Census التعداد

I see numbers stickers of the census on all the houses and shops but not in our area , I hope they don't forget to give us a number before all this numbering thing is complete .

last year we took community medicine as part of 4th year subjects , as it's name tells it was all about community and one of the things we had to study is the census , if I had time I would have volunteered to work on the campus but I am busy as usual , so I am waiting for those guys to come and see what we learned last year being established on the ground .

I took these pics of The Census Ads on the street .


Hanu said...

Like the posters; really crack you up! Do you know if/how I can get some of them? I mean the real posters, not a picture of them.

Libyano said...

First thing came to my mind is going late at night to city center and pulling off some of the posters from the walls , but I guess you may ask for them from the census campain ,try emailing them on this http://www.tedad-libya.info/contact.htm

Hanu said...

Thanks; I'll try. I'll be lucky if they reply. Otherwise, maybe you could go "borrow" some hehehe. To tell the thruth, I was actually impressed that they go to such lengths to stress the importance of their task and to encourage people to cooperate.

Libyano said...

Good Luck on writting them , and I am waiting to hear if they reply.