Feet and stuff

For Safia's challenge, below are some pictures of my shoes, and as Lebeeya I have a size problem when i shop for shoes. because I wear either 45 or 46 so basically I stick with the same shoes till my toes stick out from one of the holes.

As you can see I have a problem with the pedals too because they are so small so I just use the tip of my big toe

Yes I am Gar3a these days , It feels so good during the day but at night my head is freezing

This is our street , Under construction for a week now, but hey they said they will make a treeg so we can it7amil couple of weeks for that ( even I can't believe that they will actually finish it this year).

I got stuck at Alkadeseeya square for almost an hour the other day , why? because Libyans are so stubborn to give the way to each other .

New Fast food restaurants are opening everyday , I think this is one of the big conspiracy so we can die younger .

I don't know why but the first thing came to my mind when I read So7oon Fada2ya is the UFOs


Lebeeya said...

I am glad you feel my pain about not being able to find shoes! For some reason your shoes remind me of a mummy all wrapped up! I dont know why lol

Lots of construction = no irsal, internet connection down = me getting angry! :P

Traffic sucks especially when its hot and your AC is not working! Feel my pain...

I heard from my sister about that new restuarant, cant wait to try it in the summer. Talking about restuarants, I CANT WAIT :D

I wouldnt be surprised if they really meant UFOs lol, anything is possible in Libya :)

piccolina said...

OMG u sooo need to buy a new shoes !!!
and for that momen fast food place Grrrrrr how dare them , i mean the building is historical and they made it look like a clown and their food is YUK !!!

mad said...

you are looks like nshnoosh

Libyano said...

Lebeeya ,
I guess this summer new shoes will be a better gift than the usual sticky Omani halawa .

I will hadid the construction guys and tell them to work fast or I will 7arish Lebeeya , no one wants to see you mad ;)

No AC , how about taking someone with you ymarwa7 3leek ;)

you wont like the new place that much ,Mixicano will still be your best I know .

I think if they do make UFOs this makes sense cos most of Libyans act like aliens :P

we welcome any donations money or Shoes even used one's, :P
you are right about the building it really looks so ugly, so much of orange moshi3 but this is just to attract customers It's a big conspiracy i told you ,and if you go there another time try Kabda iskandarani and you will know what yuk really means :P

Mad thank you ,
but Nashnoosh was libyano X 5

piccolina said...

just the word KABDA make me feel YUK i hate it and u know what i went there once and i had a fight with the guy who works coz he got me the worng thing he he didn't wanna pay me 1.50 LYD the dif between the 2 sandwiches !!
i don't know why but i hate egyptions and the way the serve ppl !!

MaySoon said...

Well at least your shoes still look new unlike Mani's...lol

Inshallah they finish the construction works in your street this year!!!

Traffic in Tripoli is frustrating and gets more frustrating with the weather getting hotter!

By the way Mo2men in Egypt is WAY BETTER than the ones here.

LOL S7oon Fad2ya..lool WHY TRANSLATE IT ughhhhhh!

Libyano said...

don't get me start talking about Egyptians and the hundred of times they tried to fool me in Egypt , I am sorry guys but there are a lot of people giving a really bad image about Egyptians , I will mention just one incidence happened to me at Costa cafe , me and my friend took two medium mochaccino and one English cake only then we got a huge bill when read it found so many extra things added , and el waka7a when I told them there was a mistake they said no you had all this , they put mish 3arif extra cream and extra bullshit on every mochaccino , extra cake , one ice cream ,I amde a big scene and when the manager came he said it's ok if you don't have money 7'aleeha 3leena , wallahi I was gonna kick his face for this , but my friend said ok we are not paying anything and we left , and we kept coming there again just hiki to make them feel annoyed but they never did that again .

Thank you for passing by and I wish you show us Merals shoes :D

DaMoon said...

LOL mashallah bigfeet, but nice shoes, they don't look that old though, and that's not gar3a zay el gatosa el baby...lol

mani said...

Salam, Dude, that's some nice looking shoes you got there!!!.. even a nicer looking dome!!!.. I really wanna have a sal3a or some kinda fade, Libya will be too hot for the afro I've got.. but teh fiance can't stand sal3a's :( oh well lol

I hated mo2min in Egypt.. will probably hate it in Libya.. in fact.. i really dont like to see egyptian style and burger king style stores in Libya.. our traditional kebabishes and eataries are great!!! such a shame theyre trying to take over no??

Libyano said...

the best thing I did I was wearing socks the same color as the shoes so I guess non of you saw the hole on the side :D
and yea it actually feels like a baby cat when I rub my hair :P .

thanks Dude , the best thing here is the barber is my best friend Zikweeni , I never paid garsh for a hair cut since 6 years now :D , so no finance problems with teh hair over here .

mani how about opening a Libyan fast food restaurant , I'll call it Libyano's , serving Hamboorga bil da7i , 6aboona , Scalob , and instead of apple pie we'll have sfenza bil 3sal , and instead of espresso sahi bil kashkosha :P

Safia speaks said...

Is that grey smoke smell coming up from your feet or your car??


Libyano said...

safia , stop using your infrared glasses :P
thank god people can't smell pictures

|:| DUBAI |:| said...

you should remove your shoes when you drive, as what i do :P !

i cannot drive with shoes, either to talk without a headest :P


9e7a 9e7a :P

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