My Killing Wish list

I am not an organized person but I always have lists of things in my head , for example i have a list of the People I want to kill , or as I like to call it My Killing Wish list , and there is a list of people who might want to kill me as well , but this time I will write my Killing wish list only and I hope I don't forget anyone here .

  1. Head of Medicine department
  2. Head of surgery department
  3. Head of Paediatrics department
  4. the Painting teacher in my primary school who hit me just for coloring the painting without him saying so
  5. A guy working in the passports checking in tripoli international airport ( this is a very long story I'll mention it some other time)
  6. A white Toyota corolla owner who smashed my side mirror and didn't even stop to say sorry
  7. A guy at Mizran street for messing with my family
  8. A girl who parked in front of my car and made me wait hours till she came
  9. My ex dentist cos he took away my tooth that could have stayed
  10. A guy named Talib for messing with someone i care about ( brutal murder)
  11. A gas station guy in Tajura for being extremely rude with my dad
  12. An old British lady ( this is as a favor for someone i care about)
  13. A relative of mine that I hate so much because he's simply an ass
  14. A polish girl studied with me once
  15. Some smart asses studying with me
  16. A guy who ruined the students including me meeting including em with the dean

and there are a lot of people who I am not planing to kill but may be if they get on my way again i might kill them , who knows may be after finishing the list i will love doing this and become a pro , so make your list everybody and send it to me if you need any help .


1st Photo

I got a new phone and this is the first photo I took with it so the money you see here was actually mine :( .


Libyan Rap song

A cool Libyan Rap song download it here , it's called صغارنا ضاعو


Still studying

Few weeks and my exams will start and even I look exactly like the picture here,I am still not sure if I am gonna pass or not , time is too short to get all the thing memorized and I got so tired from studying, I guess I had enough for the past five years and I think I am being like the runner who starts running fast then get tired at the end of the race .

Wish me luck, you don't know how much we need it in our exams .


Which is the real logo?

You spend so much time on the internet , then check out how much you concentrat by guessing Which is the real logo?


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Libyan bloggers on top 10

I am on Blogger Since July 2004 and by then I didn't known any Libyan Bloggers but now after two years I noticed the number of Libyan bloggers is increasing everyday and I get excited every time I find a new one , I remember the first Libyan blog I saw was KhadijaTeri's blog even though she is not originally Libyan but she is more Libyan than some Libyans , and for a long time her blog was the first referral site for my blog and I never got to thank her for that , lately I have found that some people being referred from itoot top 10 page and when I got there I was surprised to see my blog as one of the top 10 , I think I have never been in top 10 of anything in my life , I am always the one who just qualify with the lowest limits , and what is more exciting about the top 10 sites is that five of them are Libyan bloggers , I am so proud of that and I hope one day we can make a large Libyan bloggers community .


Libya and Psychiatry

The joy of Eid didn't last for long , as I was visiting some relatives and friends on the first day I found one of my relatives is very sick and after sitting with him I found that his illness is psychological , in Libya it's a shame for 90% of the people to have a psychological disorder, for this relative of mine he has been sick for 10 days and no one outside the house know anything and they have been bringing Shiks and doing all these things thinking the problem is related to Jin or Si7ir or something like that , for 10 days he was suffering and no one thought of getting a medical help , I don't want to act like a saver here but alhamdulilah after I saw him and saw the clear signs and symptoms of Mania we took him to hospital and since it was Eid it was so difficult finding help ,but alhamdulilah now he is ok and Dr Ahmed Kara the best Libyan Psychiatrist saw him and gave him the medication which made him sleep after not sleeping for 10 days and made him calm and quite after being hyperactive , talkative and aggressive .
my point is why we think about psychological problem with shame , why it's like a taboo , why people leave their relatives get worse and worse , why no one think of seeking a psychiatrist for simple things ,why people look at any one with psychological problem as a mad or crazy person , they are humans and they feel and know everything and they just need help and when they are treated they can live normal , but hiding them and leaving them is what makes things worse .
And why it's always si7ir or jin that first thing people think about , we have a very low rate of illiteracy but yet we still have thoughts and believes that most people still follow and they should disappear forever , no one can deny the presence of si7ir and Jin but nowadays we should think scientifically first and then see the results .


Triple joy

Today I am having triple joy because :
1-Eid el fitir
2-My family are coming back
3- Real Madrid won 2-0

Happy Eid everyone and may god make all your dreams and hopes come true


El Clasico

Tonight is the match I wait for every year since 1996 ,El clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona , this is year is so much different from last year and I am so optimistic that wining is possible and yet may be with a good result .
the only problem tonight I am gonna be watching the game with two of Real Madrid haters , they don't really hate Real Madrid but they just get so happy when they lose or play badly because then they can make fun of me all the night ,in return they made me get happy when AC Milan loses because it's their favorite team and this year AC Milan are so much worse than Real so this year might be the year where I laugh more .
I can't talk much about the game but see this page for the best pre-match analysis you might ever see .


Dish washing

It's easy to answer a question about what do you like but when anyone ask you what do you hate you have to think first , for me I already know the answer , I hate washing dishes ,this is the first thing comes to my mind after the word hate , I can do anything but not washing the dishes , we have a dish washer at home but as you know for the dish washer to clean your dishes you have to wash them first before putting them in it , are all dish washers so unhelpful like this or is it only the one we have ,we should call it dish cleaner because I do the washing before it clean the dishes,by this I would like to take this opportunity to ask and beg the inventors in the world to make a washing machine that you just throw the plate in it comes out shining .


Refreshing Day

Few days ago ......
I woke up after snoozing the alarm five times , I took a shower I ironed my shirt and went out excited that I am gonna be early and I'll find a nice place in the front rows of the class, it was raining all night and it was so refreshing the smell after the rain , I took a deep breath and looked at the green garden with the refreshing smell and I froze ,it was flooding with water , the rain wasn't that much to make it flood and I am sure I didn't leave the water running last night I am sure I closed the tap when I went in to wash the dishes , no it was the sink's tap not the garden's , I looked at my watch and it was 20 minutes for the tutorial to start ,I scratched my head then looked at the flooding garden again I got this big bubble in my head with my dad in it and his face was so red and smoke was coming out of his ears screaming why you ruined my plants, I forgot all about the front row chair and all I had in mind is how I am gonna take all of this water out of the garden, I went looking for the water suction pump we have , and thank god it worked so well and the water was coming out smoothly but I knew it would take so much time because of the flood ,I thought since the whole house was looking like hell outside first because no one cleaned it it since everyone left and also because few days ago it was so windy and floor was covered with sand and now it's mixed mixed with rain making large spots of mud all around the house , I took the hose and started cleaning the house from outside , it took me one hour and a half to finished then I went back took a shower again and wore the ironed shirt and went to the hospital.


