Try to make a new folder or rename any folder with the name con
you cant !! , why?
I dont know!!


A.Adam said...

you should know why! con is reserved name and other name are the same for example you can't make folder name with com1 or com2 you can learn more about this case
if you make a google search you'll find some tricks to make this possible ;)

Noor said...

Dear Libyano
Thank you, Brother
it is working :p
I don't know how I didn't see that option!!!!!!
Why…How??!! :(
But anyhow,
I really appreciate your help!
Thank you Again
God Bless You :)

Libyano said...

Thank you Adam , it's good to know these things cos I am no computer expert and sometimes I find alot of things without any explanation.

to you sister Noor , I am glad to help .
keep up the good work in your blog and god bless you too

Safia speaks said...

You CAN name a folder CON, but you have to do it from inside command prompt (Start -> Run -> write COMMAND.EXE)

When the black box appears, write this at the C: prompt:

md \\.\\c:\con

dir c:

rd \\.\\c:\con

The reason behind this stupidity is old DOS operating with consoles as remote hosts.
Hope that helped you out!

Libyano said...

Thank you Safia for your help although I wasnt dying to make a folder with the name Con , I just wanted to know why !