I read this interesting article in Time magazine , about the research of two guys on The Ewww Factor , the study made by Andrea Morales and Gavan Fitzsimons is based on the concept of touch transference which is If something repulsive touches something benign, the latter, even if it's physically unchanged, becomes "infected."

In a series of studies, the researchers found not only that some products--trash bags, diapers, kitty litter, tampons--evoke a subconscious feeling of disgust even before they're used for their ultimate messy purposes, but they can also transfer their general ickiness to anything they come in contact with.

The idea that negative qualities can be passed by a touch has become hardwired, says Fitzsimons. (That applies to good qualities too, which is why touching a holy object or person is considered a way of acquiring a little holiness for oneself.) So he and Morales set out to see whether toilet paper and other products could psychologically contaminate food in a shopping basket.

Any food that touched something perceived to be disgusting became immediately less desirable itself, though all of the products were in their original wrapping. The appeal of the food fell even if the two products were merely close together; an inch seemed to be the critical distance, More irrationally still, the subjects were less comfortable with a transparent package than an opaque one, as if it somehow had greater power to leak contamination.

It's also part of a growing trend of applying science to supermarkets (see chart). Analysts who study shopping habits have already made some surprising discoveries about product placement. "Eye level," for example, used to mean, not surprisingly, "at the level of the eyes." But shoppers tend to keep their eyes aimed at cart level much of the time, making sure they aren't about to run over another customer. And because Americans read from left to right, shelf-stockers tend to put name brands like, say, Heinz, on the left side of the ketchup display, and the lesser known, more profitable in-house brand on the right.

the whole article is here

It's very interesting since I find myself in the supermarket when i put things in the bags I try to keep the toilet paper alone in a separate bag I never knew why but I was doing it subconsciously and now thinking about it yes I would always try to not take anything I see someone holding before me like like if I want a can of Pepsi and someone just warped his hand around it and put it back in the fridge I wont take that one but another one , I think of it as matter of not healthy more than Ewww but after all the Pepsi alone unhealthy and at least 10 people touched before it got to me so in the end should we make a bag for the can so when you take it you throw the bag and open the can cos the can only protects whats in it but what protects the can itself .

this reminds me of bazeen, isn't it cool to eat it with someone with green color under his nails :P

in the end as they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger or as we say in Libyan
اللي ما يقتل يسمن


mani said...

Libyano.. 3lash mazal mafeesh comments hnee???.. besara7a Ive been thinking about what to comment men el soba7 but I thought id wait and see what other could come up with.. i personally tried to think if this ewwww factor applied to me but I honestly cant seem to do it lol...Myabe its cause ive spent so much time living with students here in the UK, although my adopted Libyan flatmates are great guys, most of teh student community here is the grimiest, dirtiest, most disgusting community in the world I swear.. yet, when they leave the house or dress nicley to go outside for a meal or something everyone seems to remember that there are such things as ewwww lolololol

double standards lolol.. dunno how these researchers could explain that :)

I try and eat bazeen only with my family LOLOLOL.

Libyano said...

Wook finally someone commented :P
glad to see you here ya khoi mani , sheni hada mafesh 7ad has Ewww problems wala sheni these days.

eeh ya mani living without any females to clean or to tell you how Ewww what you are about to do will make you do the craziest things in the world like eating mbakbka on zleez cos there is no clean dishes ,those were one of my best days , enjoy them ya mani cos you will never do anything as disgusting as the things you can do now .

by the way I want to ask a question for you and for everyone , what is the most disgusting thing that you will never do ?
my answer would be wearing someone else's used underwear, now this is Ewwww :P

Khadijateri said...

I won't wear any of those rubber bathroom shib shibs...I only will wear my own shoes. The thought of putting on those slimy shib shibs that people keep in their bathrooms just gives me the heeby-jeebies! ewwweee!

Anglo-Libyan said...

when ever i go to the supermarket i always pick up products from the back, never the first one and I thought i was alone!
some of my friends think im weird but some of them now do the same after I told them the first one is always touched by so many hands.
I have my own mug at work, I never use public toilets unless really have to and what sister khadija mentioned about shib shib, well that is a nightmare Ewwwwwwww :o)

i have many more but i think i better stop :oD

Lebeeya said...

Really interesting & true! Its funny that I am also the type that wouldnt pick up the first thing on the shelf, I usually dig out the last one and take it. And when I used to go shopping and buy catfood for shalfuta, I used to hold the cat food box in my hand and not put it in the karoosa with all the other things.

I dont like people touching my food, I get very disgusted when someone does that. Especially if i didnt know the person very well.. Thats very Ewww for me.

mani said...

Libyano.. thats one Ewww blog template you got there.. I mean newwwww sorry lolol.. looks fab!! :)

you said will do.. are you actally gonan wear someone's old dirty underweaaaar?? EWWWWWW.. MY god how eww can you get.. I think the most Ewwww thing ive ever done (and sometimes still do when im absent minded) is to nbarbersh between my toes for a long time especially when I take off my socks (subconciously) and after 5 mins I'd smell it :D LOOLOLOL.. I bet that's Ewwwwwwww hehehe

Lebeeya's playing her ewww down a but. What about flying spit Lebeeya? lolol.. and WA too.. she didnt seem fazed by the fact someone sent dog poo in an envelope to the police station when they were fined unfairly lololol

Lebeeya said...

Mani, thank you for reminding me. HOW could I forget the TFAAAL!!! I totally forgot to add that to my list. Someone elses TFAAL is so disgusting, especially if it lands on ur lips :D

A Totaly EWWWWWWWWWWW moment!

Lebeeya said...

Mani, you nbarbersh your toes then smell your toes or your fingers??!! Whatever it is u smell that is so EWWWWWWWWWWWWW.. you are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Libyano did u really wear someone elses underwear??!! HAHAHAHAHA.. you are so disgusting too!