Medical Mnemonics

Anatomy is my favorite subject in Medicine and these days I started my Surgery course so I got back to studying Anatomy again, it reminded me of the old good days 4 years ago when I was in the first year , Anatomy is what made me love Medicine because as you know I got to Med school without having much love for it ( read it here) , I used to have a lot fun studying Anatomy and memorizing all the contents of the body , we used to use shortcuts and mnemonics for things to remember them ,one of my favorite mnemonics is the one we used to memorise the carpal bones of the hand ( Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetral, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate ), the Egyptian doctors were teaching us to memorise them with the Egyptian mnemonic

Sara Lama Til3ab PoKer Tiksab Tikhsar Kolo Hals
سارة لما تلعب بوكر تكسب تخسر كله هلس
but we had pur own Libyan mnemonic

Su3ad Lazim Tal3ib Batish ,Tarba7 Takhsir Kolha Hyaja
سعاد لازم تلعب بطش , تربح تخسر كلها هياجة

so it seems like nto all doctors have good memory but they just tend to make it simple for the brain to memorize things with simple medical mnemonics .


Freej( 3D Cartoon)

Last night I noticed a great 3D Cartoon on Dubai TV called Freej , I don't know for how long they have been putting it but since I don't deal with TV that much I just noticed it last night accidentally , the cartoon is so fuuny and hilarious and it's great because it's something totally new and different and the main characters made the cartoon more special because they are group of old women which is a brilliant new idea , I am going to watch it everyday from now on because last nights episode was so much fun and even they were talking in Emarati I managed to understand 98% of what they were saying .


studying is taking all my time lately and still I have so much going on my head , it's bothering me so much that sometimes I cant sleep at night , I am in my last year and things got more difficult with the new exams system that came two months ago .
first we have three main subjects , Medicine , Paediatrics and Surgery , and for the last few years exams always start later in December and there is always one month break between each exam , but this year the examination committee came out with a new brilliant idea which is finishing all the exams in one month , can any one tell me how can we study or revise for those exams in one week break for each subject, OK since Surgery is first to come it will have more than one week time , but what about Paediatrics and Medicine , I mean if anyone know anything about Med school then can you imagine one week for revising medicine and for those who don't know then take a look at the book I have to finish and tell me how , until today and for one month and a half I still didn't finish revising half of it , it takes so much time and so much memory to remember everything ,and in the exam they want you to act like you are one of them and you've been working in the hospital for 20 years and you can get and know everything ,, in the past students used to complain of how unfair the exams are , well look at us this year and you will feel so lucky you had more time than we have now , I really don't know what is going to happen and I cant imagine dropping one of the subject so I can study the others , all I know is that I am depending on god and isnahllah whatever I do it will get me through all the difficulties they put for us , I know we aren't in urgent need for new doctors here because the country is full of them but I want to get over with this as soon as possible , in the end pray for me all I get through this .

The Big one is the main text book


My Personality cluster

Your Personality Cluster is Extraverted Intuition

You are:

A true wordsmith - a master of words
Original, spontaneous, and a true inspiration
Highly energetic, up for any challenge
Entertaining and engaging, both to friends and strangers


Home alone in Ramdan

For the next 20 days I will be all alone ,all my family went to Omrah and I am the only one left .this isn't the first time but since it's Ramadana and no body is here to cook or to clean I think it's going to be a bit difficult , although I had the same experience three years ago but then I wasn't as busy studying as now and I cant do what I did then which is eating everyday at a different place , at friends and relatives houses , so today I decided to make my own iftar and it will be mushroom soup and some left over food from last night , I don't know how the soup will come out because I am as any normal Libyan guy the only thing I know how to make good is Mbabka , but since I am hungry I know whatever coems out tonight I will eat it .
If anyone know something simple and easy to cook I will be glad to hear from you and I am gonna be more glad if you invite me :P .


It's quite late to say it but I only had free time today so Ramdan Kareem every body and may god blessings be upon you all .


George Bush speechwriter

Even I am drowning and so busy studying these days but I came across something cool I thought of sharing it here , it's called George Bush speechwriter try it out but I don't think you would come out with a speech more stupid than he already had .


Mixed up month

Even only one month passed since I decided to disappear and stop writing for a while but it felt like a very long time , even time goes so fast but with a lot of things happening in a veryshort time I get the feelinging like ages have passed , for me this month was mixed with good and bad happy and sad and sometimes mixed up moments , few days after I stopped writing I got happy when a dear person to me came to Libya , then I became sad with the Israeli attacks on Lebanon , then more sad when one of my relatives died , and after that I had my birthday which wasn't that happy day , but I was happy cos I am one year older now , then things got sad again with my exams new mixedup schedule , then I got happy when one of my old high school teachers visited Libya , and today the dear person left Libya so I am alone and sad .
it was one hell of a month and I realized that everyday is having something new and I cant be happy forever or sad forever .



now since the world cup is over I think I better start studying more and one of the things that will make me study more is being away from the internet , so I am not going to recharge my adsl account or buy any internet cards , so wish me luck .

the final

For a world cup final match it was very nice and strong from both teams ,untill the last minute I couldn't tell who will win , both team switched roles after each other , they both deserved to be in the final and no one of them had the upper hand in the match , I didn't expect to see goals though but I was shocked with the unfair penalty kick given by the referee at minute 6 , but bravo Italy they managed to come back after 13 minutes .

Zidane deserved the red card no question about it , I just wonder what Matterazi might have told him , but whatever it is it should be too small for such a great player to do something like what he did , it was the worst thing to end his carrier with .

In the end I expected it to end with the penalty shoot outs and it did and I am glad that
Italy won because they really needed it and deserved it .


Peter Crouch can do anything

Ladies and Gentlemen

He is the man with new skills and talents everyday , he is the man with no limits

He is

Peter Crouch

WC Final Articles

The image “http://us.news1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/fifa/gen/fi/20060708/i/1106236117.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I don't know what to write about the final , the game is unpredictable and there is no way of guessing who might win , the two teams proved that they are the best although I think Italy is quite stronger in the semifinal match unlike France they had harder match and they managed to score two goals but France was unable to finish their attacks with a goal except when they had a penalty shoot , defense will be solid in either sides of the field , I don't know how goals will be scored , I repeat it again I just hope the match ends with goals not with penalty shoot outs .

on the other hand if we try to predict the result from the history of the two teams and the performance of their teams in this tournament I think at the fifa world cup website there are some nice articles especially the ones with facts and numbers about the two teams Italy and France , I thought of copying some stuff from there but they were so much so here are the best three articles .

