Libyan bloggers on top 10

I am on Blogger Since July 2004 and by then I didn't known any Libyan Bloggers but now after two years I noticed the number of Libyan bloggers is increasing everyday and I get excited every time I find a new one , I remember the first Libyan blog I saw was KhadijaTeri's blog even though she is not originally Libyan but she is more Libyan than some Libyans , and for a long time her blog was the first referral site for my blog and I never got to thank her for that , lately I have found that some people being referred from itoot top 10 page and when I got there I was surprised to see my blog as one of the top 10 , I think I have never been in top 10 of anything in my life , I am always the one who just qualify with the lowest limits , and what is more exciting about the top 10 sites is that five of them are Libyan bloggers , I am so proud of that and I hope one day we can make a large Libyan bloggers community .


Libya and Psychiatry

The joy of Eid didn't last for long , as I was visiting some relatives and friends on the first day I found one of my relatives is very sick and after sitting with him I found that his illness is psychological , in Libya it's a shame for 90% of the people to have a psychological disorder, for this relative of mine he has been sick for 10 days and no one outside the house know anything and they have been bringing Shiks and doing all these things thinking the problem is related to Jin or Si7ir or something like that , for 10 days he was suffering and no one thought of getting a medical help , I don't want to act like a saver here but alhamdulilah after I saw him and saw the clear signs and symptoms of Mania we took him to hospital and since it was Eid it was so difficult finding help ,but alhamdulilah now he is ok and Dr Ahmed Kara the best Libyan Psychiatrist saw him and gave him the medication which made him sleep after not sleeping for 10 days and made him calm and quite after being hyperactive , talkative and aggressive .
my point is why we think about psychological problem with shame , why it's like a taboo , why people leave their relatives get worse and worse , why no one think of seeking a psychiatrist for simple things ,why people look at any one with psychological problem as a mad or crazy person , they are humans and they feel and know everything and they just need help and when they are treated they can live normal , but hiding them and leaving them is what makes things worse .
And why it's always si7ir or jin that first thing people think about , we have a very low rate of illiteracy but yet we still have thoughts and believes that most people still follow and they should disappear forever , no one can deny the presence of si7ir and Jin but nowadays we should think scientifically first and then see the results .


Triple joy

Today I am having triple joy because :
1-Eid el fitir
2-My family are coming back
3- Real Madrid won 2-0

Happy Eid everyone and may god make all your dreams and hopes come true


El Clasico

Tonight is the match I wait for every year since 1996 ,El clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona , this is year is so much different from last year and I am so optimistic that wining is possible and yet may be with a good result .
the only problem tonight I am gonna be watching the game with two of Real Madrid haters , they don't really hate Real Madrid but they just get so happy when they lose or play badly because then they can make fun of me all the night ,in return they made me get happy when AC Milan loses because it's their favorite team and this year AC Milan are so much worse than Real so this year might be the year where I laugh more .
I can't talk much about the game but see this page for the best pre-match analysis you might ever see .


Dish washing

It's easy to answer a question about what do you like but when anyone ask you what do you hate you have to think first , for me I already know the answer , I hate washing dishes ,this is the first thing comes to my mind after the word hate , I can do anything but not washing the dishes , we have a dish washer at home but as you know for the dish washer to clean your dishes you have to wash them first before putting them in it , are all dish washers so unhelpful like this or is it only the one we have ,we should call it dish cleaner because I do the washing before it clean the dishes,by this I would like to take this opportunity to ask and beg the inventors in the world to make a washing machine that you just throw the plate in it comes out shining .


Refreshing Day

Few days ago ......
I woke up after snoozing the alarm five times , I took a shower I ironed my shirt and went out excited that I am gonna be early and I'll find a nice place in the front rows of the class, it was raining all night and it was so refreshing the smell after the rain , I took a deep breath and looked at the green garden with the refreshing smell and I froze ,it was flooding with water , the rain wasn't that much to make it flood and I am sure I didn't leave the water running last night I am sure I closed the tap when I went in to wash the dishes , no it was the sink's tap not the garden's , I looked at my watch and it was 20 minutes for the tutorial to start ,I scratched my head then looked at the flooding garden again I got this big bubble in my head with my dad in it and his face was so red and smoke was coming out of his ears screaming why you ruined my plants, I forgot all about the front row chair and all I had in mind is how I am gonna take all of this water out of the garden, I went looking for the water suction pump we have , and thank god it worked so well and the water was coming out smoothly but I knew it would take so much time because of the flood ,I thought since the whole house was looking like hell outside first because no one cleaned it it since everyone left and also because few days ago it was so windy and floor was covered with sand and now it's mixed mixed with rain making large spots of mud all around the house , I took the hose and started cleaning the house from outside , it took me one hour and a half to finished then I went back took a shower again and wore the ironed shirt and went to the hospital.


