Are you feeling really hot these days ?
Is your air conditioner not working probably?
Do you have troubles with repeated electricity cut offs ?

now we have the solution for you
it's the world's smallest cooling device
it works without electricity or battaries
it works very easily
just shake it right and left and the cool breeze will hit your face
fits in your pocket so you can take it everywhere with you
Makes your summer cold :)


not suitable for children under 3 years of age ( it's easily swallowed )


How dumb I can be

I open the fridge there is only fat free milk which I hate so much and the whole milk isn't in the fridge but in the cupboard so i decide ok let me use the fat free milk, I pour it in my mug put it in the microwave till it gets hot then I add cocoa to it, now I remember why didn't I use the normal milk :S didn't I just boiled the cold fat free milk .

I arrive just in time for my favorite show on tv , the show starts and I am watching but where is the remote control, I get up and look for it in the whole room, half the episode has passed and I can't find it I look outside the room during commercials I keep looking till the show is over and I still can't find the remote , why didn't I just sit and watch ? what I was going to do with the remote anyway ? .

What will happen if I put the cd the wrong side? , I've thought about it so many times and I decided to be dumb enough and try it , surprisingly the computer didn't explode as I thought and the cd driver is still working good but there is one thing I was hoping to happen, I wanted to get an error message saying WRONG SIDE flip the CD over .

I was hungry and lonely I wanted to eat something, I find a can of Fooll mdamis , I put the pan on the cooker I add oil and then put whats in the can all on the frying pan with really hot oil and the fire almost reached the ceiling I flip the pan in it's place and cut off the gas , what a mess now .
my mind tells me to always put the frying pan on the cooker then add some oil then eggs cos I am used to making fried eggs only , and I forgot that this time the fooll mdamis can contains water and when you add that to hot oil a fire will start .


La Extraordinary Liga

I actually don't bite my nails but I pull them off with my other nails when I am so stressed or excited, yes I am that crazy and you wouldn't understand why until you see how stressing and exciting the last few games in the Spanish league (La Liga) were. My team; Real Madrid were loosing the whole time until the last minute when they turned everything the other way around and won, they didn't do it in one game or two but for the last few rounds on the Spanish league every game for Real Madrid was so special because they fought till the last minute and always got over the other teams and win.
I am sure if I had heart problem I would be dead by now from all the moments I went through while watching the last three rounds of the Spanish league.

Last night was the last game in the league and I can't describe to you how happy I was when Real Madrid finally and after four years of waiting they won the Spanish league :D , I swear if you hated football you would still love and enjoy the excitement of the Spanish league this year, the heat was until the last match between three teams; Real Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Real Madrid surprisingly came from behind and stole the lead from Barcelona and managed to keep the lead till the last game even though they were equal in points, 76 each but Real won the league because they won the results of the two games between them and Barcelona.

I feel so sorry for all Barcelona's fans who were showing off the whole year and now in the end the best team won :D


من خطبة الجمعة - خمس خصال

روي أن رجلاً جاء إلى إبراهيم بن أدهم فقال له : يا أبا إسحاق إني مسرف على نفسي ، فأعرض على ما يكون لها زاجراً ومستنقذاً لقلبي

قال : إن قبلت خمس خصال وقدرت عليها لم تضرك معصية ولم توبقك لذة

قال : هات يا أبا إسحاق !
قال : أما الأولى : فإذا أردت أن تعصي الله عز وجل فلا تأكل رزقه

قال : فمن أين آكل وكل ما في الأرض من رزقه ؟

قال : يا هذا ! أفيحسن أن تأكل رزقه وتعصيه ؟
قال : لا ,هات الثانية .
قال : إذا أردت أن تعصيه فلا تسكن شيئاً من بلاده

قال الرجل : هذه أعظم من الأولى ! يا أبا إسحاق إذا كان المشرق والمغرب وما بينهما له فأين اسكن ؟

قال : يا هذا! أفيحسن أن تأكل من رزقه وتسكن بلاده وتعصيه ؟

قال لا ، هات الثالثة .
قال : إذا أردت أن تعصيه وأنت تحت رزقه وفي بلاده فانظر موضعاً لا يراك فيه مبارزاً له فاعصه فيه

قال : يا إبراهيم ! كيف هذا وهو مطلع على ما في السرائر ؟

قال يا هذا أفيحسن أن تأكل من رزقه وتسكن بلاده وتعصيه وهو يراك ويرى ما تجاهر به ؟

قال : لا هات الرابعة .
قال : إذا جاءك ملك الموت ليقبض روحك فقل له : أخرني حتى أتوب توبة نصوحاً واعمل لله عملاً صالحاً

قال : لا يقبل مني !

قال يا هذا فأنت إذا لم تقدر أن تدفع عنك الموت لتتوب ، وتعلم أنه إذا جاء لم يكن له تأخير ، فكيف ترجو وجه الخلاص ؟

قال : هات الخامسة

قال : إذا جاءتك الزبانية يوم القيامة ليأخذوك إلى النار فلا تذهب معهم

قال : لا يدعونني ولا يقبلون مني

قال : فكيف ترجو النجاة إذا ؟

قال له : يا إبراهيم حسبي حسبي , أنا استغفر الله واتوب إليه , و لزمه في العبادة حتى فرق الموت بينهما .

اسأل الله ان يلطف بأهل عمان ويحفظهم وخاصة اختنا العزيزة ليبية وأهلها