Road Trip- Part 5 - Dead end

It was a relief being in Libya although we were just few meters from the borders gates but somehow I felt I am home , all we had to do now is to find some car to carry s tot he nearest point where we can get a lifting truck , as the locals said there the nearest point is Tubroug , just around 90 kilometers away , but to get there we need another truck to take us because we can' be pulled for 90 kilometers , we found our guy this was his first time shipping a car over his truck , he wanted 10000 dinar till tripoli , 100 dinar till tobrug , it was clear that we decided to go to tobrug and we made him make it 60 dinars , we had to pull the car for about 15 kilometers just to pass the police check point because we cant take the car on top of the truck without a permission papers from the traffic police department , so as a first time pulling a car this guy almost killed us so many times , he was driving fast my car breaks aren't working , the wire got loose couple of times , I begged him not to speed , Zikweeni begged him not to speed but he wouldn't listen so we made him stop and told him to leave us , we were gonna stay in the middle of the road at least alive , but he insisted on taking us and promised not to speed , god it felt like I passed death so many times on this trip so far ,I didn't feel safe until we got the car on top of the truck and I was sitting relaxed and able to close my eyes with no worries since a very long time .

It was already night time when we arrived at tobrug , we left the car at a mechanic the driver of the truck knows and then we went to the nearest hotel , I didn't bother to know what's wrong with the car , I want to eat , I want to sleep thats all I knew I wanted .

Qurtag Hotel was a small nice place ,a room with Tv costs 25 dinars without tv 20 dinars , we took the 20 dinars room cos saving a 5 dinars make a difference here especially we were about to run out of money , a hot water shower was goign to be a refreshing now but when I saw the water was so brown under my feet I knew I wasn't that dirty ,I had I think this is the first time in ages the heater works , it was m7'aazaza , I had t take a cold shower, I am a hot showers fan even in the middle of the desert .

it felt like I passed out not slept because I woke up feeling all my body aching , bad headache , my nose is running , zikweeni coughing and sneezing , it was already 12 in the afternoon and we had to eat something , the breakfast at the hotel is until 10 , we made them serve us though the delightful small piece of bread a boiled egg and a small butter and jam with a glass of milk .

next tot he hotel there is restaurant called Alfalooga , we laughed so much just from reading the sign outside , Zikweeni said I want to order two bombs and rockets juice , the place was alright not that bad compared to where we were , the nice thing about it was they had this room whenre you can eat on the floor feeling like home , this was nice especially my body was feeling like every single bone was smashed , we had two la7im mashwi meals coasting 6 dinar each , it comes with 6bi7'it fasolya , rice ,pickles , salad , 6a7eena and french fries , after the meal we had tea a traditional libyan tea pot ( birad shahi) of a strong black tarry tea .

Finally I remembered my hand as I was washing it after eating , I went to the pharmacy nearby took antibiotics a cream and a gauze , the guy at the pharmacy was so helpful and treated me so there was no need to see a doctor , so here is a little information about burns if the burn hurts like hell then it's a very superficial cos the nerves are still working so you have no worries , all you have to do is get a cream containing Silver Sulfadiazine a gauze and Vaseline gauze , apply the cream on your burn cover it with Vaseline gauze then wrap it with another gauze , after few days when the burn start crusting change to 1% hydro cortisone cream for one or two weeks , as for the color changes just keep your burn covered from the sun and inshallah the skin color wont change .

now we went to the place where we left the car ,the mechanic was already working on the car , he found the source of the water leakage and we have to change the pipe causing this , there is only one problem he said you wouldn't find the pipe here in Tobrug , but this is not all we need a oil filter and he has to check the car more to see what rewally happned meanwhile we went looking for a truck to lift our car , and this is what we found , to benghazi it will coast 400 dinars , to tripoli it coasts from 800 till 1000 dinars , nothing lower than that we can only lower up to 50 dinars , we mad our choice and decided d to got o benghazi by mini bus and get the parts .

450 kilometers the distance from tobrug to benghazi , it took us 4 hours in the speeding mini bus Mercedes vito , the driver was quite crazy speeding at the turns , not realizing that we were about to pee on the seats ,on our way the mechanic called and gave us a list of things to bring , I didn't know most of them because I don't know anything about car parts but I knew one thing I cant find any name for it other than the libyan italian name I know , Gersyoni tistata thsi means that the car motor is finished , but asking him so many times can you fix it he said yes confidently , no problems I have fixed one like this before .

We stopped at this place for half an hour on the way to Benghazi , cool place

in benghazi we were lucky to find a taxi that after chatting with him in the car I found that I know most of his family because his family originally from sidi alsaya7 where I know a friend from there , he made us a big favor when he was asking the shops about the parts we needed , we saw the difference because when I asked for the parts it was about 50 dinars above the normal price when the shergawi guy asked for it , it was hard to find the pipe but the other parts were quite easy to find , the total price for all the part was 250 , so we decided we are going to fix the car , and finish Exploring the east trip to the end .

we spent the night in Benghazi at the same hotel we stopped at on our way to egypt , Africa hotel and again went to Al demashki and had the wonderful dish they serve called aldemashki meal .

next morning we went back to tobrug , at the mechanic we found the motor of our car was opened the mechanic said it will take three days to work on the car , we did check couple of other mechanics but this was the best one there and we didn't wanna leave because we want to explore the east by car before going home , so we had to wait .