Who is the fairest, Italy or France?

Henry tops list for fouls committed

Things you didn't know about the Final


Portugal Play Germany Wins

The game was as simple as that , Portugal played but Germany score goals and won , Portugal had the ball most of the time and they controlled the rhythm of the game but they had two problems one they were very slow in preparing their attacks , two they didn't have the player to get the ball in the goal and make the final touch , Germany on the other hand had the ball few times but they managed to score 3 goals and there was a lot of selfishness in their play or else they had the chance to score more than that , and even the goals were by the same man with the long name that I can't say probably SCHWEINSTEIGER , the goals were almost the same copy especially the 1st and 3rd goals , the game was fair enough after all and congratulation to Germany and Karin .

I am waiting for tomorrow's match so bad , I don't know what will happen because it either gonna be a very good game or a boring game from the over caution by the two teams , I just hope we don't see penalty shoot outs and of course the second hope is for Italy to win .


Peter Crouch Skills

click the picture to see what he can do


ART sucks

I heard so much about the poor world cup coverage by the ART , last night I had the chance to see that because they had the game open for free , the commentray was so poor and the analysis studio was more poor , I really switched to the Swiss channel even it's in French but you will get more excited with the loud sound of the fans and the commenter , ART should have spent more on this if they really want to become a leading sports channels .

Blue night

The Azzuri made my day last night , they played so so good , last night's game is the best I saw so far , there wasn't any holes in their team in any position , everyone did his job , The crowd was putting the Germans on pressure more than helping them , they made them want to win with any way that's why they didn't keep the ball and they always lost it with no much danger on Buffon , even it took the Italians so long to score but they really played a great game , I loved the one - two passes they were doing all the time , Pirlo was surly the man of the match and what agreat pass he made to grosso who made me jump from my place after the curved shoot placing the ball in the goal , Gilardino did what I call rasasit al ra7ma ( mercy shot) to the Germans when he played with them and made the great pass for Del Piero to score the second goal , for Germany there wasn't much to do more than they did , I believe that's all they can do , may be they were dependent so much on the crowd but they didn't help that much in the end .



try this magical optical illusion



After Brazil was kicked out I don't think there is anything left for me in the world cup , I am just holding my hopes with Portugal first then Italy , Karin might think I hate Germany , I am not but I am sorry I cant stand them winning the world cup , I don't know why I have this feeling against them may be because they broke my heart when I was a kid back in 1990 when I was as every other kid in the world loving Maradona and they took the world cup from Argantina , so I am with Italy tomorrow and I want them to win in any way because I think once the German win this game then the world cup will be for them , and Karin look at the bright side non of the teams I cheer win, I am like a bad luck for them so may be it will work this time with Italy too and Germany wins.
in the end whoever wins tomorrow I just hope to see a good game , I really didn't enjoy a good game yet not because my teams are loosing but I noticed that all the matches play is just for wining and not for a good play but thats what is football 's like these days .


the end

I have nothing to say more than France deserved to win and Zidane was amazing last night.


The giants are out

I never thought I would take Argentina's side in any match and even in today's match against Germany I didn't know who I am with till the kick off and I found myself going with Argentina , I screamed I yelled I was reacting with them as if they are my favorite team , they really were great today and they got over all the thousands of people screaming at them today , Germany didn't deserve to win and after all it was a winning with Penalties and this wasn't a victory for the Germans , Argentina manipulated the ball and the Germans , and oh boy if they didn't have this stupid coach who took out Cespo and Requilma he left no one to score goals inside , he thought the best thing for defense is defense but he's wrong , it's always the best thing for defense is to score more and more goals , and the luck was also against them when their goalkeeper had to be replaced , I feel sorry for all Argentina fans it's too bad to leave the world cup like this after being almost the best .
So the Germans cant say that I am blind I want to say that they really played quite well when they felt the game is about to finish and their work came out with a goal ,but to win the world cup I think they still need more than luck , in the end they passed their first true challenge and that all matters .

for the other match tonight I am like 90% of all the people I think Italy will win and I hope they do , not because I love them but I don't want Ukraine to qualify and open the road to the final for Germany, after all Germany never won against Italy in the world cup .


pregnant weather reporter

Usually the Weather reporter is a pretty woman showing all kind of new fashion ,but today I was surfing through channels and I saw a pregnant weather reporter in an Italian channel , I am not saying pregnant women don't look good but that was unusual thing to see at least for me .


Brazil Rocks

What a great game the Brazilian played today , they won 3-0 over Ghana and became the only team after Germany who didn't have hard time in Qualifying to the quarterfinals , Great goal from Ronaldo at the 5th minute after great pass and then great moves from Ronaldo , Ronaldo now became the FIFA world cup's all-time top scorer with 14 goals.
Ze Roberto the man of the match was absolutely great , all the team was playing good except of Kakka who wasn't giving good passes nor receiving them nicely , Brazil played on the weak point of Ghana which is bad controle of the offside trap and , in the the last minutes of the match Brazil played more relaxed and they lost many chances of scoring more than the three goals they had .
Asmoah from Ghana was sent out after a bad diving act infront of the refree, but I think the refree showed the second yellow card forgettign that Asmoah already had a card before but Juan reminded him then the refree took out the red card .
after all I think Brazil are the best in this round and I hope you stay like this until the end .


World cup

Totti the Italian hero
even the match wasn't good at all but it was worth it to wait till the last second to see the killing goal , Totti became an Italian hero today after finishing the game for Italy at the last 4 seconds of the added time by scoring a penalty given from the referee more or less to make up for the red card he gave to Materazzi , the Australians played well but it's all because of the one man advantage they had , it was such a relive this last minute goal for all Italy fans .

