Road Trip - Part 1-

As I promised I will start posting the story of my trip step by step and in this first part I will write about the first two days .

The first day, Sunday 11th March me and Zikweeni left Tripoli at 7 am , we packed everything we could which later on we realized we didn't need half of it , before we left we decided to make our trip further than the Libyan borders so stopping in Libya will be on our way back , this was the first tiem for both of us to go beyond Misrata ,and even everyone said it's one way stright and there is no way of loosing the direction I bought a map from Alforgani bookstore which is amazing because it's roads map with distance written between every point because as you know there aren't much signs on the road to know where you are or how far you are from anywhere , so we headed east and stopped at Misrata (200km) at 9 we had breakfast there at a local cafe and then hit the road non stop until Sirt where we stopped for lunch then all the way till Benghazi ,we didn't want to finish from Agdabiya till Tubroug directly but we went north to Benghazi and spent the night there at a hotel called Africa hotel in Algeria street , this was my first time to visit Benghazi and I found it really nice although it seems so old and all the building are so old , even that Tebisti hotel that we see on tv all the time , there we found that they have three big streets , shari3 3ishreen , shara3 Dubai , and shara3 Gamal , at least these are the main thee street I knew by asking people over there ,and while driving there I got lost so many times and asking people over there didn't help ,I know I am talking like I wasn't in Libya but seriously the accent was quite difficult and different than those shraga(eastern) in tripoli because they talk really really fast I don't know why , we had dinner at a place called Aldimashki , it's a very nice place at Dubai street with all these Lebanese food or may be it's Syrian because of the name , next morning at 7 as well I took directions from the hotel reception and we got our selves a shorter way than the one we planned to take which involved passing by Albyada and Derna so instead we took the road to Almarij then took the desert road ( elsa7rawi) , I even learned a new word from the guy was telling me the directions, it's 3goba meaning the road around the mountain , first I thought they meant ma6ab or something like that .
Almarj was amazing and I felt like I wasn't in Libya because of the green fields and trees I saw , we passed by Taknis which was amazing and the people over there were so kind , we stopped to ask for the road and the old men sitting there made us stop and drink the morning tea with them , it was so nice with the fresh air filling my lung , then we reached el sa7rawi , I thought we were lost because we were the only car there , we even stopped and took pictures in the middle of the road and I even slept and no car passed , I think it took more than 20 minutes until a car showed up, the road was about 250 km and at the end of it we reached el Tameemi then headed east towards Tobrug , we didn't stop until we reached Imsa3id at around 12 , we did the papers for the car at the customs and then headed to the borders , at the Libyan side everything was smooth and only two cars were there so we got our passport stamped fast then we reached the Egyptian side where the troubles started , no offense to all the Egyptians but almost all the guys working at the border are working with rashwa (money tips) only , you tip them they do what they are supposed to do but if you don't then you have to wait for a very long time , I agreed with Zikweeni that we are not paying any garsh for them ,so we had to be the last ones in everything , but before that the first thing we faced is the fire extinguisher, we didn't have one and we had to buy a new one from them , so this is tip number one ( if you are going to Egypt with your car bring a fire extinguisher with you ) ,then at the customs they searched every inch of the car and even checked the spare tire if it was filled with air or something else , I am glad I didn't hide anything there , I know if I gave them 10 or 20 Egyptian pounds they wont search anything , now the paper work for the car took more than two hours first because somehow the engine's number wasn't written in the car's registrations and second because I didn't tip the guy checking the Engine and Car's number and everyone else was tipping him so he left us last , so me and zikweeni took two chips packs and bought cold drinks and said to the guy m3ak la leel ma wrana shai , it was a hot sunny day but yet we decided to wait until 4 o'clock we got out of the Egyptian borders and went down to Alsaloom through the amazing road on the sea, filled with our stink and sweats I felt like my kanatera is glued to my skin now , but we didn't have any other choice than driving all the way until Alexandria ,the distance is about 500km and we reached Alexandria around 9 rented an apartment took a nice long shower then instead of going to sleep we found ourselves going out again .

Km passed at the first day ( Tripoli to Benghazi) 990Km

Km passed at the second day ( Benghazi to Alexandria) 1060 km

Total 2050 Km

Tebesti Hotel in Benghazi

at Almarj



( only 20 km away from the last picture )
Very Big difference


Safia speaks said...

Thanx...but you should have taken more pictures ;-(

Fire extinguishers in Egypt??! They gotta be kidding!

I´m so glad you and Z didn´t pay bakshees for getting over the border. I always refuse this too and have to wait in line.

MaySoon said...

Nice, good for you, I envy you guys, mashallah!

I gree with Safia you should've taken more pictures :o)..

Waiting for Part 2...

AngloLibyan said...

Libyano you couldnt have posted this on Sunday!!
I check your blog everyday and I am sure until yesterday this post was not here.
anyway good trip, I am enjoying it and I add my voice to the others, more pictures please :o)

Libyano said...

Safia and Maysoon, I know I took few pics because as I said we planed to stop in Libya in our way back and I was driving most of the time.

Anglolibyan , of course I didn't post it on Sunday but I guess because I started writing this post on Sunday and it was on drafts until I posted it yesterday and I didn't check out the date until you told me

absi said...

asalamo aleykom i like this idea
and so lovly picture abaut almrj its so nice picture like naturale Europe i seen this picture imagine austria i dont know why i am sorry my english very bad
anyway nbe ngul sura mta3 almraj 7abetha helba sub7anallah tkhaylt hadi sura fe nemsa mesh 3arf a3lash
lol mix libyan english
thanks for picture bro and fekra 7elwa enek tsawr re7letk
good luck bro
asalamo aleykom

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