Money world cup

In less than a week the world cup will start and I still don't know how I am going to watch it , ART ( Arab Radio and Television) made their final decision on not lowering the prices for any other channels to buy the rights of showing the world cup , I don't know how they are going to get rich from all this , cos even if a very large number of people subscribe I don't think ART
will reach the number they paid for the world cup exclusive rights , usually they have to get the money from other channels buying those rights but now since no one is doing that I guess it's gonna be a total loss for the ART and for the audience , this is how I see it and I am no expert in this .
I was hoping that it wouldn't be this hard watching such wonderful event that comes only every 4 years , any way football lately became so crazy , ever since Sepp Blater got to be the head of the fifa everything started to be all about money , and the last world cup was such a shame even Brazil the team I support won it but I honestly confess that the 2002 world cup wasn't fair at all , I and a lot of people don't even consider it as a world cup cos really every time someone tell me remember the last world cup I go unconsciously to the year 1998 , cos in 2002 it was like watching a wrestling game where everything is set and the winner is chosen before the game .

so I think in the end if it's possible I will watch the world cup on one of the Swiss channels so I can also learn more French , and hopefully I can see some real games this year .

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