The battle
all I can say about last night's match between Portugal and Netherlands that it was a battle , there was more fighting than playing and the players kicked each other more than the ball , but luckily I was supporting Portugal or else it would be a hard night for me , the match was hot from the begining , we saw Boulhrouz with his Kung fu kick on Cristiano ronaldo's thigh , Ronaldo couldn't finish the game after trying to stay in couple of times till he went out with tears because he cant finish the game , but his team mate Maniche did it again and kicked out the Dutch with his goal after doing the same in Euro 2004 , then Costinha was the first o leave after two yellow cards , at the second half the Dutch did something really stupid and against the fair friendly play when the referee stoped the ball and then it was supposed to be returned to Portugal but instead of that the Dutch players went with the ball on a counter attack , Deco didn't like that as I and he did his best in kicking the player's feet but not the ball , the game after that started to heat up every time there is a foul , the final cards number was 9 yellow and two red cards for Portugal and 7 yellow two red for Netherlands , the best moment in the game it was when they showed Deco , Boulahrouz and Van Bronckhorst sitting next to each other after getting the red cards , Mr Ivanov the referee was fair enough and I think he did really well with all the cards he gave , in the end Portugal made it and I cant wait to see their match with England .


boy or girl

Magazines always come out to us with stories of a guy changing to be a girl after many years of living as a guy or the opposite , we all look at it as wow this is something very strange , well it's but usually it's just a medical problem and the whole problem is that a disease like Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia causes what is called ambiguous genitalia , the baby is born and the sex cant be known with the normal appearance ,but need a chromosomal analysis , this is a problem when a midwife delivers the baby at home and I mean the Arabic midwives ( daya) which is usually decide which sex is the baby by guessing or sometimes she tells the parents andthey choose what they want or may be as in the rumor Ross made in Friends show that Rachel was abnormal when she was born but her parents flipped a coin and choose to raise her as a girl .
Family education is so important so these cases can be treated very early and avoid the complication of being a man or a woman.

finally this is funny but sad story one of our doctors told us

A family with two children having Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia ( almost 99% related to consanguinity) visited a doctor , the doctor asked the father are you and your wife related , No said the husband , the doctor said No way this is impossible , the man went out pulling his hair and shouting I knew they are not my children I knew it .
well there is always 1 % to be considered .
Brazil vs Japan ended 4-1 to Brazil last night , the match was so quite and the Brazilians had it all even they received a goal from Tamada after a weak cover from the defense they managed to score 4 goals back ,Ronaldo finally scored and his first goal was just before the half time and what a beautiful goal was his second goal after one-two pass with Juan with that goal Ronaldo became equal with Muller in scoring 14 goals in the world cups .
Brazil played with over confidence last night and this is very dangerous nowadays because any team can win any game and we saw in 2004 how Greece won the European cup over all the other great teams , after all this match was almost like training ,the big matches will start with Ghana in the second round and hopefully everyone will play as good as last night and they keep up like this till Cafo holds the world cup in his hands .

Tunisia will play today with all they got because they have a chance if they can beat Ukraine today and I hope they do , for the Saudi team lets hope they manage to not get so many goals and at least they leave the worst team position for this world cup to Serbia and Montenegro team .


school poem

I was looking though some old stuff in my secrets bag and I found this paper of a poem I wrote back in high school , I think I was so frustrated at the final year and I came out with few words that rhyme , I will write three lines only because the rest is just more stupid .

تدرسنا وتدرسنا
ولكنا للعلم ما تحمسنا

ومن دروسنا أحسسنا
أنَا بها تهرسنا

فما العمل والمادات تكدسن
ونحن في دراستها احتسنا

Disappointing day

I wasn't going to comment on today's games but after watching Asdaa Kas Al Alam on MBC I rethought about it , well as usual and again the Saudi team proved they cant do any better , I am not in a place to judge them but they didn't improve at all even this is their fourth world cup appearance , and it's true what Haydar al wattar said that why we say the Saudi team didn't play good today why don't we accept that this is the Saudi team and this is how they play , well the propaganda and the over confidence in the team lead to all this , Hayder al watar again said something which I really really loved if Bangladesh play against Saudi Arabia who will you think will win , of course Saudi Arabia and why don't we accept the same thing when we say if saudia arabia plays against Ukraine who will win , this Saudi over confidence lead to the 8 goals loss against Germany in 2002 I remember exactly before the game the Saudi guy in the art studio saying since Saudi won against Senegal on the friendly game before the world cup and the Senegal lost against Germany so logically we will surly win , unfortunately football doesn't work this way and this is the thing the saudis didn't learn until now , Fouad Anwar who was one of the saudi players in1994 world cup was also on the show tonight and I agree with him when he was commenting on the Saudi player who said that the field condition didn't help us to play good today , he said well if you are in a level to play a world cup you shouldn't say something like that but unfortunately the Saudi players are not for the level of the world cup .
Tunisian lack of fitness and with help of their coach mistakes fell to the ground in just 10 minutes , they were ahead with one goal and they thought they can keep that single goal safe till the end .
so is this another wastign of time for the arabic teams in the world cup , even there is still a chance untill the next matches but I think I had enough look to know that there isn't a chance for going to the second round, so we have to wait another 4 years to see if the arabic teams would have learned soemthing from their previous mistakes .


Libyan Book

I am reading this book called 50 short stories for the Libyan writer Ali Mustafa El Musrati (على مصطفى المصراتى) the book is in Arabic but with a lot of Libyan words which make it so much fun to read , I already read few books by El musrati and I love his style in telling the stories of the Libyan life , one of his books that I have is the Libyan proverbs book ( التعابير الشعبية الليبية) there you will find almost all the wise funny and weird Libyan proverbs and here are some proverbs I like .

عيفة وتعاف وغولة وتخاف

شن تبى يا الاعمى قاله قفة عيون

حوكى وحرايرى

يلصق على الطابونة الباردة

حصلة حمار فى زنقة ضيقة


Late early

Today I woke up scared as I looked at my phone and it was already 8:15 and the lecture starts at 9 , I ran to the bathroom took a qucik shower and wore the first things I found on my chair (the place for most of my cloths) , I went to the car and it started beebing , it was beebing since last night asking for gas but as usual I always keep it until the last moment , I drove to the hospital and just while I was above the bridge in front of the TMC( Tripoli Medical Center) I saw the main parking area empty , this cant be true and this would never happen in a normal day usually it's full by 8:30 and now it's ........7:50 , yes 7:50 my phone was one hour ahead and even I looked at my watch before leaving the house but I guess I was just looking at the long arrow only , any way I had time to fill my car with gas then I was waiting in the lectures room until other students started coming , it's weired coming the first one because I never did it before and usually when I mix up with hours like today I relise I am earlier than time beofre leaving the house .


Airport Adventures

Traveling is adventure and to me the adventure starts from the airport , I always have something strange to happen with me sometimes funny sometimes sad and sometimes it's just something I don’t know what it is .

