I am home

I am back home alhamdulilah after fourteen days road trip, we were only two me and my best friend, I call him Zikweeni and he calls me Zikweeni too I don't know from where the name came but we call each other like this all the time , we had a great time and a bad time too ,I will tell the details of the trip and put some pictures too in the post that I am planing to write about this trip inshallah so for now let me just say that I am glad to be home and I never was this happy to reach home .


first step to the road trip

Since I am going on a road trip with one of my friends , a road trip that I still don't know where it will end but I only know the direction, we are going east , I don't know how far though , so I took this opportunity to finally do something I always wanted to do , buy new wheels and tires for my car ,it felt like when a girl buys new shoes , so much excitement , showing it to everyone and asking how does it look .
I always wanted to buy new wheels because the old wheels looked so ugly because two weeks after I bought the car( two years ago) the covers of the wheels were stolen and I never bought new ones plus the old wheels were shaking the car cos they were wrecked and there was no way to use them for a long trip and I was right to change them because when I wanted to leave one of them as a spare I found all of them were not good and the guy in the shop asked me how you manged to use them until now!! , I even tried selling them but no one even wanted to throw them at the back of his shop until he sell them .

so now tell me what do you think of the new wheels ?

By the way I am not a shoes kind of guy , I have only one shes I use it all the time no matter what I wear and as you can see I think it's about time I buy new ones or may be I'll wait until my big toe stick out of it like it did in the last one .



Things are getting crazy over here with me lately , I have a lot of things need to be done I don't know why I am still not organized , I stay bored for couple of weeks not doing anything that I find out that I have to do so many things in short time , things get all together at once , so is it me not being organized or isn't things coming to me once .

I met Khadija Teri last week and she was such a sweet lady not much different from the person you see in her blog , I went to visit her with Akram ( A.Adam) in the school she works at ,we had a nice short quick conversation and in the end she put on my shoulder the great idea she suggested , a blood drive for the Libyan bloggers , well I don't know from where to start but inshallah kheer , so for now I need your help to sign your names in and tell me if we can do it or not , I will be away after the next week so we will have enough time to plan everything inshallah , on the other hand Akram told me about this event on Child's day on the 21st march in Tripoli Medical Center , all the details you can get them from him I think .