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Magazines always come out to us with stories of a guy changing to be a girl after many years of living as a guy or the opposite , we all look at it as wow this is something very strange , well it's but usually it's just a medical problem and the whole problem is that a disease like Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia causes what is called ambiguous genitalia , the baby is born and the sex cant be known with the normal appearance ,but need a chromosomal analysis , this is a problem when a midwife delivers the baby at home and I mean the Arabic midwives ( daya) which is usually decide which sex is the baby by guessing or sometimes she tells the parents andthey choose what they want or may be as in the rumor Ross made in Friends show that Rachel was abnormal when she was born but her parents flipped a coin and choose to raise her as a girl .
Family education is so important so these cases can be treated very early and avoid the complication of being a man or a woman.

finally this is funny but sad story one of our doctors told us

A family with two children having Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia ( almost 99% related to consanguinity) visited a doctor , the doctor asked the father are you and your wife related , No said the husband , the doctor said No way this is impossible , the man went out pulling his hair and shouting I knew they are not my children I knew it .
well there is always 1 % to be considered .


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I love Munich said...

That's a real serious topic, you're right! I'm not a doctor but an ICU-RN and am familiar with this disease. As far as I know it can be treated, right? It is a deficiency of certain hormones and enzymes ...
What direction do you want to specialize in?
Thanks for sharing - GREAT post!!

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