired thing downtown tonight the anti riot police were all around , because Libyans will act as if one of our Libyan teams won tonight , I guess thats why I take the other side against any Italian team when they play because I hate the fact how people here love Italian teams as if they were Italian .


What a great night it's gonna be tonight , Ac milan with their extraordinary performance facing Liverpool who only two years ago stole the cup from ac milan and gave them a lesson they wont forget .
I am not afan of either teams but I am gonna take Liverpool's side I dont knwo why but may be because of my freinds that hate real madrid and love ac milan so I am hoping that they loose so I can make fun of them all night , in the end it's not a big matter who win or losse but I hope to see a great match .

Milan deserves to win because they were the best in all the games before this final and their match with Manchester united was one of the best games this year , and they should take revenge of their loss in 2005 I still cant believe how they were wining 3-0 in the first half then everything turned upside down in just ten minutes in the second half and Liverpool won at the end of that night with penalties .

on the other hand Liverpool are still keeping the good work with their great coach , I hope he does his magic this year as well so we can see a great match .

I wish I was there with you my friend in Athens because I know tonight non of you will sleep .



I've been hanging out at the Dermatology Clinic lately, not that I like dermatology that much but what to do, I have to learn these things. It wasn't much fun there cos dermatology is considered one of the coldest branches of medicine. Dermatologist are believed to be the luckiest doctors because as they say the majority of their patients never heal or die (لا يبرا لا يموت).

I want to share some of the interesting things I have learned, don't worry I wont bore you with all the complicated stuff. These are some things that are nice to know.

The Hair
  • The average number of hairs in an adult is 100.000, yea I know not that much, we all think it's millions :S

  • The average hair loss per day is 100 hairs , yea too much , but this is still normal so don't you worry girls if you wake up finding couple of hairs on your pillow .

  • The average growth of hair per day is 0.35 mm , this means almost 13 cm a year, now go stand in front of the mirror and check out where your hair will reach next year.

Now most cases that come to dermatology for hair problems are the Alopecia Areata patients which is what we call in Libya الثعلبة , what is so upsetting with alopecia areata is the psychological effect it has on the patient because other than that it's not dangerous to the patient and not infectious. In short, it's simply the body immune system attacking the hair follicles and making the hair fall , it can affect a local area making it a patchy loss of hair or even worse affecting the whole body hair, I can't tell you how upsetting it would be if you wake up one day finding a 5X5 bald patch on your head , and you go from doctor to doctor with no improvement even when the hair is back it disappears again with no reason, this is the problem with dermatology most of the diseases can't be explained why and how they happen, remember the patient never heals or dies.

The Skin
  • The Skin is the biggest organ in the body, yes it's an organ because it has functions to do like every other organ in the body.

  • The Skin weighs about 15 % of the total body weight, so if you are helpless and wanna loose some weigh go on and cut your skin off .

  • The thickness of skin varies from 0.05 mm in the eyelid to 3 mm in thickest area in palms and soles, but still quite thin don't you think?

  • Total body skin covers an area of 2 square meter in adult , this makes a great coat so instead of killing twenty foxes to make one coat, one human is enough I think :P

there are hundreds of skin diseases and in just few hours at the clinic you can see all the kinds of skin diseases , but what attracted my attention the most is the Psoriasis patients ( الصدفية ) , this is again a very psychologically upsetting non curable annoying skin disease, and what makes these patients problem worse here is that the doctors usually don't tell the truth to the patient because this is what most of the patient wants , we all think the doctor is cruel when he tell us this is incurable disease and you have to live with it all your life, I have even seen doctors and families hiding the fact that this patient has a cancer because it will make the patient's condition worse when he knows the truth , so these patients with psoriasis live quite difficult life because no treatment is effective for long time although there are a lot of ways and methods of treatment but I am sure everyone with long time Psoriasis already tried everything , what we need to do is a simple discussion with the patient this can make him accept the fact of his disease , simply telling him that what you have is like having diabetes or hypertension it needs treatment everyday and life long , taking good care of it will make it go well and you can live a normal life , don't wait for it to disappear , stress will make it worse so just take your medication live normal and by time you will see that you are no different than any other healthy person .

