Shop workers ,they are annoying even it’s their job , I don’t hate them all but I hate the ones which they don’t listen to what you say, they can be so annoying to make you buy something you don’t like and you would never wear , and sometimes annoying to make you hate the street their shop is at .

Now as I am walking through the street I see this nice shirt looking nice through the window , I look at it for a while and I don’t decide to get in until I checked that all the shop workers are busy with other costumers , I get in .

She jumps from behind the desk .

-Are you fine there ?Can I help you ?

- no thank you I am fine (I just came in idiot )

- are you looking for something

- no thanx just looking around ( I said I am fine I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP)

now instead of looking at the cloths I start walking and looking behind me to see if she is still following me , I pick up something and she jumps towards me

- we have many sizes of this shirt .

I try to put the shirt on me to see how it looks .

- oh it looks nic,e would you like to try it on , the fitting rooms are just right there

- thank you (I wish I came jogging to the shop so when I try this shirt it will stink)

Now there are two things might happen

1- I like the shirt and I want to buy it

- Good choice , would you like pants for that

- No thank you

- We have a new collection came this week

she brings some pants that not in a million years can get above my knees , I start thinking of a nice way to tell her that these are not the style would fit on me , to say anything but not what was on my mind (You did see that I have big ass while following me didn’t you , so do you think these pants would fit in there).

- I am sorry but they are not the style I like .

- Well , we are going to have new collection next week and I am sure there are some nice things you would like , so may be you can come next week .

- Yea sure ( kill me if I come again )

2- now if I didn’t like the shirt

- We have another styles ,cool designs of the latest fashion .

- Great but I just liked this one and it didn’t look good on me .

- You an try this one , we have 20% discount on it .

The number 20 keeps ringing in my head even the shirt is navy blue with black and yellow flowers on it , I wake up from the day dream of me spending the 20% on buying a pack of skittles , I find her bringing three other shirts ,I smile at her and feel very mean as I say

-Sorry for wasting your time

I leave through the door while she is saying : Next week we have new collection coming , I didn’t hear the rest of what she said but the smile on the face of the man coming in through the door made me think and turn my head to see him looking at my ass and nodding his head while smiling , I guess now I know what she said .

I start thinking of how I should loose some weight , I pass by the grocery and bought skittles to eat it on my way .

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Lebeeya said...

I can not stand shop keepers either. When I shop, I need my personal space.. and the last thing i need is someone deciding what I should buy. I usually just get irritated from the whole place and walk out.

Hamed, I think the girl in the shop likes you, thats why she kept following you :-)