Medical Mnemonics

Anatomy is my favorite subject in Medicine and these days I started my Surgery course so I got back to studying Anatomy again, it reminded me of the old good days 4 years ago when I was in the first year , Anatomy is what made me love Medicine because as you know I got to Med school without having much love for it ( read it here) , I used to have a lot fun studying Anatomy and memorizing all the contents of the body , we used to use shortcuts and mnemonics for things to remember them ,one of my favorite mnemonics is the one we used to memorise the carpal bones of the hand ( Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetral, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate ), the Egyptian doctors were teaching us to memorise them with the Egyptian mnemonic

Sara Lama Til3ab PoKer Tiksab Tikhsar Kolo Hals
سارة لما تلعب بوكر تكسب تخسر كله هلس
but we had pur own Libyan mnemonic

Su3ad Lazim Tal3ib Batish ,Tarba7 Takhsir Kolha Hyaja
سعاد لازم تلعب بطش , تربح تخسر كلها هياجة

so it seems like nto all doctors have good memory but they just tend to make it simple for the brain to memorize things with simple medical mnemonics .


Freej( 3D Cartoon)

Last night I noticed a great 3D Cartoon on Dubai TV called Freej , I don't know for how long they have been putting it but since I don't deal with TV that much I just noticed it last night accidentally , the cartoon is so fuuny and hilarious and it's great because it's something totally new and different and the main characters made the cartoon more special because they are group of old women which is a brilliant new idea , I am going to watch it everyday from now on because last nights episode was so much fun and even they were talking in Emarati I managed to understand 98% of what they were saying .


studying is taking all my time lately and still I have so much going on my head , it's bothering me so much that sometimes I cant sleep at night , I am in my last year and things got more difficult with the new exams system that came two months ago .
first we have three main subjects , Medicine , Paediatrics and Surgery , and for the last few years exams always start later in December and there is always one month break between each exam , but this year the examination committee came out with a new brilliant idea which is finishing all the exams in one month , can any one tell me how can we study or revise for those exams in one week break for each subject, OK since Surgery is first to come it will have more than one week time , but what about Paediatrics and Medicine , I mean if anyone know anything about Med school then can you imagine one week for revising medicine and for those who don't know then take a look at the book I have to finish and tell me how , until today and for one month and a half I still didn't finish revising half of it , it takes so much time and so much memory to remember everything ,and in the exam they want you to act like you are one of them and you've been working in the hospital for 20 years and you can get and know everything ,, in the past students used to complain of how unfair the exams are , well look at us this year and you will feel so lucky you had more time than we have now , I really don't know what is going to happen and I cant imagine dropping one of the subject so I can study the others , all I know is that I am depending on god and isnahllah whatever I do it will get me through all the difficulties they put for us , I know we aren't in urgent need for new doctors here because the country is full of them but I want to get over with this as soon as possible , in the end pray for me all I get through this .

The Big one is the main text book


My Personality cluster

Your Personality Cluster is Extraverted Intuition

You are:

A true wordsmith - a master of words
Original, spontaneous, and a true inspiration
Highly energetic, up for any challenge
Entertaining and engaging, both to friends and strangers


Home alone in Ramdan

For the next 20 days I will be all alone ,all my family went to Omrah and I am the only one left .this isn't the first time but since it's Ramadana and no body is here to cook or to clean I think it's going to be a bit difficult , although I had the same experience three years ago but then I wasn't as busy studying as now and I cant do what I did then which is eating everyday at a different place , at friends and relatives houses , so today I decided to make my own iftar and it will be mushroom soup and some left over food from last night , I don't know how the soup will come out because I am as any normal Libyan guy the only thing I know how to make good is Mbabka , but since I am hungry I know whatever coems out tonight I will eat it .
If anyone know something simple and easy to cook I will be glad to hear from you and I am gonna be more glad if you invite me :P .