because of lack of honesty with the patients what I saw is that everyone wants a magical cream that you put it on the skin to turn it normal in no time , so people basically drop their treatment and so many come frustrated and out of this frustration they come after using traditional mixed herbs and other gross things like for example some people use Camel's urine , first I thought they drink it but they just apply it on the affected skin , so many things they have tried and every time it returns back , I believe that healing is in god's hands whatever you did for it using medications or using camel's urine or some kind of weeds but it's too risky to use traditional medicine because it's something not understood scientifically so better to avoid it because humans aren't experimental animals to try things on them , I've seen a lot of people coming with a very worse rash after using a mix of some old lady (3zooz) that heals people with herbs and strange stuff .

But this doesn't mean that all the traditional ways are wrong because there are explanation for some of them even the people who use it don't know why but it still works , like for example in Alpecia areata some of people rub garlic on the site of the hair loss and hair starts to grow after a while , this is no magic because one of the drugs used to alopecia areata do the same thing as garlic , so what garlic does is irritating the skin of the hairless patch and this cause the immune system to alert the immune cells which are already attacking the hair follicle as I explained in the nature of Alpoecia areata , so teh cells leave the hair follicle alone and go to the top of the skin where the irritant is and then the hair becomes free so the hair can grow again but as you can see once the irritation is gone the hair unfortunately will be lost again .

Alopecia Areata


note: this post can't be used as a source of medical information but only a personal opinion



سيارتي كانت راقدة في الورشة لمدة ثلاث اسابيع وكنت في الفترة هذي نقضي في مشاويري بالتاكسي او بالايفيكو ومشاء الله صارت معاي احداث رهيبة ما تنحكاش غير باليبي , وحبيت اليوم نحكي بعض منها وعلي فكرة اللي صار كله حقيقة واللي مش مصدق يركب تاكسي و تو يشوف العجب .

في يوم كانت الشمس ما شاء الله تحرق وفي عز القايلة مع الساعة واحد , وقفت اول تاكسي وما قعدتش نستني في السيارة اللي تعجبني زي العادة , الحمد لله اول ما ركبت حسيت بظل السيارة لكن اول ما حاولت اني نزل مرش السيارة ما باش ينزل , السواق ابتسم وقاللي معليشي توا كيف فسد اليومين اللي فاتو بس , باهي اني قلت تو السيارة تتحرك و الهوا يخش من روشنه هوا ويخبط وجهي لكن المصيبة الطريق كانت زحمة عل الاخر طبعا لان فيه ثانوية بنات في نهاية الشارع وما نحكيلكش علي الشباب اللي زي الورد اللي ماد وجهه زي مالقي العزي ومتجمهر تقول قدام ملعب كورة, توا نبي نعرف شني فييه جاي ماد وجهه يتفرج علي والله قمة الوقاحة والصرصرة و المشكلة انه فيه وحدين تشوفه تقول نديد بوي , والله ما عرفتش شني الحل لهذي المشكلة كل يوم نفس الشي حتي والله لو بنوصل امي ما نخطمش من غادي باش ما نحطش روحي في موقف ونشبح واحدين يجرو في جرة واحدة يعاكسو فيها , شبابنا قاعد متخلف لدرجة ما يتصورهاش العقل , المشوكةونظارات الدبانة والسروال المشرك وتلقي شعر وجهه قاعد ما نبتش لكن السبسي في فمه داير دخاخين تقول مردومة, وكالعادة اللي يناشب يناشب كلام يوقف الشعر و اللي يسطرب يسطرب واللي فاتح شريط زمزامات واللي فاتح فيفتي سنت ( شباب متعدد الثقافات ماشاء الله) , تي والله لو عندي فيهم حكم كان جريدة خضرا وتمشليط لين يولي مخطط زي حمار الوحش باش وين يشبح ثانوية بنات يحط عيونه علي كندرته ويفوت جري .
السواق كان يشبح لساعته واحنا قاعدين في الزحمة و مرة مرة يشبحلي كيف نغلي من الحرارة ومن اللي صاير برة , ممكن قاعد يعدلي قداش دقيقة بنتحمل ولا شني , المهم طلعنا من الزحمة و شبحلي و ورالي سنونه كلهم وقالي معليشي انا عندي مشوار ضروري وخايف نتأخر لو وصلتك , جت منك يا جامع, انا مخنوق اصلا من الحرارة قلتله باهي نزلني وما دفعتش شي طبعا , توا قلت لروحي ما نبيش الحصلة الاولي ومش حنوقف غير التاكسي اللي يعجبني زي العادة , شبحت شيفروليت جديدة تلمع قلت تمام ممية مية , الصراحة انا كنت نبي نجرب الروشن قبل ما نركب بس خفت صاحب التاكسي يفهمني غلط علي العموم السيارة قاعدة جدبيدة وقلت بسم الله وركبت , وزي المرة الاولي والله حطيت صبعي علي البطمة الروشن ما باش ينزل شبحت للسواق وانبقيت بالضحك, قعد يضحك حتي هوا لكن مش فاهم اللي صاير, قاللي خيرك , قلتله عالي صار معاي و حكاية الروشن , قاللي الباب كيف مركبه جديد ومش عارف الروشن شوره مش معدل , عادي لو تبي تنزل ما فيش مشكلة ,لكن انا قلت يلا فيها خيرة خلي نكملو معاه اصلا انا وليت عرق وليت .

