Mixed up month

Even only one month passed since I decided to disappear and stop writing for a while but it felt like a very long time , even time goes so fast but with a lot of things happening in a veryshort time I get the feelinging like ages have passed , for me this month was mixed with good and bad happy and sad and sometimes mixed up moments , few days after I stopped writing I got happy when a dear person to me came to Libya , then I became sad with the Israeli attacks on Lebanon , then more sad when one of my relatives died , and after that I had my birthday which wasn't that happy day , but I was happy cos I am one year older now , then things got sad again with my exams new mixedup schedule , then I got happy when one of my old high school teachers visited Libya , and today the dear person left Libya so I am alone and sad .
it was one hell of a month and I realized that everyday is having something new and I cant be happy forever or sad forever .