I was once sent home and not being allowed to travel , the story was on 2001 , I was in London when the September 11 attacks happened , two weeks later I was going back to Libya , but as a Libyan I had extra weight with me and unfortunately I was traveling by British airways because if I was on the Libyan airways this wouldn't be a problem ,any way I was prepared for this extra weight ,but the problem is when I go abroad I don't sleep that much and that night I wasn’t prepared for traveling , I was awake the whole day and night before my flight and the check in was at 7 , the lady on check in desk was so friendly and smiling until she saw my bags that's when her lips attached to each other and her smile was gone , she told me quietly something about the current events and something about the new temporary policy of the air line and the extra weight charge , I understood that I have to pay more than I calculated it and I wasn't happy about that , I kept talking and talking and I didn't know what's going on until a police man came and smiled at me and with the usual English cold accent told me to step a side so we can talk , that's when I realized I was making a noise at the desk and all the world is stressed out because of the events that happened only two weeks before , he asked me what is the problem , and I told him about this extra charge and how I don't accept it , he told me well sir we have been watching you through our cameras , when he said we I saw the other police guys came with him but remained a bit far from me , so I was in my head this is cool I am surrounded by police , what if I put my hand in my jacket would it be like the movies and they would tell me to move my hand from there or they will shoot , he was saying sorry sir and some other stuff so I said I am sorry what is the problem here, he said sir you seem stressed out and I don't know if you can travel , I said don't worry I am ok I'm just short of sleeping that's all , so he rephrased it for me , sir I am afraid we cant take responsibility of your health condition on the airplane , I was don't worry I have no problems I am ok , he rephrased it again , sir we were watching you on our cameras and you seemed so stressed out and weren't friendly with the lady on the check in desk , so do you have any medical problem sir , I said no , he said we need a medical prescription saying you are ok or else we cant allow you to go on board , that's when I felt like that's it what he's talking about they think I am lunatic , I said listen sir I am 100% ok and I am sorry for what happened earlier and I would like to apologies to the lady over there , he said sir you cant go there , I was s like what's wrong I am sorry for what I did , I didn't mean anything and I am sure you will understand if you are lack of sleep , he said excuse me sir but are you under any medication , I said no , were you drinking last night sir ,no way sir I don’t drink at all and you can even test me if you want to , he said I am afraid I can't do that here , we need a prescription from a doctor saying you are ok , ok then take me to the doctor to see that I am ok , he said we don't have doctors here sir , I said ok so what can I do now , he said you need to get to the nearest hospital to the airport , I wasn't believing what he was saying and I was almost laughing and I think that's what made him more believe that I am crazy , I said confidently can I talk to your supervisor , he said you can talk to me sir , I said no I want someone who I can really understand from what is the problem, he said ok wait here sir , I sat on a chair and two police men were guarding me ,I was holding my face and shaking my head not believing that this is really happening , few minutes later the same police man came to me and told me to follow him ,I heard the same things from someone else who seemed to be higher tan the first officer but this time the words were ringing in my head , you cant go on board unless you have medical prescription saying you are ok sir , I accepted the fact and said ok I can get one but I will miss the air plane , they didn’t have an answer for that , I asked for someone from British airways , they told me the British airways can not do anything , this is a measure of security , I said so you think I am dangerous or what , that was a mistake from me saying that because I know British police are so complicated and I think you are not even allowed to say some words to them and that’s why I didn’t tell them anything about is it because I am an Arab or not cos I knew this will make the problem become bigger ,so this man told me sir your medical condition cant allow us to make you go on board because we cant take responsibility of you on air , so there is no solution other than the medical prescription , he said you can come another day but for today we can't do anything for you and there isn’t any way for you to travel today other than bringing the prescription and I must believe you cant get one before your flight so I suggest you to go back to a hotel sir, take some rest and come back tomorrow , I said but there is no flight for another three days , he said that’s all I can help you with sir and now excuse me , I told him thank you but I want to go to the British airways office here , the showed me the way and there at the office of British airways I told them my problem but they said this is out of their hands since it's a security matter , I said ok but I don’t have enough money to stay for another three days is there any way you can help me with , the woman there said I am sorry there is nothing we can do , I left them and then I started thinking what can I do now , I have to go home today because I don't want to stay here anymore after what happened , so I thought of trying another airlines , I started with Alitalia , no free seats for today's flights and they have already a lot of people on the waiting list , the same went on with Air Malta but I found a flight later on the day on Air Malta , that’s when the same first police man came to me again and told me that I am listed now and I cant leave today so there is no point of buying a ticket because I wont be allowed to go on board ,I told him you are making a big deal out of nothing and I understand that the British airways cant help me with this but I have the right to travel , he said sir you were shouting on one of the British airways employees earlier on this morning and we believe it's not safe for you to be on board because you might be on some kind of pressure , I told him I can take care of myself and I know I didn’t shout on that woman I was just trying to understand from her what she is saying ,he said sir we didn’t say you are not allowed to travel but today and because of the high security alert we have we have to make sure that there is no problems can happen on any flights, that’s it there was no way for me to leave today and I am a listed person , I accepted this fact and I went back to London city center I was so depressed and I slept the whole day at B&B place , thank god I had some friends there helped me , three days later everything went fine and I was surprised seeing the same lady who I had argument with , she smiled at me and I told her do you remember me she said yes of course , we talked a bit after all the passengers went to the airplane , I told her I am so sorry she said no I am sorry because I caused all this I know you didn't do anything but there is so much stress going on the airport lately , I told her I am sorry because they told me I was shouting on you and I don’t remember doing that , she said no it's ok but the truth you really scared me that day , we laughed then I left to my plane to go back to Libya .

That’s just one story and I have a lot of adventures every time I am at an airport , I will write some of them in the future inshallah .


The beginning

surly it wasn't as I expected it , and may be how the whole world expected it , but at least they went out winning , the Brazilian team did really good work , and I am happy that finally the defense is doing a good job with Juan ,Lucio and Cafo taking out all the balls in the back , and I agree with he fifa choosing Kakka as the man of the match because apart from scoring the only goal he really did a great job in the middle , Ronaldinho from the other side was well guarded by the Croatian team so there wasn't much for him to do, Adriano did his best but couldn't break the great defense by the crating , Ronaldo was sleeping the whole match so Mr Pareira did great job by substituting him with Robinho who again couldn't break the Croatian defense .
it was good game and Croatia was strong enough to make Brazil go with only one goal and celebrate their new record of 8 consecutive wins in the world cup.