مرة ثانية بعد صلاة المغرب طلعت من الجامع و صاحب التاكسي كيف طلع حتي هوا ركبت معاه , حط شريط قران ما شاء الله الشيخ الدوكالي, بعد خمسة دقايق شلوب طلع الشريط و شلوب دخل شريط تاني أطبطب وادلع علي طول رقبته .
لو سمحت معليشي ممكن تصكره
دوشة يا خوي
شني نحطو حاجة هادية
لالا صكره وخلاص
باهي تسمع لجورج
لالا , اسمع ردلنا الشيخ الدوكالي وخلاص
لالا ياسره خلاص
سكتت معاش عرفت شني بنقول لكن لما نزلت ما خلتهاش في خاطري و قلتله ربي يهديك انشاء الله

المرة هذي كانت عبارة عن رحلة تزهق الكبد
تليفون السواق شرين, انا مكسرتش ودني لكن الصوت كان واضح صوت بنت , قاللها اسمع انا مش فاضي توا وتو نكلمك بعدين , لكن هي ما بطلتش دوة وهو اتكي علي المرش و مرة مرة يتميتم ويقول حتي اني , هلبة مش شوية, حتي اني , لالا , توا نجي , حتي اني, حتي انى علي اساس مرزرز باهي قولها فقش انحبك ولا استاحشتك وفكني من تفلفيز الرقبة طول الطريق حتي اني حتي انى قريب قلتله حتي انى , و يسكر ويشرين تليفونه مرة وثنين وثلاثة ونفس القصة لين قعدت نشبح لتليفوني ونستني في اي حد يتصل باش نتكي علي المرش حني اني ونقول حتي اني .

اظن ياسر اليوم, لكن مازال مواقف تانية هلبة
هي اناستو بعض


Circus in Libya

This summer might hold some fun , I will go to this circus one day and may be if they aske for a volunteer to put his head in the loins mouth I'll do it .


Sino going down

Sino and his way of going downstairs fast , it cracks me up every time he dose it .


Feet and stuff

For Safia's challenge, below are some pictures of my shoes, and as Lebeeya I have a size problem when i shop for shoes. because I wear either 45 or 46 so basically I stick with the same shoes till my toes stick out from one of the holes.

As you can see I have a problem with the pedals too because they are so small so I just use the tip of my big toe

Yes I am Gar3a these days , It feels so good during the day but at night my head is freezing

This is our street , Under construction for a week now, but hey they said they will make a treeg so we can it7amil couple of weeks for that ( even I can't believe that they will actually finish it this year).

I got stuck at Alkadeseeya square for almost an hour the other day , why? because Libyans are so stubborn to give the way to each other .

New Fast food restaurants are opening everyday , I think this is one of the big conspiracy so we can die younger .

