Late early

Today I woke up scared as I looked at my phone and it was already 8:15 and the lecture starts at 9 , I ran to the bathroom took a qucik shower and wore the first things I found on my chair (the place for most of my cloths) , I went to the car and it started beebing , it was beebing since last night asking for gas but as usual I always keep it until the last moment , I drove to the hospital and just while I was above the bridge in front of the TMC( Tripoli Medical Center) I saw the main parking area empty , this cant be true and this would never happen in a normal day usually it's full by 8:30 and now it's ........7:50 , yes 7:50 my phone was one hour ahead and even I looked at my watch before leaving the house but I guess I was just looking at the long arrow only , any way I had time to fill my car with gas then I was waiting in the lectures room until other students started coming , it's weired coming the first one because I never did it before and usually when I mix up with hours like today I relise I am earlier than time beofre leaving the house .


I love Munich said...

Hamed - that's a weird feeling - happened to me as well already but in MY case due to the winter/summer time change!! At least you had time to fill gas ... just imagine you'd have happily gone home again thinking you had come in vain, ha-ha??

Noor said...

Hahahahah, that happened to me once as well.