The Male Key

when somene goes into epileptic seizure (fit) just give him an old key to hold it in his hand and this fit will subside , this is what our grandparents used to do and it really works as once you give the patient the key he will get relaxed and the fit will stop , but this has a meanengful explanation whish is while they are looking for an old key the fit will go in its all stages and once they find it usually the fit will be over so when they give him the key he will be getting back to normal ,so the key has no role in here .
I dont know if somewhere else in the world they use somethign else other than old key which is in libya we call it male key because it lloks like the male sympol .

زمان كان لما واحد تجيه نوبة صرع يقولو هاتوله مفتاح ذكر و حطوه فى ايده تو تمشى منه نوبة الصرع
والحكاية مش خرافة لانه بجديات اول ما يشد المفتاح فى ايده يهدا وتمشى منه نوبة الصرع
لكن فيه تفسير لكل هذا وهو انه ما بين لقوله مفتاح ذكر تكون نوبة الصرع قريب تكمل و اول ما يعطوه المفتاح يهدا , يعنى المفتاح زايد ناقص والحكاية كلها زقاطة

picture from


Away from the cup

Today the world cup started but I didn't watch anything today because basically I didn't get the ART so I can watch at home and second of all I am not interested in the German team at all , so I went out with some friends yesterday , we went to Zleetin ( a city east of Tripoli) , the weather was so nice and we had a very nice night there at the beach , and as usual BBQing and having the normal Libyan fun with big Dela3a( watermelon) and finally sleeping at fajir after eating Mbakbka( Libyan macaroni) , today in the morning I went to see the place where some people come to visit here in Zleetin whish is masjid makam sidia abdulsalam al asmar , I was curios to see it , the mosque lookd very nice so I took couple of pictures of it, then just before sunset we arrived at Musrata , I just wanted to visit it because it is the best city in Libya as I think ( I am not Musrati by the way) , the city looked so so beautiful and so different from any other Libyan cities , you can feel like you are not in Libya when you go to Musrata's city center , after that I was thinking I have visited a lot of Libyan cities this year just for discovery and not going for social causes whish is usually make us here in Libya cross miles and miles , I thought I am may be becoming like Che Guevara in his last year in Medical school when he left everything and started his long trip in North America , well I know I can never be like him not only because my trips limited to Libya but because he is one of the men who made big changes in the history , if you come here to Libya you would think you are in Cuba because of all these cars putting Guevara's pics on them .


Libyan 911

While having a lecture on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) I was thinking how many Libyans know the Emergency numbers , I am sure they know the American 911 as they hear it all the time on TV , but I am not sure if they know the Emergency Numbers here in Libya , I know some people might say it's useless , well it's kind of true because here if the patient was at home and he's dying his relatives will carry him to the hospital in their own car , and if there was an accident one of the crowd people around him will take him to hospital while half of people crowded around him are armed with camera phones to get the first shots of the disaster or just standing their blocking the way so they can witness everything so later on the day they can talk about it, it's like something cool saying I saw this accident today or I took a video of this accident and you can see that we have a very large number of videos spread by the Bluetooth , the rest of the crowd usually afraid to take the man in the smashed car because the police will question them when they arrive to hospital as if they did this to him , but if the man is lucky there will be an ambulance car near the scene and they will carry him to the hospital but even then there is no use of a car running fast with no useful equipment inside .

so is there a response to a Emergency number calls , I don't know because I've never tried it and I don't know anyone who tried it , so in the end every one should know the Basic Life Support steps in the CPR so you can be ready at anytime and to know what to do if you witness someone went into cardiac arrest .

so do you know what is the Libyan 911 ?


Money world cup

In less than a week the world cup will start and I still don't know how I am going to watch it , ART ( Arab Radio and Television) made their final decision on not lowering the prices for any other channels to buy the rights of showing the world cup , I don't know how they are going to get rich from all this , cos even if a very large number of people subscribe I don't think ART
will reach the number they paid for the world cup exclusive rights , usually they have to get the money from other channels buying those rights but now since no one is doing that I guess it's gonna be a total loss for the ART and for the audience , this is how I see it and I am no expert in this .
I was hoping that it wouldn't be this hard watching such wonderful event that comes only every 4 years , any way football lately became so crazy , ever since Sepp Blater got to be the head of the fifa everything started to be all about money , and the last world cup was such a shame even Brazil the team I support won it but I honestly confess that the 2002 world cup wasn't fair at all , I and a lot of people don't even consider it as a world cup cos really every time someone tell me remember the last world cup I go unconsciously to the year 1998 , cos in 2002 it was like watching a wrestling game where everything is set and the winner is chosen before the game .

so I think in the end if it's possible I will watch the world cup on one of the Swiss channels so I can also learn more French , and hopefully I can see some real games this year .


Elephants are afraid of mice

abc's show 20/20 is one of the shows that I love to watch , today john Stossel showed some of the Myths Lies , I missed the first part but I came on the part talking about the Myth saying that Elephants are afraid of mice , I never thought about it before and it's funny that he really did and even wanted to see if it's true or not .
so here is the story as it came on the show

MYTH: Elephants Are Afraid of Mice
Why Would a Big Animal Fear Such a Small One?

Elephants are afraid of mice.
I've heard that one since I was a little kid. So to check it out, we went looking for some elephants.
We found them at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, where the head clown let me ask the audience.
The resounding answer from the audience: "Mice. Mice. Mice."
Many people, however, learned about elephants fearing mice from cartoons like "Dumbo."
But why would a big animal fear such a small one? Well, it seems logical to us or at least plausible because if you think about it, as adults we are afraid of little bugs.
And what would one of these elephants do if we showed it a mouse?
Not much. Troy Metzler, the circus' elephant trainer, let me take one white mouse and show it to an elephant that only looked bored by it all.
Metzler says he's seen mice around the elephants. They like the hay, but he's never tested the myth up close.
"We've never really gave it a thought," Metzler said. "I'm glad we got the chance."
Seemed to me the elephant was more likely to inhale the mouse than fear it.
Metzler showed mice to several of his elephants, and not one of them seemed to care much.
He's trained elephants for 24 years and says, elephants fear no animal.
"They're the kings of the jungle because they have no natural enemies," Metzler said.

copied from abcNews



Kenneth salyer

I went to the plastic surgery symposium yesterday and it was so nice finding Dr. Kenneth salyer , it was so nice having him here in Libya , he is one of the best craniofacial surgeons in the world working mostly on the cleft lip and cleft palate , he has done very good work over 36 years on this field , I am so lucky I got to attend his lectures and see his work .