I don't know why but the first thing came to my mind when I read So7oon Fada2ya is the UFOs


Falga فلقة

They say school days are the best , well this is not true especially if you studied in a school like mine , because even I only studied for three years in Libya from fourth till seventh grade but in in these three years I had four Falgas , I was only was 9 years when I had my first Falga , if you don't know what Falga is then I have a clip for you that explains it more than words do , why I had these Falgas ? , two Falgas because I was late , one because I hit another guy and the fourth was all the class Falga , it's the worst because we all laugh at each other and the teacher gets more excited to use his full energy , but yet I think Falga is much better than being hit on the hands because you get numb from the first hit on your feet and wont feel a thing after that .

well , allah ysami7 our teachers except one of them who I wont forgive and I will run over without hesitation if I ever see him on the street for hitting me once on my hands with no reason just because he was having a bad day or something .

school days are great anyway aren't they :)


Road Trip- Part 5 - Dead end

It was a relief being in Libya although we were just few meters from the borders gates but somehow I felt I am home , all we had to do now is to find some car to carry s tot he nearest point where we can get a lifting truck , as the locals said there the nearest point is Tubroug , just around 90 kilometers away , but to get there we need another truck to take us because we can' be pulled for 90 kilometers , we found our guy this was his first time shipping a car over his truck , he wanted 10000 dinar till tripoli , 100 dinar till tobrug , it was clear that we decided to go to tobrug and we made him make it 60 dinars , we had to pull the car for about 15 kilometers just to pass the police check point because we cant take the car on top of the truck without a permission papers from the traffic police department , so as a first time pulling a car this guy almost killed us so many times , he was driving fast my car breaks aren't working , the wire got loose couple of times , I begged him not to speed , Zikweeni begged him not to speed but he wouldn't listen so we made him stop and told him to leave us , we were gonna stay in the middle of the road at least alive , but he insisted on taking us and promised not to speed , god it felt like I passed death so many times on this trip so far ,I didn't feel safe until we got the car on top of the truck and I was sitting relaxed and able to close my eyes with no worries since a very long time .

It was already night time when we arrived at tobrug , we left the car at a mechanic the driver of the truck knows and then we went to the nearest hotel , I didn't bother to know what's wrong with the car , I want to eat , I want to sleep thats all I knew I wanted .

Qurtag Hotel was a small nice place ,a room with Tv costs 25 dinars without tv 20 dinars , we took the 20 dinars room cos saving a 5 dinars make a difference here especially we were about to run out of money , a hot water shower was goign to be a refreshing now but when I saw the water was so brown under my feet I knew I wasn't that dirty ,I had I think this is the first time in ages the heater works , it was m7'aazaza , I had t take a cold shower, I am a hot showers fan even in the middle of the desert .

it felt like I passed out not slept because I woke up feeling all my body aching , bad headache , my nose is running , zikweeni coughing and sneezing , it was already 12 in the afternoon and we had to eat something , the breakfast at the hotel is until 10 , we made them serve us though the delightful small piece of bread a boiled egg and a small butter and jam with a glass of milk .

next tot he hotel there is restaurant called Alfalooga , we laughed so much just from reading the sign outside , Zikweeni said I want to order two bombs and rockets juice , the place was alright not that bad compared to where we were , the nice thing about it was they had this room whenre you can eat on the floor feeling like home , this was nice especially my body was feeling like every single bone was smashed , we had two la7im mashwi meals coasting 6 dinar each , it comes with 6bi7'it fasolya , rice ,pickles , salad , 6a7eena and french fries , after the meal we had tea a traditional libyan tea pot ( birad shahi) of a strong black tarry tea .

Finally I remembered my hand as I was washing it after eating , I went to the pharmacy nearby took antibiotics a cream and a gauze , the guy at the pharmacy was so helpful and treated me so there was no need to see a doctor , so here is a little information about burns if the burn hurts like hell then it's a very superficial cos the nerves are still working so you have no worries , all you have to do is get a cream containing Silver Sulfadiazine a gauze and Vaseline gauze , apply the cream on your burn cover it with Vaseline gauze then wrap it with another gauze , after few days when the burn start crusting change to 1% hydro cortisone cream for one or two weeks , as for the color changes just keep your burn covered from the sun and inshallah the skin color wont change .

now we went to the place where we left the car ,the mechanic was already working on the car , he found the source of the water leakage and we have to change the pipe causing this , there is only one problem he said you wouldn't find the pipe here in Tobrug , but this is not all we need a oil filter and he has to check the car more to see what rewally happned meanwhile we went looking for a truck to lift our car , and this is what we found , to benghazi it will coast 400 dinars , to tripoli it coasts from 800 till 1000 dinars , nothing lower than that we can only lower up to 50 dinars , we mad our choice and decided d to got o benghazi by mini bus and get the parts .

