now since the world cup is over I think I better start studying more and one of the things that will make me study more is being away from the internet , so I am not going to recharge my adsl account or buy any internet cards , so wish me luck .

the final

For a world cup final match it was very nice and strong from both teams ,untill the last minute I couldn't tell who will win , both team switched roles after each other , they both deserved to be in the final and no one of them had the upper hand in the match , I didn't expect to see goals though but I was shocked with the unfair penalty kick given by the referee at minute 6 , but bravo Italy they managed to come back after 13 minutes .

Zidane deserved the red card no question about it , I just wonder what Matterazi might have told him , but whatever it is it should be too small for such a great player to do something like what he did , it was the worst thing to end his carrier with .

In the end I expected it to end with the penalty shoot outs and it did and I am glad that
Italy won because they really needed it and deserved it .


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WC Final Articles

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I don't know what to write about the final , the game is unpredictable and there is no way of guessing who might win , the two teams proved that they are the best although I think Italy is quite stronger in the semifinal match unlike France they had harder match and they managed to score two goals but France was unable to finish their attacks with a goal except when they had a penalty shoot , defense will be solid in either sides of the field , I don't know how goals will be scored , I repeat it again I just hope the match ends with goals not with penalty shoot outs .

on the other hand if we try to predict the result from the history of the two teams and the performance of their teams in this tournament I think at the fifa world cup website there are some nice articles especially the ones with facts and numbers about the two teams Italy and France , I thought of copying some stuff from there but they were so much so here are the best three articles .

Who is the fairest, Italy or France?

Henry tops list for fouls committed

Things you didn't know about the Final


Portugal Play Germany Wins

The game was as simple as that , Portugal played but Germany score goals and won , Portugal had the ball most of the time and they controlled the rhythm of the game but they had two problems one they were very slow in preparing their attacks , two they didn't have the player to get the ball in the goal and make the final touch , Germany on the other hand had the ball few times but they managed to score 3 goals and there was a lot of selfishness in their play or else they had the chance to score more than that , and even the goals were by the same man with the long name that I can't say probably SCHWEINSTEIGER , the goals were almost the same copy especially the 1st and 3rd goals , the game was fair enough after all and congratulation to Germany and Karin .

I am waiting for tomorrow's match so bad , I don't know what will happen because it either gonna be a very good game or a boring game from the over caution by the two teams , I just hope we don't see penalty shoot outs and of course the second hope is for Italy to win .


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ART sucks

I heard so much about the poor world cup coverage by the ART , last night I had the chance to see that because they had the game open for free , the commentray was so poor and the analysis studio was more poor , I really switched to the Swiss channel even it's in French but you will get more excited with the loud sound of the fans and the commenter , ART should have spent more on this if they really want to become a leading sports channels .

Blue night

The Azzuri made my day last night , they played so so good , last night's game is the best I saw so far , there wasn't any holes in their team in any position , everyone did his job , The crowd was putting the Germans on pressure more than helping them , they made them want to win with any way that's why they didn't keep the ball and they always lost it with no much danger on Buffon , even it took the Italians so long to score but they really played a great game , I loved the one - two passes they were doing all the time , Pirlo was surly the man of the match and what agreat pass he made to grosso who made me jump from my place after the curved shoot placing the ball in the goal , Gilardino did what I call rasasit al ra7ma ( mercy shot) to the Germans when he played with them and made the great pass for Del Piero to score the second goal , for Germany there wasn't much to do more than they did , I believe that's all they can do , may be they were dependent so much on the crowd but they didn't help that much in the end .



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After Brazil was kicked out I don't think there is anything left for me in the world cup , I am just holding my hopes with Portugal first then Italy , Karin might think I hate Germany , I am not but I am sorry I cant stand them winning the world cup , I don't know why I have this feeling against them may be because they broke my heart when I was a kid back in 1990 when I was as every other kid in the world loving Maradona and they took the world cup from Argantina , so I am with Italy tomorrow and I want them to win in any way because I think once the German win this game then the world cup will be for them , and Karin look at the bright side non of the teams I cheer win, I am like a bad luck for them so may be it will work this time with Italy too and Germany wins.
in the end whoever wins tomorrow I just hope to see a good game , I really didn't enjoy a good game yet not because my teams are loosing but I noticed that all the matches play is just for wining and not for a good play but thats what is football 's like these days .


the end

I have nothing to say more than France deserved to win and Zidane was amazing last night.