French Teacher

It was nice finding pages written by Mr Sébastien Garnier in the Libyan studying center site ,Mr Sébastien was our french teacher when I took french lessons at the fench instutiue here in Libya three years ago , I knew he was in some sort of islamic studies , and I had a really nice time back then but I never got to finish learning french , I still remebr all these tongue twisters he thaught us , I even can say them fasten than french people , these are my favorite ones

Un chasseur sachant chasser sait chasser sans son chien cet un bon chasseur

Tu t'entêtes à tout tenter, tu t'uses et tu te tues à tant t'entêter

Natacha, n'attacha pas son chat Pacha qui s'échappa. Cela fâcha Sacha qui chassa Natacha.

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A.Adam said...

Thanks Hamed for this post.
you were a student, so why you have troubles with understanding French parts,
Un chasseur sachant chasser sait chasser sans son chien de chasse.
c'est très simple ; Essaie
Gros gras grand grain d'orge, tout gros-gras-grand-grain-d'orgerisé, quand te dé-gros-gras-grand-grain-d'orgeriseras-tu? Je me dé-gros-gras-grand-grain-d'orgeriserai quand tous les gros gras grands grains d'orge se seront dé-gros-gras-grand-grain-d'orgerisés