450 kilometers the distance from tobrug to benghazi , it took us 4 hours in the speeding mini bus Mercedes vito , the driver was quite crazy speeding at the turns , not realizing that we were about to pee on the seats ,on our way the mechanic called and gave us a list of things to bring , I didn't know most of them because I don't know anything about car parts but I knew one thing I cant find any name for it other than the libyan italian name I know , Gersyoni tistata thsi means that the car motor is finished , but asking him so many times can you fix it he said yes confidently , no problems I have fixed one like this before .

We stopped at this place for half an hour on the way to Benghazi , cool place

in benghazi we were lucky to find a taxi that after chatting with him in the car I found that I know most of his family because his family originally from sidi alsaya7 where I know a friend from there , he made us a big favor when he was asking the shops about the parts we needed , we saw the difference because when I asked for the parts it was about 50 dinars above the normal price when the shergawi guy asked for it , it was hard to find the pipe but the other parts were quite easy to find , the total price for all the part was 250 , so we decided we are going to fix the car , and finish Exploring the east trip to the end .

we spent the night in Benghazi at the same hotel we stopped at on our way to egypt , Africa hotel and again went to Al demashki and had the wonderful dish they serve called aldemashki meal .

next morning we went back to tobrug , at the mechanic we found the motor of our car was opened the mechanic said it will take three days to work on the car , we did check couple of other mechanics but this was the best one there and we didn't wanna leave because we want to explore the east by car before going home , so we had to wait .

Tobrug is a small city , there was nothing for us to do there , the three days I stayed there were to longest days of my life , we regretted taking a room without a TV , we tried looking for cool places there but there was nothing to do , the second day was friday the city looked dead and there was no one outside because it was so windy and the sky turned red from the sand , all I can remember that me and Zikweeni had sleeping contest trying to sleep as much as we can , finally Saturday came and the car was ready , it was running , I was so so happy and nothing was as relieving as seeing the engine running back again , but the motor looked so ugly from the oil and sand I didn't like the work but I knew nothing other than I have to get out of here before I go insane , we tried the car for a while and left it on for couple of hours before we paid the mechanic and left , we decided to stop at Dernah .

On they way to Dernah after about two hours the temperature started to rise , we called the mechanic his phone was turned off , we stopped for a while then went on ,the temperature was great until we reached dernah thats when it started to rise again we had to stop at amazing beach they have there , it kind of reminded me of Alexandria , Dernah was cool even I didn't spend more than one hour there , because after calling the Mechanic so many times he never answered , we realized that we've been screwed , he lied to us , the car isn't good , it was either we go back to tobrug or we continue towards Albayada , we decided to make this more adventurous and went to Albayda the car was great even the temperature was cool, everything was cool but we decided to finish all the way until Benghazi and get the car fixed probably , the scenes we saw were amazing especially it was sunset , I've never knew that Libya is this beautiful till I saw the Green mountain .

In Dernah

The car didn't let us down but we realized that it was cool only because the weather was freezing outside because once we slowed down because of traffic the temperature started to rise , and the ugly sign appeared again the water is low again , it was the same nightmare allover again , we were at Almarij only 80 kilometers from benghazi but yet we cant risk the car stopping for good again , this time the leaking point was clear we can see it so we stopped at a small tires repair place and asked for something to glue the leakage , we were so lucky to meet this guy there which I want to thank so much over here , El mismari , he was a mechanic and he was at the tires repair place when we asked for the glue he helped us so much ,opened his place for us and took a look at the car and he yelled at us who the hell did this to the poor car , we told him some mechanic in Tobrug , he laughed so hard about how fool we were fixing such a car in tobrug , any way he fixed the leaking point and again he took a look at the car thermostat it was blocked so he took it off so the car will be cool all the time , we had dinner at his place and met two of his friends , it was like being home , he didn't want us to leave that night and insisted on staying over but it was already too much what he did for us , Thank you Abou najwa so much .