Stay away from me... both of you!


Libyano said...

Abla kahdija
bathroom shibshib, thats weird but thinking about it now I think I am going to carry my shibshib everywhere with me.

Anglo Libyan
Welcome to our planet, Maybe one day they have a sterilization room for everyone before going into the super market

Lebeeya, Shalfuta used to eat from the same plate as you and now you are telling me you walk around the super maket holding her cat food. Now thats kinda shady dont you think?
tfal is nothing compared to someone throwing up all over you, once I had a patient threw up all over me now that is a total Ewww moment especially since the rice and beans were still in shape.

Mani, you and Lebeeya understood me wrong, I said I WOULD NEVER WEAR SOMEONE ELSE'S UNDERWEAR, THAT IS THE MOST DISGUSTING THING EVER, why the hell would I do that lol

but while I ran out of clean cloths along with my friend on our road trip we made a joke of flipping our underwear inside out and wearing them..

tbarbish fi soab3ik and you get high by smelling them, you should be arrested for that

Lebeeya said...

Only after i call you disgusting you re-phrase your underwear sentence :P

Patient throwing up on you?! That sounds awful. I think you should quit medical school immediatly!!! :)

I never said I get disgusted from Shalfuta... I only get disgusted from her cat food :D

It stinks.

MaySoon said...

What an interesting article/post ya Libyano thank you bro :o)..

I mean some of the stuff I do like when at supermarket I first do the groceries in one basket and take another one for the waste bags, toilet papers and stuff like that.. Gosh I thought I was categorizing..lol

I agree with Mrs. Khadija..lol I HATE IT when someone puts on my shibshib (I don't even think of putting on someone else's) and I actually ask them to take it off and run to the bathroom and wash it..lol and that applies to my shoes and clothes, if someone put something that’s mine on I simply give it to them.. I don't use it any more... Alhamdolilah I’m petit my stuff don’t fit any one..lol

I can think of million other things but I don't want to sound weird..lol

Libyano said...

Lebeeya, I wouldn't quit for such a small reason like that, believe me I've seen worse and I am sure I will see more, remember we deal with a lot of SAMPLES

plus who will treat you when you are sick :D

don't worry you are a normal person ,but don't you think you are taking it too far giving away your stuff just cos your freind used it ,well if it's a tooth brush then it's ok but a t-shirt or other cloths I would wash it then wear it 3adi but not underwear, lol I don't know whats wrong with me and the underwear , I am thinking since it's the only thing that you can't return to the shop after buying then this should be applied to it even outside shops :D

waiting for more things from you raho .

MaySoon said...

LOL Libyano.. no I don't think it's too far, for some reason I don't think washing clothes will make the touch of someone else's skin on that piece of clothe go away..lol

Few other things..I can’t sit on a chair immediately after some one gets off it.. the thought of the warmth of the chair is ewww to me.. :oS
Can't stand it when on an outing or some place with ladies around talk to me and actually place their hand on my knee you know ppl do that a lot and I HATE IT I'll be disgusted for the rest of the evening!

yasir 3ad..lol We carry anti-bacterial hygiene gel every where..!!

Lebeeya said...

Libyano, :)

Maysoon, lol thanks for letting us know :) Now I know not to touch you when I see you!

Can we atleast shake hands??! :D

mani said...

um.. I thought we were considering ewwwwww.... not ooooooh lololol.. I cant relate to shaking hands and wearing other peoples clothes (not underwear) as disgusting.. but maybe thats just the student life grime that I live in that has corrupted me.. since Ive come back home mother has freaked lolol.. barra dawwesh.. barra kool.. na77e she'7sherek.. o3'sOL REJLEEK MATMESSHOMESH!!! 2oshrob men el tasa mesh men el sheeshma.. now THATS one thing I just have not learnt to curb all my 24 years (v soon) of existence... My dad has gone insane literally for this fact alone.. do you think it's ewww to drink straight while snogging the sheeshma?? LOLOLOL

P>S LOLOL the word verifaction for this post was TeBokkel LOLOL

Libyano said...

lol maysoon I think what you are doing is zyada shway reminds me of Monk lol

ya3ni if you see the things we do you will get crazy, we have this rule when me and the guys go out for zarda or something who doesn't help in anything especially cleaning the dishes will get what we call el 3'asla which is you know when you naga3 6angra or the left overs in the sink after washing the dishes well we put them in a malgi and pour it on the lazy person, now thats fun this way no one ever sit and watch but we did it couple of times but not to me alhamdulilah :D .

Lebeeya ,
shaking hands :S ,I always wonder if the person who offers me his hand was picking his nose before that, but is's always good to shake hand sa7

lol moms are all the same , mine always complain how I open the fridge and drink anything directly hiki but it's good cos my sisters wouldn't touch that juice after seeing me do this :P .
dad always make fun of my socks how when I take them off they stand still cos yabsat min el 3rag lol

lol at the word verification I get nice words too sometimes i remember once it was Kabiish

sorry people I am not disgusting person :D

mani said...

LOL libyano.. how bad is ur feet sweat?? I notice your shoes so im guessing is pretty PHOOWAARR! lolol.. remember my shoes.. right.. smell that.. LOLOLOLOL

DaMoon said...

didn't read da post but wanted to say ma7lah el blog mta3ik mwaliya, lovely changes u made, mashallah nice work bro

DaMoon said...

Now i read some of da comments..lol u guyz r gross..lol but i have worst habbits..lol

Libyano said...

alhamdulilah my feet don't stink even i sweat so much .
your shoes.. well yea I can tell, just thank god they didn't find out how to make u smell things through the internet yet :P

as Egyptians say kolik zoo2
now share with us your grossness :P

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