Road Trip- Part 4 - The Car

Tuesday 20th March 2007

we left Cairo at 9 pm , a quick check up on the car said that everything is good to go , we planed to go non stop until Darnah or Albayda in Libya so stops were only for gas filling , we choose to leave at night so we can arrive in Libya when the sun rises and it would be easir to drive in the one line roads we have in Libya which is quite dangerous at night , but in Egypt they have highways until Alsaloom.

we took the tip from one of the Libyan guys we met in Cairo and took the desert road until the exit of Al alameen instead of finishing it all the way until Alexandria ,it was much better and few kilometers shorter , everything was great until we were about to reach the end of the highway to Al alameen .

A red sign flashed on the dashboard , the cars heat sign , the temperature was normal though , we stopped and checked the manual of the car , the sign meant the car needs water for the radiator , we checked the water and it was not fully empty so we decided to go at least until the nearest gas station to check it out , this nearest gas station was more than 50 km away, there we found a mechanic who didn't add much to the known fact that the car needs water, we filled the radiator with water but there was a leak because we could see that the water we filled was running under our feet , where is the leaking point we couldn't find it and the mechanic came with magical idea after trying everything t find the source of leakage , he gave us this powder that you mix with the water and it closes any leak , we had no choice but to use this magical powder at least till we get to the big gas station he told us about few kilometers from here .

There was no big gas station for more than 20 kilometers but the car was ok , the sign didn't appear again the leaking stopped and the temperature is great , so even wen we stopped at this big gas station the mechanic there said everything is cool it's gonna get you to the borders smoothly no worries , I remember seeing the sign saying Alsaloom after 200 km at 2 am that night just before the water signal appeared again and the temperature started to rise , we had two gallons of water with us just in case this happens and we used them both , we go few hundreds of meters then stop just when the temperature rise again to let the car cool , cars barely passed by and when a car passes it makes me hold my shirt tight so it wont fly from the wind of the car made while speeding, we were stuck there in the darkness of night, ther was nothing to do even we passed by a gas station and he said he can't do anything to us so just keep trying cooling the car when the temperature rises and then until you get to the borders, so thats what we did and one of the times zikweeni added the water and closed the radiator immediately and I told him no and opened it immediately and boom the hot steaming water exploded on my hand and I got a lovely nice burn on my arm , It was burning me inside and I couldn't do anything about it but just hold my arm feeling the extreme pain and watch the bubbles grow on my burned arm , the pain was unbearable , we tried to stop cars again but no one bothered to even slow down, I used the tomato past we had with us for making mbakbka , I used it on my burned hand to cool the heat I was feeling and believe me when I put it it gets hot so quick and I had to remove it , I used the wet napkins we had but they get dry when I put them , it was that bad and I didn't know what to do to make the heat and the burning sensation to go , Zikweeni was driving for the first time since we got in Egypt (I'll tell you later on why he doesn't drive in egypt) , I sat next to him leaving my arm hanging from the window so the cold wind hit it while the car was moving but my fingers started to get numb , then I used tooth paste creast complete 7 which they should make it complete 8 and add the burn cooler effect , it really did a great job at least it let me sleep for I don't know for how long but I woke up with zikweeni filling the car with water again and as I saw the sun was already rising I asked him are we there yet , he shrug and said I don't even know how much we have left , we both laughed so hard on this .

It took us forever to pass those 200 kilometers , and the car was faithful with us until she got us to the entrance of Alsaloom , just at the spot where we can see the police check point before entering Alsaloom the car stopped , again with a huge laugh from both of us we knew it's not gonna move any further from here , and with us both not knowing anything about cars mechanic we didn't know what to do so the best thing is to try to get to that police check point cos it seems like my thumb isn't attractive enough for the cars passing by to stop , I can't say for sure it was two kilometer or more the distance we pushed the car but I really lost sense of everything then the time ,the hunger ,the self cleanness , the sun was burning hot and it was right on top of us , at the police check point we asked them for help and I want to thank them here because they stopped a car for me to give me a lift till the center of Alsaloom , I jump in the back of a truck with the bags of sh3eer , at Alsaloom city center which was formed of almost 100 flat old houses and shops , a gas station and one mechanic , he asked me one question before i explained what happened , whats your car and he said one thing only after I told him it's golf , sorry I don't know hwo to deal with these cars , so jumping again on the back of another car in the gas station but this time with couple of kids and an old woman I returned back to Zikweeni , we have to pull the car at least until the gas station down town ,we waited for a while to find someone who accept pulling us , it's great being at the police check point because people have no other choice than stopping and listening to us , now I insisted on the mechanic to hear the whole story and take a look at the car when we got in front of his place , he offered to help us find some car to pull us up the mountain to reach the borders , again I don't know for how long we walked in Asaloom looking for a trunk to pull us , couple of them refused becasue their car is quite weak for the job others wanted take advantage of this and get as much money as they can from us , in the end we found our guy who was fair enough to pull it just for 120 LE , just pull the car up the mountain less than 5 km , I forgot to mention that the car's breaks doesnt work when t's not turned on because they are built like this , so here I am holding the wheel with one hand and the other holding the hand breaks witht , zikweeni next to me holding tight on his seat belt , the truck started pulling us , I kept telling Zikweeni take my phone capture this moment , and as he always been he was scared and Yelled at me Wagtah toa hada wagtah ash'hado an la ilah ila allah wa ash'hado an mo7amdan rasool allah, I was scared too because who knows what if the robe get loose and I can't stop the car from falling backwards , but it was quite fun the feeling of being so heavy as the truck was pulling us up and on the turns when I use the hand break to slow down I was feeling like at any minute there will be a strong pull from the truck while I am rising the hand break and thats it the robe will be cut , I never was nervous doing something in my life like this because if you ever go to the place I am talking about you will understand what I mean .

we let out screams of joy when arrived at the top , it was a hell of short scary trip much more fun than the roller coaster .

At the borders we had to push the car by ourselves from the gate at the Egyptian side till the the Libyan gate ,we tried asking couple of people Libyans and Egyptians if we could just hang the rope at the back of their car just till the end of the borders but everyone had an excuse , the car is loaded , the customs will make troubles , and even for money some asked for non reasonable prices , so with laughs and excitement we did it our own and pushed it all the way for about two or three kilometers , I didn't realize that I was smelling like a pig until I was at the customs to finish the car's papers cos the guy working there pulled all the muscles of his neck and laid backwards when I stood in front of him , I didn't care much about that and as I forgot to mention what happened to my hand in here I forgot all about it there , I left the tooth past dry on it and crusting and didn't bother to check a doctor for it .

around 6 PM we were in Libya in front of the gate of the Libyan side of the borders, and a new adventure was about to begin .


ph said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry :), but I guess alls well that ends well.


Libyano said...

I guess you should laugh ph, I laugh every time I remember all this .

Lebeeya said...

What a trip Libyano!!! Glad you are back safe and in one peice. I am the master when it comes to putting water into the car radiator. I am actually considering becoming a mechanic what do you think? :D

I hope your hand is better now. It looks really bad! :(

Libyano said...

may be next time I'll take you with me Lebeeya ,at least you are strong enough to get a burn like mine :P

MaySoon said...

OUCH! looks like a bad burn,, really 7amdellah 3al salama...

Anglo-Libyan said...

Alhamdulellah 3ala alsalama.

your arm did look bad but you are a doctor and im sure you got it sorted :o)

what an adventure! i feel exauhsted just for reading it.

Libyano said...

Thank you Maysoon allah ysalmik .

Anglo Libyan I wish you a similar adventure , you will find it exciting more than exhausting .