Road Trip- Part 2 - Alexandria

Alexandria was the first stop for us to explore , we arrived Monday night at around 9 , we were supposed to take a rest and sleep but instead we went out for a walk on the long lovely corniche , it was windy but the cold breeze felt so good after a long trip .

the next day Tuesday we woke up quite late and started the tour by visiting Qaitbay Citadel , it was amazing from the outside and the inside , and as all the castles I visited before the stairs steps are very high and the doors are huge as well which makes me wonder were these people giants or what ?
next to the citadel was a small sea world buliding so we got in there and it was the worst sea world I have ever seen , the place was a mess .

Bibliotheca Alexandrina was the only place I wanted to visit in Alexandria , I've seen and read about it before but nothing was close to what I saw when I was there , the building looked amazing with a very modern architecture something I cant explain , how the sun is lighting all the inside and how the floors were like steps , everything was visible when you get to the top floor , and in the middle there was area where old printing machines and a section where Impressions of Alexandria gallery , Shady Abdelsalam Gallery and Manuscript Museum, after checking all these places I wanted to check some books and I got very confused because of the large amount of references I could get , I spent two hours just surfing through some books with the help of a great assistant I found there .
when I went out I took a little walk around the Library where I found a sundial and checked the time and it was correct , it was 1:55 on my watch and few cm before 2 on the sundial , outside also was the head of Alexander the great and the Bibliotheca Alexandria Planetarium .

At night we decided to take a round in the streets of Alexandria with my car but we got lost , we asked for the directions to the Corniche but we found ourselves being more and more lost until we realized that some of the people we asked were giving us wrong directions and I think it was intentionally , we got into narrow streets where I was thinking this is it now they are gonna make us stop and steal the car and everything else , I derove non stop in the narrow streets and tried to use my sense of directions but we got ourselves more lost until we found ourselves going in a street full of people and their wooden carriages selling all these kind of things you see in any Egyptian movie fil 7ara , I hit one carriage with the car without intention because I was watching the hundreds of people walking in front, next to and behind the car , the guy started yelling with these Egyptian bullshit words , soka moka, 7almbo galmbo , shika bika and no word cam out from me but I was ready to run him over if he got near to me , zikweeni was looking around like crazy trying to tell me to watch out for this and for that , now another car came from the other end of the long endless full of people street , it was a taxi and he was yelling Irga3 ya 3am inta gai fil mamnoo3 , I realized that when I saw other two cars came behind him , I told him irga3 inta ya asta and there we got stuck , so was this the trap I was waiting for , no it wasn't , some guy removed some of the stuff he was selling and told me to get in the place carefully and slowly I felt I am not going out of this without any loss tonight , I asked zikweeni to hide the money we got under the dashboard and we both started laughing .
thank god we got ourselves out of this mess after the help of this guy who removed his stuff for us , after all there was a gada3 as the Egyptians say and he told us the way out exactly and we followed it , it took us more than three hours of being lost ,but the car didn't get a single scratch and our money was still with us so it wasn't a total loss after all .

Wednesday morning , no more going out with the car , so we took a cab to Al Manshiyya (downtown), there was the memoir of The Unknown Soldier at Ahmed Orabi Square and Mohamed ali statue at altahrir square , then we went to shara3 Faransa where in soem of the sides streets from there you find the best places where they make the best bdali 3arbeeya a Libyan traditional costume , I went to a ma7al owned by a guy called Yakoot who is well known in this , while he was taking my size when he was putting the tape meter around my belly he taped on my Karsha ( belly) and said di 7a tzeed wala khlas kefaya keda ( so this will grow more or what ),to be honest I didn't know what to answer him so I just shrug my shoulders .
then we went out and walked through the streets into a street market like the one we got stuck into the night before until we reached al-Morsi Abu'll Abbas Mosque .

we were supposed to check out before 12 , so we went back to teh apartment early and took our luggage and went to Carrefour city center at the beginning of The Desert road (EL tareeq al sa7rawi) , had lunch there and headed to Cairo .


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MaySoon said...

Alexandria is one of the best cities I have ever visited, good memories :o).. glad to hear you came out of that trap safe and with no scratches too.. that guy was a real gada3 alhamdolilah

lovelytripoli said...

الصور حلوة واكيد حايكونوا حلويين لانهم من تصويرك
طبعا اني علقت في الفيكر علي صورة تقريبا

مع تحياتي الطرابلسية

Libyano said...

thank you maysoon , thank you Hibo , sorry for the late reply I've been busy lately plus no internet at home

Amr Khames said...

و الله انا مبسوط بالبلوج بتاعك ده و اول مره اعرف ان فيه ناس ليبين بتفهم انا كنت مفكركم كلكم بهايم اه و علي فكره اسكندريه اجدع ناس و لو هما كانوا متعمدين يضللوك و يوصفولك الطرق غلط فده لسبب بسيط اننا بنكره الليبيين لسببين اولا لتخلفكم و جهلكم و ثانيا لكرهكم الغير مبرر للمصريين
well you still can email me if you have any response. amrkhames2002@yahoo.com

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