Thumb, Laptop and Libya

First of all, I am sorry for all the people who wasted their time by checking my blog in the last two months I really have no excuse for disappearing like this, sure I was busy with my duties as an intern, working and many other things but I always did some free time in my hands but I had no Neeya to blog like most of you because I can see there wasnt that much updating from most of the libyan bloggers, maybe a bug infected us all but now hopefully we all come back to wasting our time at least twice a week to write in our blogs .

So what happened with me all this time I was away?
  • I had a deep cut wound at the base of my left thumb, it was deep enough to cut the tendon causing me to loose the movement of the finger at the distal joint, I had a minor operation on it where they connected the tendon ends to each other but the movement is still not that good yet it needs time and physiotherapy, I only removed the stitches yesterday after three weeks of having my hand in a cast, inshallah I regain the full movement of the finger soon (please id3oli )

  • I got a new laptop (((( FINALLY )))) HP pavilion 6426us so no more waiting for the computer to be free.

  • I finished my Medicine course and this week is the last weel in Orthopedics course which I didn't get much done in it because my hand was splinted and when every patient would see me they would stare and think of the Libyan saying ( ما لقي الطب لروحه )

  • One of my best friends came back from Greece to stay here forever so everyone is bothering him with WHY DID YOU COME BACK HERE??!! like him I faced this question so many times before, I can never think of leaving Libya forever, there are things here you wouldn't find anywhere else like not getting a speed ticket no matter how fast you drive :P and a very long list of things you find here that makes us live outside this world

----------------Update ----------------

  • somehow I forgot to share with you all how I injured my thumb, I was on a ladder picking something from an aluminum shelve (scafali) the ladder slipped away and while I was falling involuntary as any human being would do I grabbed the edge of the shelve and you know the rest. There was blood everywhere, for the first time I saw my finger wide open. Trust me, it was not a pleasent sight. I quickly ran to the bathroom and put some water on the cut and checked it out to find that it's really deep.. I tried moving the finger but it wouldn't move :(

  • I broke my glasses which I had for more than 3 years (a new record) so I had to buy new frames. Buying glasses is like getting a new face, they have to be nice enough because I am gonna see myself wearing them everyday and other people will see me wearing them. So I went to my favorite shop and bought these half nice half girly glasses I seriously do not know how the girl in the shop convinced me to buy them, I think the part where she said they make me look thin made me decide to buy them immediatly. However, only after buying them I starting thinking in what way exactly do they make me look thin? Us men get fooled easily by women thats why women shouldn't be allowed to work in places where men shop. Some people take advantage of our weakness and put a girl to answer the phone for customer service. Because if the caller was a guy and a nice friendly women voice is on the other line, that voice would make him forget why he called in the first place and if it was a women they would end up talking for hours on the phone about something else. With women you can never win, its either you back out or loose :P



I am still alive and missing you all , I am here as you all know to wish you a happy eid with my usual way by copying one of the eid sms so here it goes

عيد سعيد
وعصبان لذيد
وحبل معبي بالقديد
وشواء يفحفح من بعيد
وكل عام وانت سعيد

Happy eid everyone