Circus in Libya

This summer might hold some fun , I will go to this circus one day and may be if they aske for a volunteer to put his head in the loins mouth I'll do it .


Happymoi said...

its on...i didnt go but my bros n cousins went. my little bro it was fun but my older bro said it was not as fun as it sounds...i dont know..i told my grandma maybe we should go too.. shes like "3ezahum ani nemshi le serek la la mahbltesh" ..lol i told her i'd ask my mom's mom to join us too..but nothing work she kept saying "emshi bro7ek" and "3alash maemshetesh em3a alsa3'ar" loooooooooooool..my grandma is funny.

mani said...

Libyano, will this be on til the 10th of June?

I wanna go for my birthday! :)

LOL@loins.. a7em... ur the med student :P

salam bro

piccolina said...

ohh lucky u wallahi . i wish i can go but u know i keep imagining the BU SLIM and SHRQYA cool guys over there ..brrr my dad will say NO for sure
so yalla go and let me know about it

Khadijateri said...

aaaahhhhhh! I wish I knew sooner.. is it over with now? I would have loved to send my kids so they could see what an organized circus is like, unlike the daily unorganized circus that goes on in our house.....


Libyano said...

when you go there and you see a man holding knifes don't raise your hand when he talks to the audience or you will be attached to a rounded board and let me tell you you are not gonna make it to the hospital if anything happened :P .

sheni a wild birthday this year, bring the camera with you may be you'll see a lion eating a guys head this year :P , btw I think this will be on for the whole summer but I'll check .

lol , I really feel sorry for you girls , I think they should make one day especially for families only , sha3bana mazal hamagi o mutakhalif .

abla khadija
I don't really know when this ends but the ad says starting from 15th so this should mean it's not over yet , so get the kids in the car and go there but try to not let them take over the stage :P

mad at uk said...

انخاف ايصير العكس يالبيانو وتاكل انت الاسد اهم حاجه خلى واحد من صحابك ايصورك

Safia speaks said...

I love circus because it is genuine entertainment. When I was 11 years old i too performed in a circus, even if it was for just one day. I ran to jump on a big horse galloping around the arena, and then I stood on the back of the horse. They gave me 50 USD for that performance.
I also remember the kids in circus; they were so lucky they didn´t go to school at all but had private tutors.
Anyway, go and watch!

Happymoi said...

lol sheno ya libyanoo hada ma etmantli??? LOL or should i just take it as an advice...or did you think i'd really do that?? huh...

LOL i wannna goo too its unfair everyone got to go and i didnt...
The only time i have been to the circus was when i went to Morroco. But in libya i dont go to public events...Too much goes on..and you go home wishing you never went...

a_akak said...

what do i say, I read this while in the office and couldn't stop laughing at the discription of the 1st incident and i applaud you and applaud you and applaud you again, I also agree 100% about the guys who stand out side girls school and around ma3ahid and it has gone so far that you feel ashamed and sorry for those dumb idiots

Keep uo the good work and thank you :)

Fe Aman Allah

Libyano said...

mad at UK
don't worry the last time I ate a lion I didn't like the taste so am not gonna try it again :P

Lucky you, you know how to do something cool , if I wanna act in the circus they'll probably give me the clown's part :P

ok my mistake , go and do it but when u become like Kiskas don't say I didn't warn you :P

Thanx a lot
but hey you are in the wrong page man :P, sheni the story was that good to make you loose track of where you are :P

mad at uk said...


|:| DUBAI |:| said...

I remembered my old days once i read your post,i used to go when i was kid :(

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