Disappointing day

I wasn't going to comment on today's games but after watching Asdaa Kas Al Alam on MBC I rethought about it , well as usual and again the Saudi team proved they cant do any better , I am not in a place to judge them but they didn't improve at all even this is their fourth world cup appearance , and it's true what Haydar al wattar said that why we say the Saudi team didn't play good today why don't we accept that this is the Saudi team and this is how they play , well the propaganda and the over confidence in the team lead to all this , Hayder al watar again said something which I really really loved if Bangladesh play against Saudi Arabia who will you think will win , of course Saudi Arabia and why don't we accept the same thing when we say if saudia arabia plays against Ukraine who will win , this Saudi over confidence lead to the 8 goals loss against Germany in 2002 I remember exactly before the game the Saudi guy in the art studio saying since Saudi won against Senegal on the friendly game before the world cup and the Senegal lost against Germany so logically we will surly win , unfortunately football doesn't work this way and this is the thing the saudis didn't learn until now , Fouad Anwar who was one of the saudi players in1994 world cup was also on the show tonight and I agree with him when he was commenting on the Saudi player who said that the field condition didn't help us to play good today , he said well if you are in a level to play a world cup you shouldn't say something like that but unfortunately the Saudi players are not for the level of the world cup .
Tunisian lack of fitness and with help of their coach mistakes fell to the ground in just 10 minutes , they were ahead with one goal and they thought they can keep that single goal safe till the end .
so is this another wastign of time for the arabic teams in the world cup , even there is still a chance untill the next matches but I think I had enough look to know that there isn't a chance for going to the second round, so we have to wait another 4 years to see if the arabic teams would have learned soemthing from their previous mistakes .


7mada said...
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7mada said...

Saudi Arabia did not offer the best attacking threat, yet they didn't do well defensively, they gave the Ukrainian players too much time and space on the ball and didn't close any of the players down. A very bad display.

As for the Tunisian - I had an optimistic feeling they would get a solid draw or maybe a win. They did well in the first half with an early goal, I was hoping for more attacking play with short passes breaking the stunned Spanish defence, but they didn't capitalise and they seemed rushed when on the ball, yet they defended well for 45 mins, closed the Spanish players down and didn't give them time on the ball. Yet I believe the Spaniards did not utilise the wings. With a most likely motivating half-time team talk from Spain’s manager the second half result was inevitable - more wing play from Spain and they posed a greater attacking threat with Raul's movement on and off the ball. The Tunisians looked frustrated and didn’t defend as well allowing the Spanish wingers to attack. A shame really, but the Tunisians did give a encouraging 45 mins, which is good :)

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