databases is down

Finally I got my posts published , I had hard time trying to get them online today till I checked the Blogger status page and I saw the message saying they have problems , for a while I thought the problem was with my blog only .


Safia speaks said...

Hamed, I´ve read your entire blog and you should update more regularly.
Best post was the information from a working day at the hospital - you should really post more about your daily experiences as a medical intern in a Libyan hospital; I am very sure people would find that most interesting.

Libyano said...

thank you safia , I always wanted to write about my daily experience at hospitals ,I just dont know if I should do so because most of the stories are just horrible and nothing positive , so i always thought that I just will make all hospitals look bad and so all the doctors and this is not true .

inshallah i will start writting under the limits of the medical ethics , and by the way I am not in my intern year yet .

Noor said...

I agree With sister Safia.
it's more interesting to know about ur life in the hospital, there are many things positive.