when you breath out what guarantees you to breath in next
when you sleep what guarantees you to wake up after
what guarantees every second you are living

Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) said :
"Work for your world as though you would never die. And work for your hereafter as if you were going to die tomorrow."

عندما تخرج زفيرك ما الذى يضمن لك الشهيق بعده
عندما تنام ما اللذى يضمن لك ان تصحو بعده
ماالذى يضمن لك كل لحظة تعيشها

يقول رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم
اعمل لدنياك كأنك تعيش أبدا، واعمل لآخرتك كأنك تموت غد

بقلم ليببانو

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Anonymous said...

Brother is there some Quranic verse pertaining to this as well?