Flaysha is the other name for Al ahli football club that the fans like to call it here in Libya, and for those who doesn't know , Alahli is the number one club in Libya and even it's going down the past few years yet it's still got the biggest number of fans , they occupy more than 3/4 of the stadium and only 1/4 for Al Iti7ad the biggest opponent .

Yesterday was the big game here in Libya , Al ahli vs Al Iti7ad , I can't say that I am Al ahli fan but I know I don't like AL iti7ad at all , so I went to the game yesterday with my friends and it was a hell of experience , first the crowd outside was outstanding and unbelievable especially the police was closing all the doors in for Al ahli's fans side , the game was great because Alahli played really well but Al Iti7ad scored a goal in the second half and the excitement of the game lasted until the extra time when Al ahli had a penalty kick at the minute 94 but surprisingly Nader Kara took the ball from Omar dawood and went to score it but he lost it as we all expected it, not because Kara isn't a good player but he is not into Al ahli at all , he have been playing for months now but he still didn't get into the team and I guess after loosing that crucial penalty kick yesterday he should consider hiding for a while because now he is the number one enemy for all Al ahli fans .

The best thing in the game was the fans , so much fun so many songs they are singing and lots and lots of fireworks , I just wish the game was at night so we could have seen all the fireworks clearly .


mani said...

Ah ya Libyano that was refreshing you know I was telling my friends here in the UK that Libyan fans are like none-other and that for a small population in Libya, the proportion of fans to the population is huge walahe it is.. now I have a favour to ask of u and if u get it organised itll be amazing

can u and ur ahly fans organise a mexican wave at one of the games ate night.. but it has to be a standard Libyan Mexican wave " which means when people lift their hands up, they should all do it lighting a lighter.. and record the whole thing on video.. its amazing.. one Libyan did it once but lost the video.. its like a wave of fire that travels the stands at night.. awesome.. just awesome.. thanks for the post :)

Libyano said...

thank you Mani for stopping by
as you said people here are crazy about football even though we have no history in the international or the local history of football ,people love the game and enjoy it .
I am afraid to tell you what you asked is something really difficult to do but the fans do the mexican wave all the time .