Falga فلقة

They say school days are the best , well this is not true especially if you studied in a school like mine , because even I only studied for three years in Libya from fourth till seventh grade but in in these three years I had four Falgas , I was only was 9 years when I had my first Falga , if you don't know what Falga is then I have a clip for you that explains it more than words do , why I had these Falgas ? , two Falgas because I was late , one because I hit another guy and the fourth was all the class Falga , it's the worst because we all laugh at each other and the teacher gets more excited to use his full energy , but yet I think Falga is much better than being hit on the hands because you get numb from the first hit on your feet and wont feel a thing after that .

well , allah ysami7 our teachers except one of them who I wont forgive and I will run over without hesitation if I ever see him on the street for hitting me once on my hands with no reason just because he was having a bad day or something .

school days are great anyway aren't they :)


Lebeeya said...

Allah yesami7 my teacher that promised me a barbie and never sent it :P

That video was horrible. What were they hitting him with? A wip? Ouch.

Sorry about your 3 falgas...

Libyano said...

I guess everyone has his own bad memories , but you know what Lebeeya I am gonna get you a Barbie one day .

Anonymous said...

ماعليش تكبر وتنسا ويقول المثل كانك مش ليبي راهو فاتك الجو

Anti-Violence said...

this is disgusting.
why are you showing the abuse of others? have you no sense??

Libyano said...

الحمد لله حصلنا جو هلبة لين عيينا

Anti Violence , I didn't ask you to enjoy the clip but I wanted to show what goes on in our schools and you wont understand how bad the abuse is unless you see it .

Anonymous said...

ah the all class Falga is the funniest cause you get to laugh and smell the odour of other's stinky socks lol,

mani said...

LOL nice response Libyano.. seeing violence to learn from it is one thing and rejoicing over violence another..

besides, when falgas are not unnecessary (10% of the time) they are sweet sweet justice.. not to mention funny lol..

anti-violence.. enlightened people are not just 'anti-violence'.. they are not just 'anti's'.. every human is capable of violence.

It's a part of life..violence happens.. violence happens even for justice.. Not recognising violence is not recgnising a whole universe of feelings, emotions and rationalisations behinde violence.

Enlightened people dont reject 'violence' but try and see the reasons behind violence, why things like violence come about.. and when coercive violence is jutified and when it is not..cause any man has the capacity to be a 'saint or a Gas chamber attendant' and not recognise their own violence..

try and be 'anti-violence' when your country is being attacked and you need to defend it and you will probbaly be excuted by your own people as a traitor...

Libyano said...

Ema, you know the best thing to laugh about in all class falga is elsh7'asheer el matboga , and by the way did you ever had Falga cos I can't think of a girl getting falga :p

Mani, what you said was quite deep and I really don't know what to add , thank you .

piccolina said...

OMG that was A77777 , i hate falga and i don't know how do the hit kids in the primary school ..ahh those teachers !! need to be killed !!
i'm like u i will never ever forget one teach that did hit me on the face coz i was sent by another teaccher to ask her something for that teacher who sent me !! wallahi i didn't even open my mouth i entered the room and BOOM there was 5 finers on my face lol
she is 7amara and i'll never forgive her

Libyano said...

Sorry for what happened with you Piccolina , may be if you tell me the name of your teacher I will run her over along with my teacher ,I'll do it for free :P

Anonymous said...

yah i had one .....OK you all can laugh, it was when i was at preparatory school (thany e3dady) the teacher was absent so we all made big noises and disturbed the other classes, so the next day she came after she heard about what happened the day before....


she said (yallah kolkom na7o knaderkom elyoum fe falga we halba sh7'asheer)
honestly at first we thought that she was kidding i mean how come? this ain't fair!!

so we all stood and took our shoes off.LOL it was a sh7'asheer contest we were all laughing at each other and smelling the stincky smells comming from the BOYS socks... i remember when it was my turn i was laughing to the point the teacher felt that it was usless to continue what she started lol it tuned out to be great fun, and honestly we didnt feel the pain due to the big laugh we had.
eeeeeh belahy ABLA SU3AD emata3 el geography..unforgetable

Libyano said...

and I though I had bad school memories , am glad you had fun or else it would stay sore for the rest of your life , I guess being equal with the whole class makes it normal to get punishment .
now be honest was your sh7'sheer matboog or it smell bas :P

good_falaka@yahoo.com said...


Good clip. I like this punishment. I hope to be in this school.
DO you have some more clips, with bare feet

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