World craniofacial foundation


Plastic Surgery

This week I started Plastic surgery course at cosmetic and Burns surgeries Hospital ,I think it is the best hospital I saw here in Tripoli and apart from having a website there are a lot of things that are so different from other hospitals , like the good system they have in the hospital , and there is a lot of good doctors doing a very good job in their specialties , Plastic surgery it's not only about making a person looking better as most of the people think , it is mostly about giving the person the function and the shape of something he lost or he was born without it , this is what is mostly this hospital doing here , their work mostly on correcting the congenital abnormalities, burns and traumas .
tomorrow there will be plastic surgery symposium in dat el emad and there will be four surgeons coming from abroad , one of them is Prof. Kenneth Salyer who did the separation f the two Egyptian conjoined twins back in 2003 , so inshallah ( hopefully ) I am going tomorrow to attend it tomorrow .


data loss

I know it's annoying when you check a blog and you find no new posts for a long time , I am trying to get myself back on posting but first I have to get my laptop fixed , and since the big loss of all the data in my laptop I got so sick of all computers , and I am still trying to get myself back and sit infront of a computer again , I started doing that to check my emails and I couldn't stay for more than 10 minutes at a time , thinking that whatever I am gonna download or check is gonna be lost someday is driving me crazy , I still didn't get my laptop fixed yet , first because the guy fixing it discovered another problems which I was able to live with in the past like the CD drive that doesn't work until you try 10 times so it can read the CD's , I was living with that and I was ok with it but now it's a problem as the guy said I need a new one , this is the bad thing about technology it gets old very fast , and second of all I am not in a hurry to have it fixed actually I don't know if I can handel switching it on then not finding all the folders and files I used to have , it's gonna be starting from zero line , the guys is just waiting my call to tell him what to do and I've been avoiding to call him for 10 days now , I guess eventually I have to do this and move on .


Male and Female

I recived this cool flash by email , it's so true .

check it out Here


Bread Car

Bread Car

This should give you a reason why you should always buy your bread from the bakery .



Today a team of two German and one Brazilian surgeons were at ALkhadra hospital . they gave us two tutorial one on Humearal head fractures and the other on non union of bone fractures , then we had this nice workshop on the instruments used in orthopedic , it was so nice learning from them especially Dr Norbert who was very helpful and patient with all the questions we had.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Thursday night I came home late and I tried to turn on my laptop but it didn't want to start and after hearing the loud sounds the hard disk is making I started to think that this might be a big problem and I might have lost all the data I have for good , I don't know what to do so I guess it's time to get an expert to see what's wrong .
So I am going to be away for sometime till I get my laptop fixed .



هذه قصيدة للشاعر عبد الرحمن العشماوي في وصف بعض التناقض الموجود في بعض البيئات، وعند بعض النسوة، يقول الشاعر في هذه الظاهرة.

هذي العيونُ وذلك القــدُّ

والشيحُ والريحـانُ والنـَّـدُّ

من أين جئتِ؟ أَأَنْجَبَتْكِ روىءً

بيضٌ فأنتِ الزهـرُ والـوردُ

قالت وفي أجفانِها كَحَـــلٌ

يُغري وفـي كلماتهـا جـدُّ

عربيــةٌ حُريتـي جَعَلَـتْ

مـني فتـاةً مالـهـا نـدُّ

أغشى بقاعَ الأرضِ ما سَنَحَتْ

لي فرصَـةٌ بالنفـس أعتـدُّ

عربيةٌ.. فسألتُ: مسلمــةٌ؟

قالت: نعم! ولخالقي الحمـدُ

فسألتها والحزن يَعْصِـف بي

والنارُ في قلـبي لهــا وقْـدُ

من أين هذا الزِّيِّ؟ ما عَرَفَـتْ

أرضُ الحجازِ ولا رأت نَجْـدُ

هـذا التبـذُّل يا محدّثــتي

سـهمٌ من الإلـحاد مرتَـدُّ

فتـنمَّرَتْ ثم انْثَنَـتْ صَـلَفًا

ولسانُها لسِبابهـا عَبْــدُ

قالـت: أنا بالنـفسِ واثقـةٌ

حريَّتي دون الهــوى سـدُّ

فأجـبتُها والنـارُ تَلْفَحُـني:

أخشــى بأن يتناثَرَ العِقـدُ

ضِـدَّانِ يا أُختاه ما اجتمعـا:

دينُ الهدى، والكفرُ والصَـدُّ

والله مـا أزْرى بأمتِـنــا

إلا ازدواجٌ ما لـه حـدٌّ !

إستطلاع للرأي

أجرت الأمم المتحدة استطلاعا للرأي العام، ولكنّه فشل فشلاًذريعاً..

لان السؤال كان: ما هو رأيك بنقص الغذاء في الجزء الباقي من العالم لو سمحت؟ وكانت الإجابات كالتالي:

في أفريقيا لم يعرف الناس معنى كلمة غذاء

في غرب أوروبا لم يعرفوا ماذا تعني كلمة نقص

وفي العالم العربي لم يعرفوا معنى كلمة رأيك

وفي أميركا اللاتينية لم يعرفوا مذا تعني كلمة لو سمحت

وفي الولايات المتحدة لم يعرفوا ماذا تعني جملة الجزء الباقي من العالم

يبقى سؤال :هل هناك رأي اخر؟!

Finished reading

I've just finished reading Angels and Demons , I don't know what to say so am just gonna quote some of the reviews that tell what I would say about the book .

Exciting, fast-paced, with an unusually high IQ.

Life-or-death cliff hangers, romance, religion, science, murder, mysticism, architecture, and action. Angels & Demons is a GO!


I've been busy for few days now s ,I started my Orthopedic course on Saturday and I was busy studying so I can follow on the basics of orthopedics , everyday in a different hospital because I am trying to follow on the best tutorials and every day I come home so tired after a long day of standing .

on Sunday I went to The Fourth National Diabetes and Endocrinology Conference in Corinthia hotel, it was so nice attending the lectures from one of the best doctors in this specialty , that day it was about Diabetic and endocrine emergencies , then we finished the night with Dr Issam Hajjaji giving a lecture on Diabetes in Libya , I guess you all know how almost every home in Libya has a patient with diabetes and along with hypertension they make the main chronic diseases here in Libya ,the problem is that there is no reliable study to see the percentage of the people affected but hopefully after the census there will be some results that can help , the medical records is one of the problems I see in our hospitals ,there is no such a thing as a medical record , patients files aren’t stored probably , and computers are something too new to use in our hospitals , and I don’t think any of the staff in the hospitals know how to use it anyway , we also have what is called relatives staying with the patient when they are admitted , it's so they can help the patient in everything and this leaves a question what does nurses do , well I don’t know how to answer this , you have to come and see by yourself .

