Camel , Lizard......... whatever !!

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote something here but I knew I was coming back , I knew I would feel bored and the only thing I got to do is writing here , so since I wanted to post some pictures you see normally in Libya , a camel in a car , not quite long time ago I was at this school in UK and the teacher was asking me do you guys eat camel I said yeas and the whole class went WHOA as if we eat the camel as it is , they started asking how it taste and how we cook it , while I was telling them the way they were staring at me made me feel like if describing a Dinosaur meat not a camel , I guess every place in the world has it's special meat , there was this Venezuelan guy he told us the meat the eat in his Villaz (as he say it meaning village) , well let me say this at least in Libya we eat animal's meat , cos there they eat Lizards , and I dont consider Lizards as animal cos to me they are dragons but became civilized and dont eat humans anymore ,so he was telling us about how "DeleSous" the little dragon is , to me not knowing what you are eating can make you eat anything , cos someone once told me about his trip to Nicaragua and they stayed in a hotel that makes a great soup , it was yummy and he would order it everyday with his friend , till one day they had friend with them who lived there and when they ordered the soup he told them what u guys doing , they said it's delicious wait till you taste it , he told them do you know what is it , they said normal soup , he told the chief to bring them what they are eating and it turned to be not a normal meat , it was little crocodiles soup , I would do the same as they did and never eat that thing again , sometimes the mind just think on it's own and without logic .