Airport Adventures

Traveling is adventure and to me the adventure starts from the airport , I always have something strange to happen with me sometimes funny sometimes sad and sometimes it's just something I don’t know what it is .

I was once sent home and not being allowed to travel , the story was on 2001 , I was in London when the September 11 attacks happened , two weeks later I was going back to Libya , but as a Libyan I had extra weight with me and unfortunately I was traveling by British airways because if I was on the Libyan airways this wouldn't be a problem ,any way I was prepared for this extra weight ,but the problem is when I go abroad I don't sleep that much and that night I wasn’t prepared for traveling , I was awake the whole day and night before my flight and the check in was at 7 , the lady on check in desk was so friendly and smiling until she saw my bags that's when her lips attached to each other and her smile was gone , she told me quietly something about the current events and something about the new temporary policy of the air line and the extra weight charge , I understood that I have to pay more than I calculated it and I wasn't happy about that , I kept talking and talking and I didn't know what's going on until a police man came and smiled at me and with the usual English cold accent told me to step a side so we can talk , that's when I realized I was making a noise at the desk and all the world is stressed out because of the events that happened only two weeks before , he asked me what is the problem , and I told him about this extra charge and how I don't accept it , he told me well sir we have been watching you through our cameras , when he said we I saw the other police guys came with him but remained a bit far from me , so I was in my head this is cool I am surrounded by police , what if I put my hand in my jacket would it be like the movies and they would tell me to move my hand from there or they will shoot , he was saying sorry sir and some other stuff so I said I am sorry what is the problem here, he said sir you seem stressed out and I don't know if you can travel , I said don't worry I am ok I'm just short of sleeping that's all , so he rephrased it for me , sir I am afraid we cant take responsibility of your health condition on the airplane , I was don't worry I have no problems I am ok , he rephrased it again , sir we were watching you on our cameras and you seemed so stressed out and weren't friendly with the lady on the check in desk , so do you have any medical problem sir , I said no , he said we need a medical prescription saying you are ok or else we cant allow you to go on board , that's when I felt like that's it what he's talking about they think I am lunatic , I said listen sir I am 100% ok and I am sorry for what happened earlier and I would like to apologies to the lady over there , he said sir you cant go there , I was s like what's wrong I am sorry for what I did , I didn't mean anything and I am sure you will understand if you are lack of sleep , he said excuse me sir but are you under any medication , I said no , were you drinking last night sir ,no way sir I don’t drink at all and you can even test me if you want to , he said I am afraid I can't do that here , we need a prescription from a doctor saying you are ok , ok then take me to the doctor to see that I am ok , he said we don't have doctors here sir , I said ok so what can I do now , he said you need to get to the nearest hospital to the airport , I wasn't believing what he was saying and I was almost laughing and I think that's what made him more believe that I am crazy , I said confidently can I talk to your supervisor , he said you can talk to me sir , I said no I want someone who I can really understand from what is the problem, he said ok wait here sir , I sat on a chair and two police men were guarding me ,I was holding my face and shaking my head not believing that this is really happening , few minutes later the same police man came to me and told me to follow him ,I heard the same things from someone else who seemed to be higher tan the first officer but this time the words were ringing in my head , you cant go on board unless you have medical prescription saying you are ok sir , I accepted the fact and said ok I can get one but I will miss the air plane , they didn’t have an answer for that , I asked for someone from British airways , they told me the British airways can not do anything , this is a measure of security , I said so you think I am dangerous or what , that was a mistake from me saying that because I know British police are so complicated and I think you are not even allowed to say some words to them and that’s why I didn’t tell them anything about is it because I am an Arab or not cos I knew this will make the problem become bigger ,so this man told me sir your medical condition cant allow us to make you go on board because we cant take responsibility of you on air , so there is no solution other than the medical prescription , he said you can come another day but for today we can't do anything for you and there isn’t any way for you to travel today other than bringing the prescription and I must believe you cant get one before your flight so I suggest you to go back to a hotel sir, take some rest and come back tomorrow , I said but there is no flight for another three days , he said that’s all I can help you with sir and now excuse me , I told him thank you but I want to go to the British airways office here , the showed me the way and there at the office of British airways I told them my problem but they said this is out of their hands since it's a security matter , I said ok but I don’t have enough money to stay for another three days is there any way you can help me with , the woman there said I am sorry there is nothing we can do , I left them and then I started thinking what can I do now , I have to go home today because I don't want to stay here anymore after what happened , so I thought of trying another airlines , I started with Alitalia , no free seats for today's flights and they have already a lot of people on the waiting list , the same went on with Air Malta but I found a flight later on the day on Air Malta , that’s when the same first police man came to me again and told me that I am listed now and I cant leave today so there is no point of buying a ticket because I wont be allowed to go on board ,I told him you are making a big deal out of nothing and I understand that the British airways cant help me with this but I have the right to travel , he said sir you were shouting on one of the British airways employees earlier on this morning and we believe it's not safe for you to be on board because you might be on some kind of pressure , I told him I can take care of myself and I know I didn’t shout on that woman I was just trying to understand from her what she is saying ,he said sir we didn’t say you are not allowed to travel but today and because of the high security alert we have we have to make sure that there is no problems can happen on any flights, that’s it there was no way for me to leave today and I am a listed person , I accepted this fact and I went back to London city center I was so depressed and I slept the whole day at B&B place , thank god I had some friends there helped me , three days later everything went fine and I was surprised seeing the same lady who I had argument with , she smiled at me and I told her do you remember me she said yes of course , we talked a bit after all the passengers went to the airplane , I told her I am so sorry she said no I am sorry because I caused all this I know you didn't do anything but there is so much stress going on the airport lately , I told her I am sorry because they told me I was shouting on you and I don’t remember doing that , she said no it's ok but the truth you really scared me that day , we laughed then I left to my plane to go back to Libya .

That’s just one story and I have a lot of adventures every time I am at an airport , I will write some of them in the future inshallah .


Safia speaks said...

A R E A L horror story!
What a apteince you had. Me, I would probably have told the people at the airport something about my opinion of them and would probably have ended up in jail.

I love Munich said...

MY GOODNESS ... what a nightmare!! After 9/11 they all freaked out and tension level was going through the roof everywhere - here as well! You were just lucky you had great friends in London ...
GREAT story - thanks so much for sharing!!

Lebeeya said...

You never told me this story before!


Libyano said...

safia I am not patient but I learn from my mistakes .

karin you are welcome .

lebeeya I dont remember not telling you but any way now you know .

aisha said...

u know what im picturing as im reading this story...the movie Meet the Parents...when the flight attendant is really mean to Ben Stiller...and when he's trying to put his bag in the overhead compartment and says "Its not like I have a bomb in here" and then starts saying "Bomb, bomb, bomb..."
LOL, i love that movie.

Libyano said...

you know Aisha the moment I saw the scene when the security guy was tellign Ben stiller to calm down and he wasnt doing anythign I rmembered my story , this was almost exactly what happned to me .