Back from Gharyan

Two days in the wild in gharyan were so great to relax and lay back , the weather was so good this weekend, the place was so nice , we had fun there , BBQed , and cooked Mbakbka ( bakboki) for sure , played UNO and Football on our way back , we played two teams Medicine team and Surgery , too bad the game finished 1-1 , I was hoping we the surgery guys could beat the medicine guys but we couldnt finish the game because of the dark.

The old road to gharyan

Good spot we got

Risky but worth it

Thrwoing away all my problems

Before sunrise

My stamp on the road

The Rock


Living Away said...

What a place?? Certainly I will visit it in September!
Thanks for the travel tip!

Seems you had a wonderful time, but I’m sorry about the game!

Libyano said...

there are alot of nice places to go to here in Libya but it's hard to find them or if you find it you will find it full of people , I used to go relax on the hill infront of the Libyan TV station , but people started to come alot there and started to be crowdy till they closed the place last year.