I am not saying that everything is bad and all the people working in the hospitals are bad too, but the majority of things make you not notice the good people and the good things out there.





من خطبة الجمعة

فى خطبة الجمعة اليوم تحدث الامام عن طاعة الخلق فى معصية الخالق , وقد اعجبتنى هذه القصة التى رواها .

لما تولى الخلافة يزيد بن عبد الملك ولى على العراق عمر بن هبيره الفزاري.
وسار يزيد في الناس غير سيرة سلفه العظيم......
فكان يرسل الى عمر بن هبيرة بالكتاب تلو الكتاب ،ويأمره بإنفاذ ما فيها ولو كان مجافيا للحق أحيانا.......

فدعا عمر بن هبيره كلاّ من الحسن البصري وعامر بن شراحبيل المعرو ف بالشعبي وقال لهما:
إنّ أمير المؤمنين قد استخلفه الله على عباده وأوجب طاعته على الناس.
وقد ولاني ماترون من أمر العراق ثم زادني فولاني فارس .
وهويرسل إليّ أحيانا كتبا يأمرني فيها بإنفاذ مالا أطمئن إلى عدالته .
فهل تجدان لي في متابعتي إياه وإنفاذ أوامره مخرجا في الدين؟

فأجاب الشعبي جوابا فيه ملاطفة للخليفة ، ومسايرة للوالي.......
فالتفت عمر بن هبيرة إلى الحسن وقال:
وماتقول أنت يا أباسعيد؟
فقال : يابن هبيره ،خف الله في يزيد ولاتخف يزيد في الله....
واعلم أنّ الله جلّ وعزّ يمنعك من يزيد ، وأنّ يزيد لايمنعك من الله....
يابن هبيره، إنّه يوشك أن ينزل بك ملك غليظ شديدلايعصي الله ما أمره، فيزيلك عن سريرك هذا ، وينقلك من سعة قصرك إلى ضيق قبرك....
حيث لاتجد هناك يزيد ، وإنما تجد عملك الذي خالفت فيه رب يزيد.....
يابن هبيره إنك إن تك مع الله تعالى وفي طاعته يكفك بائقة يزيد بن عبد الملك في الدنيا والأخرة.
وإن تك مع يزيد في معصية الله تعالى ، فإن الله يكلك إلى يزيد..
واعلم يابن هبيرة أنه لاطاعة لمخلوق كائنا من كان في معصية الخالق عزوجل .
فبكى عمر بن هبيره حتى بللت دموعه لحيته...
ومال عن الشعبي إلى الحسن


The beginning

I am thinking of writing about my days as medical student after a motivation from couple of people who visit my blog , I don’t know what I am going to talk about but I am sure some interesting things will come out eventually .

First I want to start with my story with medicine , my story might be different in the beginning because I’ve never thought I would study medicine , and I’ve never wanted to study it , it all came by chance , I am not a nerd or the kind who love studying but when I think how I got till 5ht year straight I have second thought and believe more in myself , I’ve never had a dream of becoming a doctor , so what brought me here I still don’t know , but what I know is that this is the thing for me , I didn’t choose it may be but it choose me , this is what I am made to do .

I finished my high school and I was wondering what is the thing I like , what is the thing I am good at , what I want to be , they were tough months just trying what to study in univesity , here in Libya it’s hard to decide because first there is no much choices and second of all you don’t get any motivation from any where , and of course no one direct you in school towards anything , so it had to be my choice , I wasn’t good at anything , I used to love engineering even I was so bad in math , it was the thing I wanted to study until I finished high school , I think that’s when my brain was mature enough to tell me am not good for that , my parents told me that when I was a kid I used to say I want to be a janitor , I think it’s because I used to stay a lot with the janitor of our building , I used to see him so popular everyone knows him ,every one salutes him and he helps everyone in the building ,I wanted to be like that I wanted to help people and to make them love me the way they do with him , when I got older by the time I realized this isn’t gonna work for me , so engineering was the thing I wanted to study because I though only people who deal with numbers are smart , I wanted to be smart until but then time passed and I finished school without being smart with numbers .

I heard about Medical school and how it’s quite good here , I heard about the 7 long years you have to study and then I took it out of my head , I thought about a couple of other colleges like Business & Social Science , but there was nothing I liked , I guess I was too late to choose , I should have thought about it before ,one day I was laying back and started thinking what are the things I can do , I settled down on medicine because the only thing that made me not like it is the long time it takes to finish and this is the reason that makes most of the European or Americans not study medicine , because there is no benefit from wasting your life on medicine , you could get whatever you want from life in younger age if you study something more simple , something like business administration , there is huge number of foreign doctors working in UK and in USA , because they have shortage in native doctors , it’s funny that most of the doctors world wide are from what is called third world .

So medicine it is that’s what I told myself two days before they closed the registrations at the Medical school , and I was lucky not like my friend who a pigeon pooped on his head the first day he came to the Medical school , I had and still having good times in school , I started loving what I am doing by the days and I started being good at it , I don’t study for the marks but I study for myself ,I enjoyed every year with it’s good and bad , and what makes us different from people who study medicine abroad is that we are not spoiled , we learned Anatomy on 15 years old cadaver , not two people dissecting a fresh human meat , we were more than 30 on one cadaver , but yet we could pass , we could recognize the nerve from artery even the whole body looked like an old tree with nothing to distinguish between it’s branches , this only a simple thing in all the things we faced ,and that’s why most of our doctors get on top when they go abroad , because they are trained use their imagination and not only to deal with what they see .

I made it to the fifth year and all I can say that this year is more though than the 5 years I’ve passed (primary year + 4 years), so I need your prayers for me that I pass it so I can finish my journey with honor .


databases is down

Finally I got my posts published , I had hard time trying to get them online today till I checked the Blogger status page and I saw the message saying they have problems , for a while I thought the problem was with my blog only .

Libyan celebrations

Yesterdya after buying the book , I was going to my car and I heard sounds of mucic comming from Alwadi street , sounds of zukra and noba so I went down there but I didnt know what was the celebration , I guess it was wedding (zafa) , I took couple of pics and enjoyed the crowd for few minutes then left .