The giants are out

I never thought I would take Argentina's side in any match and even in today's match against Germany I didn't know who I am with till the kick off and I found myself going with Argentina , I screamed I yelled I was reacting with them as if they are my favorite team , they really were great today and they got over all the thousands of people screaming at them today , Germany didn't deserve to win and after all it was a winning with Penalties and this wasn't a victory for the Germans , Argentina manipulated the ball and the Germans , and oh boy if they didn't have this stupid coach who took out Cespo and Requilma he left no one to score goals inside , he thought the best thing for defense is defense but he's wrong , it's always the best thing for defense is to score more and more goals , and the luck was also against them when their goalkeeper had to be replaced , I feel sorry for all Argentina fans it's too bad to leave the world cup like this after being almost the best .
So the Germans cant say that I am blind I want to say that they really played quite well when they felt the game is about to finish and their work came out with a goal ,but to win the world cup I think they still need more than luck , in the end they passed their first true challenge and that all matters .

for the other match tonight I am like 90% of all the people I think Italy will win and I hope they do , not because I love them but I don't want Ukraine to qualify and open the road to the final for Germany, after all Germany never won against Italy in the world cup .


Ccee said...

It's true concerning Argentina and I'm sure the coach regretted his decisions after the match but while the game was on we can't really blame him because he had to take decisions and certainly they seemed the best ones at that time.

At least you're happy now with the Italian performance.. they deserved to win it.. but they have some flaws in their tactics which showed in the second half of the match.. I'm glad they have Buffon most of all.

I love Munich said...

Italy DID win after all - and the next match will be Germany vs. Italy!

I didn't know you have SUCH a problem with the German team ... don't want them to win against Argentina, don't want them to get into the final ... but you know what? NO problem - the BEST should win, that's what sport is all about!
I certainly DO support Germany - after all, it is "MY" team and certainly HOPE they'll get into the final ... then we'll have to see!

I love Munich said...

Today the BIG gigant left the stage ... I still can hardly believe it!
A REAL bummer!!

aisha said...

did today's Brazil - France game bring back memories of the '98 world cup final? Man Zidane was on fire...mashaAllah. Italy is still my first choice...but if Portugal or France win the cup, I wont be too dissapointed. For some reason I dont like the German team.