In the fountain

I just uploaded this clip on YouTube , I dont know how to explain it but the guy who did this 1000% is drunk ,check it out and yes it's in Libya and it's in Alsaha alkhadra.


A.Adam said...

هذه الحادثة قديمة حيث كان صاحب السيارة مسرع من شارع الوادي جهة قدومة ,وكانت ترافقه صديقته بعد منتصف الليل
شيء غريب لكن هي مرسيدس

Safia speaks said...

Yes, who would treat such a lovely Mercedes this way??
And it had still lights on!
I thought this was a recent accident?

Anonymous said...

I hope the fountain wasnt damaged !! its a nice piece of art. One of the few in Tripoli !
was it a 'Marasim' car???