school poem

I was looking though some old stuff in my secrets bag and I found this paper of a poem I wrote back in high school , I think I was so frustrated at the final year and I came out with few words that rhyme , I will write three lines only because the rest is just more stupid .

تدرسنا وتدرسنا
ولكنا للعلم ما تحمسنا

ومن دروسنا أحسسنا
أنَا بها تهرسنا

فما العمل والمادات تكدسن
ونحن في دراستها احتسنا


Safia speaks said...

Hmmm...keep working on it, it´s not so bad!
I like the first verse particularly.

I love Munich said...

If you'd translate it, I could tell you what I think ... sorry!:)

Libyano said...

thanx safia
karin I wish I can translate it but it wouldnt come out good .

Noor said...

not bad for a school boy ;p

I love Munich said...

Nevermind Hamed - just stopped by to say "hi" and wish you a great day!!