After what Abou Najwa told us we realized that our exploring the east trip has ended , we called couple of friends and arranged for a car to lift our car until tripoli , in Benghazi there was no problem because there is a continuous movement of the trucks between Benghazi and tripoli we could always find someone going back empty who would accept taking the car for a lower price , we spent the night at Africa hotel in Benghazi and first thing in the morning I met the truck guy we called at night and accepted to take the car for 200 dinars , quickly we finished the papers and ship the car on his truck , I didn't know the guy but a friend of mine knew him so I left the car with him, I had no interest of staying another day there so we had to leave today , the bus will take 9 hours I can't stand this anymore especially I came to benghazi by bus for 4 hours and went back for 4 hours two days ago , so we went to check the flights to tripoli , the libyan airlines was full , we can wait until 8 at night but there were too many people on the waiting list already , Alboraq airlines flight was leaving at 13:00 , we hurried to the airport and arrived at 12:30 bought the tickets and jumped on board at the last moment .

It was hell of a trip , I never knew I would go back home on airplane , everything happened so fast and we didn't realize that we just left the car with someone we don't know , me and zikweeni were laughing so hard at all this , we made so many jokes about how the airplane is gonna stop and then how they gonna go out and fill it with water then we were thinking ok where is the place they fill with water in the airplane .

It was good being in tripoli , only now I realized how bad this trip was , before I took everything as an adventure and we laughed about every bad thing happened to us , no I have to think about what is going to happen to the car .


Road Trip- Part 4 - The Car

Tuesday 20th March 2007

we left Cairo at 9 pm , a quick check up on the car said that everything is good to go , we planed to go non stop until Darnah or Albayda in Libya so stops were only for gas filling , we choose to leave at night so we can arrive in Libya when the sun rises and it would be easir to drive in the one line roads we have in Libya which is quite dangerous at night , but in Egypt they have highways until Alsaloom.

we took the tip from one of the Libyan guys we met in Cairo and took the desert road until the exit of Al alameen instead of finishing it all the way until Alexandria ,it was much better and few kilometers shorter , everything was great until we were about to reach the end of the highway to Al alameen .

A red sign flashed on the dashboard , the cars heat sign , the temperature was normal though , we stopped and checked the manual of the car , the sign meant the car needs water for the radiator , we checked the water and it was not fully empty so we decided to go at least until the nearest gas station to check it out , this nearest gas station was more than 50 km away, there we found a mechanic who didn't add much to the known fact that the car needs water, we filled the radiator with water but there was a leak because we could see that the water we filled was running under our feet , where is the leaking point we couldn't find it and the mechanic came with magical idea after trying everything t find the source of leakage , he gave us this powder that you mix with the water and it closes any leak , we had no choice but to use this magical powder at least till we get to the big gas station he told us about few kilometers from here .

There was no big gas station for more than 20 kilometers but the car was ok , the sign didn't appear again the leaking stopped and the temperature is great , so even wen we stopped at this big gas station the mechanic there said everything is cool it's gonna get you to the borders smoothly no worries , I remember seeing the sign saying Alsaloom after 200 km at 2 am that night just before the water signal appeared again and the temperature started to rise , we had two gallons of water with us just in case this happens and we used them both , we go few hundreds of meters then stop just when the temperature rise again to let the car cool , cars barely passed by and when a car passes it makes me hold my shirt tight so it wont fly from the wind of the car made while speeding, we were stuck there in the darkness of night, ther was nothing to do even we passed by a gas station and he said he can't do anything to us so just keep trying cooling the car when the temperature rises and then until you get to the borders, so thats what we did and one of the times zikweeni added the water and closed the radiator immediately and I told him no and opened it immediately and boom the hot steaming water exploded on my hand and I got a lovely nice burn on my arm , It was burning me inside and I couldn't do anything about it but just hold my arm feeling the extreme pain and watch the bubbles grow on my burned arm , the pain was unbearable , we tried to stop cars again but no one bothered to even slow down, I used the tomato past we had with us for making mbakbka , I used it on my burned hand to cool the heat I was feeling and believe me when I put it it gets hot so quick and I had to remove it , I used the wet napkins we had but they get dry when I put them , it was that bad and I didn't know what to do to make the heat and the burning sensation to go , Zikweeni was driving for the first time since we got in Egypt (I'll tell you later on why he doesn't drive in egypt) , I sat next to him leaving my arm hanging from the window so the cold wind hit it while the car was moving but my fingers started to get numb , then I used tooth paste creast complete 7 which they should make it complete 8 and add the burn cooler effect , it really did a great job at least it let me sleep for I don't know for how long but I woke up with zikweeni filling the car with water again and as I saw the sun was already rising I asked him are we there yet , he shrug and said I don't even know how much we have left , we both laughed so hard on this .

