Brazil Rocks

What a great game the Brazilian played today , they won 3-0 over Ghana and became the only team after Germany who didn't have hard time in Qualifying to the quarterfinals , Great goal from Ronaldo at the 5th minute after great pass and then great moves from Ronaldo , Ronaldo now became the FIFA world cup's all-time top scorer with 14 goals.
Ze Roberto the man of the match was absolutely great , all the team was playing good except of Kakka who wasn't giving good passes nor receiving them nicely , Brazil played on the weak point of Ghana which is bad controle of the offside trap and , in the the last minutes of the match Brazil played more relaxed and they lost many chances of scoring more than the three goals they had .
Asmoah from Ghana was sent out after a bad diving act infront of the refree, but I think the refree showed the second yellow card forgettign that Asmoah already had a card before but Juan reminded him then the refree took out the red card .
after all I think Brazil are the best in this round and I hope you stay like this until the end .


Noor said...


Mary said...

It seems like the refs missed an offsides call that aided Brazil in winning. Also, I think that if they want to win it all that they'll have to do a better job of being willing to pass the ball to other members on the team instead of going for individual glory.

Libyano said...

Mary you are right about the individual glory and thats what worrries me the most , because I see sometimes they dont have the spirit to play as a complete team .

Noor I wonder which team do you support .

Noor said...

Will be Germany for Karin :D
but honestly i like Brazil and Argentina :)