Liverpool or Milan-- It's Milan this time

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The night wasn't as hot as I thought it would be , the match was quite dull it seemed like Liverpool already gave up before even starting the match , they got really great chances and much more than Milan but they lost all of them , I don't understand whats wrong with Gerard tonight he is the keystone of the team but he was sleeping in the field and only wasting every chance he got.
AC Milan players weren't that good as well , I expected to see more from Kaka but I guess he was watched really well by Liverpool defenders , Nesta was the best in Milan , Inzagi was the man of the night scoring the two goals for milan the first with his hand very obvious and clear but the referee was taking their side that he didn't even count the extra time till the end and ended the match at least one minute before the end which is why Liverpool's coach kept pointing to his wrist to every one he saw even to Platini when he received his medal , but you deserved to loose mister Benitez because your players didn't do anything instead of wasting every chance they got .

a weired thing downtown tonight the anti riot police were all around , because Libyans will act as if one of our Libyan teams won tonight , I guess thats why I take the other side against any Italian team when they play because I hate the fact how people here love Italian teams as if they were Italian .


What a great night it's gonna be tonight , Ac milan with their extraordinary performance facing Liverpool who only two years ago stole the cup from ac milan and gave them a lesson they wont forget .
I am not afan of either teams but I am gonna take Liverpool's side I dont knwo why but may be because of my freinds that hate real madrid and love ac milan so I am hoping that they loose so I can make fun of them all night , in the end it's not a big matter who win or losse but I hope to see a great match .

Milan deserves to win because they were the best in all the games before this final and their match with Manchester united was one of the best games this year , and they should take revenge of their loss in 2005 I still cant believe how they were wining 3-0 in the first half then everything turned upside down in just ten minutes in the second half and Liverpool won at the end of that night with penalties .

on the other hand Liverpool are still keeping the good work with their great coach , I hope he does his magic this year as well so we can see a great match .

I wish I was there with you my friend in Athens because I know tonight non of you will sleep .


Anonymous said...

here here, i'm a Liverpool fan too, ok then i'll bring the popcorn and u bring the soda and lets make fun of them lol.

but i hope it doesn't turn against us :S

mani said...

Salam Libyanoooo :D UNLUCKY!!! I bet you were as tense as me in the last 3 mins lol Liverpool could have done it again.. hard luck ema too!! :(

Run Run awaaaaaaaaaaay from your friends Libyano lololol.

I dont really watch football, but I watched this one 3le khatrek :p

Salam ya khoi

Anglo-Libyan said...

better luck next time :o)

bad night here in England.

Anonymous said...

eh enlemo snoona :S

Libyano said...

Eeh ya Ema el bayen el popcorn tla3 mshaw6 , any way liverpool deserve what happened to them , lakin wallahi 7ram fil milan hal kas .

Yasheenik leela , mish I was tense o bas I will show you a picture of my nails inshallah some other time ti greeb kleet sowab3i min el ham .
my friends can't say a thing because in the first goal inzagi touched the ball with his hand ya3ni Goal 7raimi bil 3arbi plus the referee was on their side all the time

angloLibyan may be you should be happy at least it will stay quite there in england

a_akak said...

AC Milam :D WON!!!!! but the 1st half was sooooooooooooo dull and it was a challenge to get throught it but once The goal came in, the game changed slightly but not that much

On the whole a below average game for a final

Fe Aman Allah

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