The Media

No sane human begin can believe whatever Gadaffi and his son are trying to say through their hopeless bizarre speeches , Young people taking hallucination pills, Al Qaeda is after all this, things are normal and quite in tripoli, Gadaffi is still living in 1970's when people had no choice but to listen to what he says and can never see the other side of truth, the whole world can see what he is doing to the Libyans all over the internet social networks and on the media .

The first night

It's been one week exactly now since the uprising started in tripoli , last Sunday as I came back from my hospital ( Sbia hospital) 50 km south of tripoli things looked really different that night we all had the courage to say it loud on the streets of tripoli that we want change that we had enough that we hate Muamer Gadafi , it all started spontaneously all over tripoli for me I didn't know until I found myself in the middle of Fashloom area where we were stopped by gun fire and it wasn't too long until we saw the military cars with heavy antitank rifles coming at us, that night all of tripoli was out on the streets uprising against this dictator against 42 years of suppression and injustice , that night was the point that we will never go back from .