The beginning

surly it wasn't as I expected it , and may be how the whole world expected it , but at least they went out winning , the Brazilian team did really good work , and I am happy that finally the defense is doing a good job with Juan ,Lucio and Cafo taking out all the balls in the back , and I agree with he fifa choosing Kakka as the man of the match because apart from scoring the only goal he really did a great job in the middle , Ronaldinho from the other side was well guarded by the Croatian team so there wasn't much for him to do, Adriano did his best but couldn't break the great defense by the crating , Ronaldo was sleeping the whole match so Mr Pareira did great job by substituting him with Robinho who again couldn't break the Croatian defense .
it was good game and Croatia was strong enough to make Brazil go with only one goal and celebrate their new record of 8 consecutive wins in the world cup.

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I love Munich said...

I agree 100% to your analysis ... I think the same way! Ronaldo looed like pregnant and I can't understand that he and his coach did not take care of his shape PRIOR to the championship - that is sure no point FOR him!
Ronaldino ... brilliance in person, no question!
As much as I support them and higly appreciate their game ... you know whom I support - MY team, Germany!!! Sorry ...!