No Plastic Bags

I was happy the other day when I was at the bakery near our house and I saw the new campaign against plastic bags took effect ,it is held by the Environment General Authority and The Secretariat Of Health & Eviroment aiming to stop using the plastic bags in the bakeries and replace them with paper bags or other alternatives , this will limit the carcinogenic effect of the plastic bags on the food especially the hot bread and will try to lower the number of plastic bags being used daily which are causing two enviromental problems , one is the large number of bags staying at the sides of the streets , roads and highways , surprisingly I read an article saying that a plastic bag can live up to 1,000 years on the side of the road and a paper bag wouldnt last more than a month , the other Enviromental issue is toxix gases that result from burning these bags as the method used here in destroying them .
It might be just a small one step but it means alot taking it and hopfully we will see more strict rules on keeping our cities clean and healthy .

Read this for the Enviromintal Plan in Libya (خطة التحول البيئي) for 2006- 2010


life's cycle said...

this is a good action and good start but hopefuly they wil continue on this way in every thing , and yes paper bags much better and safer , well thx for ur post .

Anonymous said...

yeah i guess it's an important step. finally in Libya we start to take the enviromental issues seriuosly.
My brother went in a bakery that day and was told that there were no plastic bags...they gave him instead some papers so he can roll the bread in it, but he couldn't, the bread was soo hot he can't hold it.
still there are no signs of paper bags yet.

by the way the other daywe went to get bread.... guess what, the plastic bags are BACK.
pretty dissapointing huh?

Libyano said...

Life's cycle I think there is some awarness nowdays about the enviroment and inshallah this will result in more strict rules to keep or cities clean .
Ema yes I know there are a lot of bakeries still using the plastic bags or returned to using them after one week of using the paper bags , I had a talk with the bakery owner near our house he said he spend almost 500 dinars monthly on the plastic bags and now if he wants to use proper paper bags it will cost him a lot more thena that and he is willing to make 5 groosh charge for the bags but he knows people wont accept it and might get back to the plastic bags and I think thats what some bakeries already did, so eventually I think you should take your 3laga to the bakery whenever you want to get bread Like the old good days .

MaySoon said...

Libyano, for some reason I wasn't able to post a comment this morning, I was going to say the same thing, the bakeries now say that it is too expensive for them to provide paper bags so what they are doing now (if not giving plastic bags) they are asking people to brign their own "guffa" :o)

Barsawad said...

It seems this is a big problem in all developing countries: plastic bags strewn every where. With all the money that Libya has now, controlling and cleaning that shouldn't be a problem now.

Libyano said...

Maysoon sorry for stealing your comment :p ,you know using the Guffa reminds me of the old good days when we used to fight in the bakeries over bread .
Barswad , money ahs never been the problem bt Education and willing is the thing we need to work on .

piccolina said...

oh i went to buy bread yeaterday and i asked where r the bags , so the guy said " NO MORE BAGS TAKE THE PAPER " i smiled at him wallahi i was so happy
you i hate the look of those plastic bags , the paper ones look much nicer for us and for the enviroment we live in !
my dad used to take his own bag when he buys the bread so he won't use their plastic ones
nice post , and thanks for sharing

Happymoi said...


i have never been to the bakery! but i know that my family still uses the "guffa"...unless they were already out when we needed bread!

Its about time that we should think about the enviroment...

I cant wait until the first recycling places opens up..ppl drink lots of pop and the cans should be recycled toooo...anyways,

until next time,


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