Away from the cup

Today the world cup started but I didn't watch anything today because basically I didn't get the ART so I can watch at home and second of all I am not interested in the German team at all , so I went out with some friends yesterday , we went to Zleetin ( a city east of Tripoli) , the weather was so nice and we had a very nice night there at the beach , and as usual BBQing and having the normal Libyan fun with big Dela3a( watermelon) and finally sleeping at fajir after eating Mbakbka( Libyan macaroni) , today in the morning I went to see the place where some people come to visit here in Zleetin whish is masjid makam sidia abdulsalam al asmar , I was curios to see it , the mosque lookd very nice so I took couple of pictures of it, then just before sunset we arrived at Musrata , I just wanted to visit it because it is the best city in Libya as I think ( I am not Musrati by the way) , the city looked so so beautiful and so different from any other Libyan cities , you can feel like you are not in Libya when you go to Musrata's city center , after that I was thinking I have visited a lot of Libyan cities this year just for discovery and not going for social causes whish is usually make us here in Libya cross miles and miles , I thought I am may be becoming like Che Guevara in his last year in Medical school when he left everything and started his long trip in North America , well I know I can never be like him not only because my trips limited to Libya but because he is one of the men who made big changes in the history , if you come here to Libya you would think you are in Cuba because of all these cars putting Guevara's pics on them .

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I love Munich said...

No problem that you're not interested at all in the German team ... they won anyway .. ha-ha! The stations ARD or ZDF or RTL broadcast the matches! Still pity you didn't look - the opening ceremony was GREAT!!