Libyan 911

While having a lecture on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) I was thinking how many Libyans know the Emergency numbers , I am sure they know the American 911 as they hear it all the time on TV , but I am not sure if they know the Emergency Numbers here in Libya , I know some people might say it's useless , well it's kind of true because here if the patient was at home and he's dying his relatives will carry him to the hospital in their own car , and if there was an accident one of the crowd people around him will take him to hospital while half of people crowded around him are armed with camera phones to get the first shots of the disaster or just standing their blocking the way so they can witness everything so later on the day they can talk about it, it's like something cool saying I saw this accident today or I took a video of this accident and you can see that we have a very large number of videos spread by the Bluetooth , the rest of the crowd usually afraid to take the man in the smashed car because the police will question them when they arrive to hospital as if they did this to him , but if the man is lucky there will be an ambulance car near the scene and they will carry him to the hospital but even then there is no use of a car running fast with no useful equipment inside .

so is there a response to a Emergency number calls , I don't know because I've never tried it and I don't know anyone who tried it , so in the end every one should know the Basic Life Support steps in the CPR so you can be ready at anytime and to know what to do if you witness someone went into cardiac arrest .

so do you know what is the Libyan 911 ?


Safia speaks said...

Are the phones really working now?

And no, I have no idea what the Libyan emergency number is. ;-(

4 years ago my mother-in-law ended up in a physical fight with her neighbour, who hit her on her chest and she fell down unconscious (I wasn´t there when he did it, else that dog would not have been alive today!) - I came home a short time later and there where hundreds of people inside her house and her porch. People had carried her into the house and laid her on a maitress and people were all over the place; neighbours, people from the streets and curious Georges, all inside the house!

When the ambulance finally arrived, the two nurses had to push and shove their way into the house, because all the people simply didn´t move; everybody wanted to have a good look.

People simply forgot any privacy and just came inside the house; luckily nothing was stolen or broken, but imagine hundreds (no exaggeration) of curious people, everybody talking loudly and commenting on what happened, while two nurses and us were trying to establish the condition og my mother-in-law. The entire situation was just crazy.

My mother-in-law is diseased now, Allah yerhamha.

Libyano said...

Allah yarhim your mother in law
I am sure she is not the only one who been to this ,people love to know everything here in Libya and they always try to put their noses in things that aren't their business .

aisha said...

We know this Egyptian family that was living in Trables in the 80s...they lived in an apartment building, there was a fire...they called the matafi and the matafi came and didnt have anything to yetafoo elnaar with, so the people who could escape escaped, and the people who couldnt...such as this family's grandma, died in the fire. :(.

aisha said...

sorry for the mix of arabi and english...my brain is unable to translate from one language to another when its tired...

Libyano said...

what a sad story again aisha

dont worry about the mix it's understndable
I sometimes make it more complicated liek saying I was khabting 3al door

aisha said...

sad story again? really? I already said a sad story?...same7nee...inshaAllah my next comment will be super happy. actually i just read your airport post...i have a funny airport story..i'll post it on my blog :) along with another happy story that happened yesterday :)