Libyan Tech with LTT

LTT (Libya Telecom and Technology) finally made some changes on their website, this is giving me hope that maybe one day they will make some changes or update their services, maybe the ADSL will get cheaper or at least the connection will work properly. However, there is nothing to do other than wait and complain.

anyway check out the LTT magazine it has some interesting information .

if you are interested in more Tech check out TAQNYA 2007 (The International Telecom & Information Technology Exhibition) which is starting today at the Tripoli International Fair, I'll definatly try to find time to go there soon inshallah.


Misratia said...

yes, wait ... wait ... wait

Blogger from Tripoli:
Please, post about Taqnya 2007.
I will not be able to visit it this year also!!

PH said...

Actually I heard it was going to get cheaper this September, don't know if its going to get faster or not though. It's because they are going to increase the number of subscribers.
btw you have a lot of pop-ups coming from your page.


mani said...

Yeah Libyano we need a proper review.. ph I think theyll need a huge overhaul and upgrade into good fibre before we can dream of having anything near cable speed internet like in the UK.. at least..

PH said...

"ph I think theyll need a huge overhaul and upgrade into good fibre"

Actually Mani there is a good fiber infrastructure at least good enough for High speed internet, there are other reasons for not allowing it to become fast enough some are financial.
Cable is old school by the way even in the UK and North America the new technology is DSL ;) it is much better.

a_akak said...

Actually Libya's fibe network is good and brand new and compared to other 3rd world countries we are not lagging behind that much and as for the Uk, if you compare the UK with other countries the UK is far behind as the networks are old and the internet speed is not fast compared to the like to Germany & France although i have an 8MBit connection and going to upgrade to 16 soon:D

mani said...

Ahmed... ask T-T-Tommy about the fibre in Libya and he will tell you. that's what he was doing in Libya. installing fibre.

Besides, we dont wanna compare Libya to the third world.. teh fact that public services are at thirld world level, sometimes even less, is a scandel.


PH said...

Mani :

Was he installing it for the public sector or private sector ( infrastructure is usually owned by the government )? because I thought he was working with wireless networks and I doubt he would be working for the public sector, Alcatel and ZTE and Huwawi are the ones working on fiber in Libya.

Libyano said...

inshallah if I go I'll take pics and post them

PH, Mani, Akak, thank you guys

actually it's funny that it took me more than 5 minutes to load this page and while you guys talking about high internet speed I am using 46.6 Kbps dial up connection right now , I finished the 5 GB bandwidth of ADSL connection I had for this month , I don't understand that much about internet connections and how they work but what I know is that even LTT baraka allah feehom made a huge jump on introducing the ADSL this fast compared to the other service we have in Libya , but I wish they worked even better and instead of giving us what is already 5 years behind everyone else ,khalas we are tired of getting everything very late it has no taste anymore, in 1999 we got so happy that finally you get to have a dial up account for your own instead of stealing the user names and passwords of governmental companies , we stayed until 2005 using the dail up and I never knew internet was this wide until we got the ADSL , it was amazing and great but at the same time I saw in Egypt the had triple the speed we have and I kept wondering why we always have to be far behind , why they never give us the product of today .
any way this is not the only problem with the biggest and the only internet provider in Libya , the coast isn't reasonable to the Libyans standard life 50 dinars a month is too much and it's only for 5 GB and if you don't use it you loose it , sometimes I know I wont use the whole 5GB so I just don't recharge for one month but then I have to recharge because they give you only one month you can stay without recharging and if you don't you have to pay a fine of 50 dinars and I've paid it once because I got the dates mixed up and I was only one day late .
I called the LTT couple of times complaining about the connection and I always get that sweet voice of the girl answering the phone ,I know they got her to answer the phones because they think she can take all my anger away with her sweet voice :P
in the end they are working with the saying ( 7'ood wala 7'ali )

PH ,what pop ups coming out :S

mani said...

lil annoying pop ups Libyano about anti virus software and what not .. :P

Ph.. I know that tommy dosent wanna divulge a lot of the info as it is confidential, (names of companies etc).. but he was (maybe still is) teh first american private contractor in Libya since 1986 to do infrastructure work for a public sector company. He says there is loads of work for the private sector to be done but it ultimately needs infrastructure coordination.. the sooner we get the EDB up and running inshallah the better :)


MaySoon said...

I an looking forward to going too :oD inshaAllah!

Anonymous said...

well, isnt this interesting, thank god there is a place where i can complain,,,, well hi there, i am Libyan and i am terribly disappointed with the way things flow here in Libya.
First of all i am 19 , second of all i am extremely exhausted with the saying ( A-Thamel ) here in libya.
Third of all, i hate the internet speed here, what is it they guaranteed, 256 KB a sec in adsl? ... lol im getting 3 KB/sec , isnt that funny! i have to wait 7 hours to download 500 MB of content of the internet.

While in the UK its how much... about 5 - 10 sec of ... aaaa 1 MB or 10/ sec ???? lol this is even more funny, and what is it with the excitement over the wimax and adsl ? im sure americans are using connections that have non of these two in their list and their connection is like 5 - 10 MB / sec ? lol when are we going to change? after another five years until we get another miserable plus 64 KL a sec..... god i feel like shooting myself.