The Battle

Tonight is the Battle , The Clasico , I've been waiting for it since 19 Nov 05 ,Real lost with 3-0 , that day Ronaldinho whome I pay so much respect and love showed all his talent that even the fans in Bernabeu were shouting his name , no one hates good football thats a fact , but I still wish my team to win tonight I only want them to win this match even we lose La Liga I dont care , just take the revenge from Barcelona , even I know it's really hard with the weak team we got and the nice group working team of Barca, so Real Madrid watch out and becarful of Ronaldinho , and to the guys in the front I want to see some goals , dont let me down and make me listen to all Barcelona fans tomorrow , so make my day and play good and score some goals .


Living Away said...

Hey, Libiano!
At least you could see the 2 Ronaldos scoring!
I’m Ronaldinho’s fan, because he still has that same passion about playing that he had when he was a little boy in Brasil.
If you have time, go here http://nikefootball.nike.com/nikefootball/siteshell/index.jsp#,en,0;jogatv,,1 and then click at “archive” on bottom page, right side. You will see a bar with 4 videos. The first one and the last one, “Ginga, the soul of Brazilian Football” and “Ronaldinho Brazilian Ping-Pong” are fantastic!
I hope you like them both!

Libyano said...

I am a big fan of Ronaldinho too , and I saw all his clips and as you said whats so good about him that he plays with so much passion and gives 100% of what he got , he is the soul of barcelona and sometiems you can see his moves and stratgies are beyond the thinking of even his team mates , I cant wait to see him in World cup ,it's gonna be great seeing the whole team back togather again .