World cup

Totti the Italian hero
even the match wasn't good at all but it was worth it to wait till the last second to see the killing goal , Totti became an Italian hero today after finishing the game for Italy at the last 4 seconds of the added time by scoring a penalty given from the referee more or less to make up for the red card he gave to Materazzi , the Australians played well but it's all because of the one man advantage they had , it was such a relive this last minute goal for all Italy fans .

The battle
all I can say about last night's match between Portugal and Netherlands that it was a battle , there was more fighting than playing and the players kicked each other more than the ball , but luckily I was supporting Portugal or else it would be a hard night for me , the match was hot from the begining , we saw Boulhrouz with his Kung fu kick on Cristiano ronaldo's thigh , Ronaldo couldn't finish the game after trying to stay in couple of times till he went out with tears because he cant finish the game , but his team mate Maniche did it again and kicked out the Dutch with his goal after doing the same in Euro 2004 , then Costinha was the first o leave after two yellow cards , at the second half the Dutch did something really stupid and against the fair friendly play when the referee stoped the ball and then it was supposed to be returned to Portugal but instead of that the Dutch players went with the ball on a counter attack , Deco didn't like that as I and he did his best in kicking the player's feet but not the ball , the game after that started to heat up every time there is a foul , the final cards number was 9 yellow and two red cards for Portugal and 7 yellow two red for Netherlands , the best moment in the game it was when they showed Deco , Boulahrouz and Van Bronckhorst sitting next to each other after getting the red cards , Mr Ivanov the referee was fair enough and I think he did really well with all the cards he gave , in the end Portugal made it and I cant wait to see their match with England .


7mada said...

I don't think that it was such a violent match to merit so many sendings off. I think the importance of the match made it very competitive but the general spirit between the Dutch and Portugese players was good like you said Deco Boulahrouz and Van Bronckhorst sitting together after the sending off. The problem was the referee, he was very poor and couldn't handle the important match, so the players exploited his poor decisions with dives etc.
I think Valentin Ivanov will be sent home.

What about Figo's headbutt on Van Bommel? The referee didn't see it, but Fifa should have suspened Figo for the next game.

England V Portugal - a great game to come.

7mada said...

About the Italy match, I think at times this World Cup makes me sick with the players diving and very poor decisions from the referees. Del Perio is the king of diving, and Fabio Grosso dived to save Italy ;)

I love Munich said...

You're right - it was more of a battle and no game! To the best of my knowledge there were FOUR red cards ... two as result of double-yellow and two direct kick-outs! I didn't envy the referee though ...

Libyano said...

7mada football is crazy these days and you dont know who will win because anything might happen durring the time of the match .