Road Trip- Part 3 - Cairo

Cairo the capital of Egypt was our final stop before we return back to Libya , it's about 200 km from Alexandria by the desert road ( el tareeq el sa7rawi ) which was really nice and nothing like our libyan desert road , we arrived at the borders of Cairo just when it was getting dark and I can't remember how many taxis we get our car close to and asked about the way ( I didn't ask any people from the street because I was afraid that what happened in Alexandria would happen again) , I wanted to go to madenit nasr ( Nasr city) and I don't know how I got there but when I was telling our friend who live there from where we came he was choked that we took a huge turn around cairo to get here .

The first night we rested at our friends house and did nothing but sleep , we stayed six days in cairo , and only two special places I wanted to visit there, the Pyramids and the Egyptian museum ,for some reason I don't know why I was too crazy to drive in Cairo , it wasn't like anything I know , I can't tell you how crowded the roads are until you see them yourself , but they have one thing that makes every traffic jam vanish quickly , the cars never stop , they are moving all the time , buses never stop and people get in and out while it's moving , cars never stop even for people who are crossing the road , every one keeps moving and only hit the breaks lightly to slow down but never stop , if you stop like I did you find the street filled with shouting screaming yelling drivers with their car horns making it impossible to hear anything else .

one day went just for exploring downtown Cairo by car and by feet , from morning till night ,we did nothing but walk around getting lost between the millions of people there , at Altahreer square ( maydan el ta7reer) , Talat Harb street , then to el 3ataba then to Roksi and couple of other places I don't even know their names , too bad we forgot to bring the camera and thinking of going back home was impossible .

the next day was for the pyramids , more than one hour to get there even I took 6th October bridge which was made to cross the center of Cairo without getting stuck forever , I've been to Egypt before and I've seen the pyramids the excitement when I saw them was like the first time for those who haven't seen them let me tell you that they are big , bigger than you think bigger than than anyone can explain to you bigger than what you see on TV , you really have to go and see them yourself , it's just amazing how they are made , I can't say more about them because you really have to come see them by yourself , and to make the trip there even better then hire a horse and never accept the first price they give you , first we were told 120 LE each but in the end we got it only for 30 LE each and of course you will get stuck with a guide , our guide was talking non stop about how tourists pay him with euro and dollars and kept repeating it on and on and on and on and on till zikweeni told him we will pay you in euro but only if you shut up.

At the Egyptian museum I can say that two things attracted me only , the mummies and the Tutankhamun section , other than that I really got dizzy from the big amount of statues and things they got there , it's too much for a person to see in one day , I think I spent more than three hours just walking from aisle to aisle , too bad no cameras allowed inside .

Surly we didn't miss a walk at khan alkhaleeli but it wasn't as good as they show it on tv , I couldn't resist and bought little pyramids and a papyrus .

the rest of the time in Cairo we spent it either taking walks downtown or at City stars the coolest place to hang out .

one thing I got to say about Cairo is the controversy you see there ,you see sub zero people and millionaires, and it was bothering me so much seeing how the rich have no respect for the poor, humiliating the poor ones is almost normal thing over there , people aren't equal in all the world but the way I saw it in Egypt it just sucks .

there was nothing else for us to see there and it was fun but if we stay more days we were gonna get bored so on Tuesday night 20th March we left Cairo , we didn't know that fun was only about to start .


A.Adam said...

amazing you are lucky cause I wish that I could do the same thing.

MaySoon said...

Thanks for the post.. amazing.. Cairo has its own spirit..

My visit to the pyramids wasn't a good experience lol it was on a bloody hot day during JULY, plus I was pregnant, so I just kind of walked the around cursing at the minute I have agreed to go .. but maybe next time.. will be a good one inshallah... :o)

Libyano said...

Adam ,may be one day we make bloggers trip :) .

Maysoon I don't know how you did it , going there while pregnant ,inshallah you get to go there again .

A.Adam said...

good idea libyano what about this summer? :P

Anonymous said...

hello, I don't want to patronize, but there a lot to see in Cairo. I have lived for 9 years in Cairo and I used to take walks with a group of ladies, with a professional guide(it took us 6 months). We discovered the Islamic Cairo.You wouldn't believe how fascinating it is: old houses, sabeels, madrasas, mosques, the city of the dead, the shrines of ahl bait al nabietc,etc...It is part of our history as muslims, and it is extremely enriching.(next time you go I'll give you tips! id. if you go to Damascus, i have spent many years over there)wassalaam

Libyano said...

Adam we'll plan for this at the right time .

I wish I had some guide with me there cos i really know that cairo is the home of the islamic history , inshallah next time .

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