A book by a doctor

I'm reading this book(خواطر طبيب) for a Libyan Doctor , who gave us some lectures back in the Primary medical year , he is د.عثمان الشيبانى الزنتانى , Dr Otman was one of my favorites in that year cos he really was an interesting person that makes you keep listening cos you will always learn something new and that was the reason for me to buy this book and by the way it is not a medical book , once I started reading it I found myself enjoying reading it.
And this is a short part from the book that I hope the Dr will forgive me for writing it

تحد لفعل الخير

كم اكون مكتئبا ... وحزينا
عندما ابحث عمن أسدى لى خدمة... واعاننى علىأمر من الامور فى فترة مضت... ولا أجده ...لاجدد شكرى له
كثيرا ما تمر بنا حالات نحتاج فيها للعون والمساعدة من الغير... وبطلب منا أو بدونه ياتى الاخرون لمساعدتنا ولكنهم يذهبون بسرعة... حتى ربما لانعرف من هم... واين نجدهم
فى المقابل نجد ان من يعاملنا بالسوء... لا يغيب عن انظارنا ... ونجد ان الزمن يجعله قريبا منا
هل هذا هو احد قوانين الحياة؟!
ربما فى ذلك تحد للناس على فعل الخير
I mean isn’t that true or what , and there is a lot more facts



Oggy Check out my favorite Cartoon ,I can spend hours watching it and laugh and even in the next day when I remember a scene from it

The story

Now after Ramadan and Eid is over I think I'll be staying at home more than I used to and have time to write again, for the people who doesnt know how Ramadan is here in Libya, I think you should know that after Kyam prayers about 21:30 till 03:00 most of the people are outside there houses going over other houses , shopping!!,relaxing at some cafe, doing nothing , there isn't so many choices though , for me the first 15 days in Ramadan I went to Saudia Arabia for Umra and this is the best thing anybody should do if he wants to get something from Ramadan,when I came back I found out that Uni has started and I actually missed some lectures but I started attending to the Clinical examination two weeks ago, it was fun sometimes actually medicine in general is something I enjoy studying , I take the human body as a story the evil in this story is the illness and it's armed with manythings Bacteria ,viruses , worms and trumas , and the good people in the story are our imune system and the drugs that we take , but the big hero in this big story is the Doctor that is trying to defeat evil, its nice to know that oneday I'm going to be a hero even I find myself to having too much deficulties to get to that point .


Libya from the air (2003)
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The First Post

For more than a week now I was thinking of what should be the first thing I write in this Blog , and I still cant find something more usueful than these few words that I'm writing now , so simply I would consider this as my first post and wil start writting new posts .