Tobrug is a small city , there was nothing for us to do there , the three days I stayed there were to longest days of my life , we regretted taking a room without a TV , we tried looking for cool places there but there was nothing to do , the second day was friday the city looked dead and there was no one outside because it was so windy and the sky turned red from the sand , all I can remember that me and Zikweeni had sleeping contest trying to sleep as much as we can , finally Saturday came and the car was ready , it was running , I was so so happy and nothing was as relieving as seeing the engine running back again , but the motor looked so ugly from the oil and sand I didn't like the work but I knew nothing other than I have to get out of here before I go insane , we tried the car for a while and left it on for couple of hours before we paid the mechanic and left , we decided to stop at Dernah .

On they way to Dernah after about two hours the temperature started to rise , we called the mechanic his phone was turned off , we stopped for a while then went on ,the temperature was great until we reached dernah thats when it started to rise again we had to stop at amazing beach they have there , it kind of reminded me of Alexandria , Dernah was cool even I didn't spend more than one hour there , because after calling the Mechanic so many times he never answered , we realized that we've been screwed , he lied to us , the car isn't good , it was either we go back to tobrug or we continue towards Albayada , we decided to make this more adventurous and went to Albayda the car was great even the temperature was cool, everything was cool but we decided to finish all the way until Benghazi and get the car fixed probably , the scenes we saw were amazing especially it was sunset , I've never knew that Libya is this beautiful till I saw the Green mountain .

In Dernah

The car didn't let us down but we realized that it was cool only because the weather was freezing outside because once we slowed down because of traffic the temperature started to rise , and the ugly sign appeared again the water is low again , it was the same nightmare allover again , we were at Almarij only 80 kilometers from benghazi but yet we cant risk the car stopping for good again , this time the leaking point was clear we can see it so we stopped at a small tires repair place and asked for something to glue the leakage , we were so lucky to meet this guy there which I want to thank so much over here , El mismari , he was a mechanic and he was at the tires repair place when we asked for the glue he helped us so much ,opened his place for us and took a look at the car and he yelled at us who the hell did this to the poor car , we told him some mechanic in Tobrug , he laughed so hard about how fool we were fixing such a car in tobrug , any way he fixed the leaking point and again he took a look at the car thermostat it was blocked so he took it off so the car will be cool all the time , we had dinner at his place and met two of his friends , it was like being home , he didn't want us to leave that night and insisted on staying over but it was already too much what he did for us , Thank you Abou najwa so much .

After what Abou Najwa told us we realized that our exploring the east trip has ended , we called couple of friends and arranged for a car to lift our car until tripoli , in Benghazi there was no problem because there is a continuous movement of the trucks between Benghazi and tripoli we could always find someone going back empty who would accept taking the car for a lower price , we spent the night at Africa hotel in Benghazi and first thing in the morning I met the truck guy we called at night and accepted to take the car for 200 dinars , quickly we finished the papers and ship the car on his truck , I didn't know the guy but a friend of mine knew him so I left the car with him, I had no interest of staying another day there so we had to leave today , the bus will take 9 hours I can't stand this anymore especially I came to benghazi by bus for 4 hours and went back for 4 hours two days ago , so we went to check the flights to tripoli , the libyan airlines was full , we can wait until 8 at night but there were too many people on the waiting list already , Alboraq airlines flight was leaving at 13:00 , we hurried to the airport and arrived at 12:30 bought the tickets and jumped on board at the last moment .

It was hell of a trip , I never knew I would go back home on airplane , everything happened so fast and we didn't realize that we just left the car with someone we don't know , me and zikweeni were laughing so hard at all this , we made so many jokes about how the airplane is gonna stop and then how they gonna go out and fill it with water then we were thinking ok where is the place they fill with water in the airplane .

It was good being in tripoli , only now I realized how bad this trip was , before I took everything as an adventure and we laughed about every bad thing happened to us , no I have to think about what is going to happen to the car .


Lebeeya said...

Again, I am glad you are back home and safe. What an experience and what a trip. Glad you had your friend with you, imagine going through all that alone.

Beautiful pictures of Libya, especially of that beach side :) would love to go there one day. hint hint? :P

Libyano said...

Well Lebeeya this was the best thing about the trip , I got to know that no matter what happens I have zikweeni covering my back every time.

the beach is so nice there you would like it am sure , as much as I did ;).

MaySoon said...

wow حمد لله علي السلامة
what a trip...

Libyano said...

Allah Ysalmik Maysoon :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

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