My Killing Wish list

I am not an organized person but I always have lists of things in my head , for example i have a list of the People I want to kill , or as I like to call it My Killing Wish list , and there is a list of people who might want to kill me as well , but this time I will write my Killing wish list only and I hope I don't forget anyone here .

  1. Head of Medicine department
  2. Head of surgery department
  3. Head of Paediatrics department
  4. the Painting teacher in my primary school who hit me just for coloring the painting without him saying so
  5. A guy working in the passports checking in tripoli international airport ( this is a very long story I'll mention it some other time)
  6. A white Toyota corolla owner who smashed my side mirror and didn't even stop to say sorry
  7. A guy at Mizran street for messing with my family
  8. A girl who parked in front of my car and made me wait hours till she came
  9. My ex dentist cos he took away my tooth that could have stayed
  10. A guy named Talib for messing with someone i care about ( brutal murder)
  11. A gas station guy in Tajura for being extremely rude with my dad
  12. An old British lady ( this is as a favor for someone i care about)
  13. A relative of mine that I hate so much because he's simply an ass
  14. A polish girl studied with me once
  15. Some smart asses studying with me
  16. A guy who ruined the students including me meeting including em with the dean

and there are a lot of people who I am not planing to kill but may be if they get on my way again i might kill them , who knows may be after finishing the list i will love doing this and become a pro , so make your list everybody and send it to me if you need any help .


1st Photo

I got a new phone and this is the first photo I took with it so the money you see here was actually mine :( .


Libyan Rap song

A cool Libyan Rap song download it here , it's called صغارنا ضاعو


Still studying

Few weeks and my exams will start and even I look exactly like the picture here,I am still not sure if I am gonna pass or not , time is too short to get all the thing memorized and I got so tired from studying, I guess I had enough for the past five years and I think I am being like the runner who starts running fast then get tired at the end of the race .

Wish me luck, you don't know how much we need it in our exams .


Which is the real logo?

You spend so much time on the internet , then check out how much you concentrat by guessing Which is the real logo?


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