Kenneth salyer

I went to the plastic surgery symposium yesterday and it was so nice finding Dr. Kenneth salyer , it was so nice having him here in Libya , he is one of the best craniofacial surgeons in the world working mostly on the cleft lip and cleft palate , he has done very good work over 36 years on this field , I am so lucky I got to attend his lectures and see his work .

World craniofacial foundation


Plastic Surgery

This week I started Plastic surgery course at cosmetic and Burns surgeries Hospital ,I think it is the best hospital I saw here in Tripoli and apart from having a website there are a lot of things that are so different from other hospitals , like the good system they have in the hospital , and there is a lot of good doctors doing a very good job in their specialties , Plastic surgery it's not only about making a person looking better as most of the people think , it is mostly about giving the person the function and the shape of something he lost or he was born without it , this is what is mostly this hospital doing here , their work mostly on correcting the congenital abnormalities, burns and traumas .
tomorrow there will be plastic surgery symposium in dat el emad and there will be four surgeons coming from abroad , one of them is Prof. Kenneth Salyer who did the separation f the two Egyptian conjoined twins back in 2003 , so inshallah ( hopefully ) I am going tomorrow to attend it tomorrow .


data loss

I know it's annoying when you check a blog and you find no new posts for a long time , I am trying to get myself back on posting but first I have to get my laptop fixed , and since the big loss of all the data in my laptop I got so sick of all computers , and I am still trying to get myself back and sit infront of a computer again , I started doing that to check my emails and I couldn't stay for more than 10 minutes at a time , thinking that whatever I am gonna download or check is gonna be lost someday is driving me crazy , I still didn't get my laptop fixed yet , first because the guy fixing it discovered another problems which I was able to live with in the past like the CD drive that doesn't work until you try 10 times so it can read the CD's , I was living with that and I was ok with it but now it's a problem as the guy said I need a new one , this is the bad thing about technology it gets old very fast , and second of all I am not in a hurry to have it fixed actually I don't know if I can handel switching it on then not finding all the folders and files I used to have , it's gonna be starting from zero line , the guys is just waiting my call to tell him what to do and I've been avoiding to call him for 10 days now , I guess eventually I have to do this and move on .


Male and Female

I recived this cool flash by email , it's so true .

check it out Here


Bread Car

Bread Car

This should give you a reason why you should always buy your bread from the bakery .



Today a team of two German and one Brazilian surgeons were at ALkhadra hospital . they gave us two tutorial one on Humearal head fractures and the other on non union of bone fractures , then we had this nice workshop on the instruments used in orthopedic , it was so nice learning from them especially Dr Norbert who was very helpful and patient with all the questions we had.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Thursday night I came home late and I tried to turn on my laptop but it didn't want to start and after hearing the loud sounds the hard disk is making I started to think that this might be a big problem and I might have lost all the data I have for good , I don't know what to do so I guess it's time to get an expert to see what's wrong .
So I am going to be away for sometime till I get my laptop fixed .



هذه قصيدة للشاعر عبد الرحمن العشماوي في وصف بعض التناقض الموجود في بعض البيئات، وعند بعض النسوة، يقول الشاعر في هذه الظاهرة.

هذي العيونُ وذلك القــدُّ

والشيحُ والريحـانُ والنـَّـدُّ

من أين جئتِ؟ أَأَنْجَبَتْكِ روىءً

بيضٌ فأنتِ الزهـرُ والـوردُ

قالت وفي أجفانِها كَحَـــلٌ

يُغري وفـي كلماتهـا جـدُّ

عربيــةٌ حُريتـي جَعَلَـتْ

مـني فتـاةً مالـهـا نـدُّ

أغشى بقاعَ الأرضِ ما سَنَحَتْ

لي فرصَـةٌ بالنفـس أعتـدُّ

عربيةٌ.. فسألتُ: مسلمــةٌ؟

قالت: نعم! ولخالقي الحمـدُ

فسألتها والحزن يَعْصِـف بي

والنارُ في قلـبي لهــا وقْـدُ

من أين هذا الزِّيِّ؟ ما عَرَفَـتْ

أرضُ الحجازِ ولا رأت نَجْـدُ

هـذا التبـذُّل يا محدّثــتي

سـهمٌ من الإلـحاد مرتَـدُّ

فتـنمَّرَتْ ثم انْثَنَـتْ صَـلَفًا

ولسانُها لسِبابهـا عَبْــدُ

قالـت: أنا بالنـفسِ واثقـةٌ

حريَّتي دون الهــوى سـدُّ

فأجـبتُها والنـارُ تَلْفَحُـني:

أخشــى بأن يتناثَرَ العِقـدُ

ضِـدَّانِ يا أُختاه ما اجتمعـا:

دينُ الهدى، والكفرُ والصَـدُّ

والله مـا أزْرى بأمتِـنــا

إلا ازدواجٌ ما لـه حـدٌّ !

إستطلاع للرأي

أجرت الأمم المتحدة استطلاعا للرأي العام، ولكنّه فشل فشلاًذريعاً..

لان السؤال كان: ما هو رأيك بنقص الغذاء في الجزء الباقي من العالم لو سمحت؟ وكانت الإجابات كالتالي:

في أفريقيا لم يعرف الناس معنى كلمة غذاء

في غرب أوروبا لم يعرفوا ماذا تعني كلمة نقص

وفي العالم العربي لم يعرفوا معنى كلمة رأيك

وفي أميركا اللاتينية لم يعرفوا مذا تعني كلمة لو سمحت

وفي الولايات المتحدة لم يعرفوا ماذا تعني جملة الجزء الباقي من العالم

يبقى سؤال :هل هناك رأي اخر؟!

Finished reading

I've just finished reading Angels and Demons , I don't know what to say so am just gonna quote some of the reviews that tell what I would say about the book .

Exciting, fast-paced, with an unusually high IQ.

Life-or-death cliff hangers, romance, religion, science, murder, mysticism, architecture, and action. Angels & Demons is a GO!


I've been busy for few days now s ,I started my Orthopedic course on Saturday and I was busy studying so I can follow on the basics of orthopedics , everyday in a different hospital because I am trying to follow on the best tutorials and every day I come home so tired after a long day of standing .

on Sunday I went to The Fourth National Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference in Corinthia hotel, it was so nice attending the lectures from one of the best doctors in this specialty , that day it was about Diabetic and endocrine emergencies , then we finished the night with Dr Issam Hajjaji giving a lecture on Diabetes in Libya , I guess you all know how almost every home in Libya has a patient with diabetes and along with hypertension they make the main chronic diseases here in Libya ,the problem is that there is no reliable study to see the percentage of the people affected but hopefully after the census there will be some results that can help , the medical records is one of the problems I see in our hospitals ,there is no such a thing as a medical record , patients files aren’t stored probably , and computers are something too new to use in our hospitals , and I don’t think any of the staff in the hospitals know how to use it anyway , we also have what is called relatives staying with the patient when they are admitted , it's so they can help the patient in everything and this leaves a question what does nurses do , well I don’t know how to answer this , you have to come and see by yourself .

I am not saying that everything is bad and all the people working in the hospitals are bad too, but the majority of things make you not notice the good people and the good things out there.