10 men's game

Not a great night for both teams , but Real came out wining even the score was 1-1 , they got a point from this game with 10 men and they made barcelona's fans leave Nou Camp not happy , Real played wihtout Roberto carlos since the early 21st minute of the first half after a stupid red card sent by the stupid refree, well all I can say that the remarkable person of the game was defenatly the refree taking the side of Barcelona , and sending Carlos out for no good reason , I felt like watching the libyan league where refrees do whatever they want , apart from that red card he did also give barcelona their goal by giving a penalty kick after Van Bomeal throwing himself on roberto carlos , I guess that what made roberto carlos so mad at the refree to comment on all of his stupid acts till the refreecouldn't take it any more and sent Carlos off , another big mistake was not giving Ronaldo a foul when Inesta was pulling him in the second half , I guess if I keep talking about the refree I wouldnt stop but let me say that soon we will be seeing in the funny clips a new clip of the refree in this game standing between Puyol and Ronaldo which made Puyol take him down .

Real madrid played really well tonight and I am so happy with the preformance especially from Ronaldo who made a great goal a goal I call by the language of Konami's Wining Eleven on PS2 made by L1 and squre , defence was great , Bravo sending away many balls to the corner in the last 15 minutes of the second half , Mejia being stable and solid in his place , and Ramos takingl away all the balls with his great heads beforehe was knocked down by Puyol who start to see double and went out , Baptista filled the middle area really well ,the rest of the team were playing really well , finally it was win not over barcelona but over the refree who kept taking barcelona's side .

pictures from eurosport.com

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