The beginning

I am thinking of writing about my days as medical student after a motivation from couple of people who visit my blog , I don’t know what I am going to talk about but I am sure some interesting things will come out eventually .

First I want to start with my story with medicine , my story might be different in the beginning because I’ve never thought I would study medicine , and I’ve never wanted to study it , it all came by chance , I am not a nerd or the kind who love studying but when I think how I got till 5ht year straight I have second thought and believe more in myself , I’ve never had a dream of becoming a doctor , so what brought me here I still don’t know , but what I know is that this is the thing for me , I didn’t choose it may be but it choose me , this is what I am made to do .

I finished my high school and I was wondering what is the thing I like , what is the thing I am good at , what I want to be , they were tough months just trying what to study in univesity , here in Libya it’s hard to decide because first there is no much choices and second of all you don’t get any motivation from any where , and of course no one direct you in school towards anything , so it had to be my choice , I wasn’t good at anything , I used to love engineering even I was so bad in math , it was the thing I wanted to study until I finished high school , I think that’s when my brain was mature enough to tell me am not good for that , my parents told me that when I was a kid I used to say I want to be a janitor , I think it’s because I used to stay a lot with the janitor of our building , I used to see him so popular everyone knows him ,every one salutes him and he helps everyone in the building ,I wanted to be like that I wanted to help people and to make them love me the way they do with him , when I got older by the time I realized this isn’t gonna work for me , so engineering was the thing I wanted to study because I though only people who deal with numbers are smart , I wanted to be smart until but then time passed and I finished school without being smart with numbers .

I heard about Medical school and how it’s quite good here , I heard about the 7 long years you have to study and then I took it out of my head , I thought about a couple of other colleges like Business & Social Science , but there was nothing I liked , I guess I was too late to choose , I should have thought about it before ,one day I was laying back and started thinking what are the things I can do , I settled down on medicine because the only thing that made me not like it is the long time it takes to finish and this is the reason that makes most of the European or Americans not study medicine , because there is no benefit from wasting your life on medicine , you could get whatever you want from life in younger age if you study something more simple , something like business administration , there is huge number of foreign doctors working in UK and in USA , because they have shortage in native doctors , it’s funny that most of the doctors world wide are from what is called third world .

So medicine it is that’s what I told myself two days before they closed the registrations at the Medical school , and I was lucky not like my friend who a pigeon pooped on his head the first day he came to the Medical school , I had and still having good times in school , I started loving what I am doing by the days and I started being good at it , I don’t study for the marks but I study for myself ,I enjoyed every year with it’s good and bad , and what makes us different from people who study medicine abroad is that we are not spoiled , we learned Anatomy on 15 years old cadaver , not two people dissecting a fresh human meat , we were more than 30 on one cadaver , but yet we could pass , we could recognize the nerve from artery even the whole body looked like an old tree with nothing to distinguish between it’s branches , this only a simple thing in all the things we faced ,and that’s why most of our doctors get on top when they go abroad , because they are trained use their imagination and not only to deal with what they see .

I made it to the fifth year and all I can say that this year is more though than the 5 years I’ve passed (primary year + 4 years), so I need your prayers for me that I pass it so I can finish my journey with honor .


Lebeeya said...

The part about you wanting to be a janitor was so adorable.

Cute post. Keep them coming.

Safia speaks said...

I loved the part of the corpse looking like an old tree. Very sinister but poetic.
And yes...keep them coming, bro. Your blogs get better by the day ;-)

Libyano said...

Thank you Lebeeya and safia
inshallah I will be writting more soon .

Noor said...

Excellent post, I loved it too much. I liked what u revealed here brother, u may didn't chose to be doctor , but it was all God's planning for u. yet, u said important point here that our education system (in Arab world generally) is not that professional to qualify the student and encourage them to show and improve their skills and talents, so each one find his/her way and go easily to study the material he/she will be good at. We faced the same thing, we stood without any clear goal or idea about what is the suitable college for us, and most of us enter the college according to the grades not the desire. I hope they will do something to develop this system and take care of students' cleverness.

sara_rasoul@hotmail.com said...

am doin medicine 2...but i think i never chose it, & am not good at it
our system is a bit weird here in egypt....i failed in biochemistry and had 2 wait a whole year 2 re-sit the exam...am not sure if it's going 2 get any better,,,,