It took us forever to pass those 200 kilometers , and the car was faithful with us until she got us to the entrance of Alsaloom , just at the spot where we can see the police check point before entering Alsaloom the car stopped , again with a huge laugh from both of us we knew it's not gonna move any further from here , and with us both not knowing anything about cars mechanic we didn't know what to do so the best thing is to try to get to that police check point cos it seems like my thumb isn't attractive enough for the cars passing by to stop , I can't say for sure it was two kilometer or more the distance we pushed the car but I really lost sense of everything then the time ,the hunger ,the self cleanness , the sun was burning hot and it was right on top of us , at the police check point we asked them for help and I want to thank them here because they stopped a car for me to give me a lift till the center of Alsaloom , I jump in the back of a truck with the bags of sh3eer , at Alsaloom city center which was formed of almost 100 flat old houses and shops , a gas station and one mechanic , he asked me one question before i explained what happened , whats your car and he said one thing only after I told him it's golf , sorry I don't know hwo to deal with these cars , so jumping again on the back of another car in the gas station but this time with couple of kids and an old woman I returned back to Zikweeni , we have to pull the car at least until the gas station down town ,we waited for a while to find someone who accept pulling us , it's great being at the police check point because people have no other choice than stopping and listening to us , now I insisted on the mechanic to hear the whole story and take a look at the car when we got in front of his place , he offered to help us find some car to pull us up the mountain to reach the borders , again I don't know for how long we walked in Asaloom looking for a trunk to pull us , couple of them refused becasue their car is quite weak for the job others wanted take advantage of this and get as much money as they can from us , in the end we found our guy who was fair enough to pull it just for 120 LE , just pull the car up the mountain less than 5 km , I forgot to mention that the car's breaks doesnt work when t's not turned on because they are built like this , so here I am holding the wheel with one hand and the other holding the hand breaks witht , zikweeni next to me holding tight on his seat belt , the truck started pulling us , I kept telling Zikweeni take my phone capture this moment , and as he always been he was scared and Yelled at me Wagtah toa hada wagtah ash'hado an la ilah ila allah wa ash'hado an mo7amdan rasool allah, I was scared too because who knows what if the robe get loose and I can't stop the car from falling backwards , but it was quite fun the feeling of being so heavy as the truck was pulling us up and on the turns when I use the hand break to slow down I was feeling like at any minute there will be a strong pull from the truck while I am rising the hand break and thats it the robe will be cut , I never was nervous doing something in my life like this because if you ever go to the place I am talking about you will understand what I mean .

we let out screams of joy when arrived at the top , it was a hell of short scary trip much more fun than the roller coaster .

At the borders we had to push the car by ourselves from the gate at the Egyptian side till the the Libyan gate ,we tried asking couple of people Libyans and Egyptians if we could just hang the rope at the back of their car just till the end of the borders but everyone had an excuse , the car is loaded , the customs will make troubles , and even for money some asked for non reasonable prices , so with laughs and excitement we did it our own and pushed it all the way for about two or three kilometers , I didn't realize that I was smelling like a pig until I was at the customs to finish the car's papers cos the guy working there pulled all the muscles of his neck and laid backwards when I stood in front of him , I didn't care much about that and as I forgot to mention what happened to my hand in here I forgot all about it there , I left the tooth past dry on it and crusting and didn't bother to check a doctor for it .

around 6 PM we were in Libya in front of the gate of the Libyan side of the borders, and a new adventure was about to begin .